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Welcome to our webchat with Jenny Packham and Emmy Shoes

Hi everyone

Welcome to our webchat with wedding dress designer Jenny Packham and wedding shoe designer Emmy Scarterfield from Emmy Shoes.

Loved by celebrities and with years of experience, Jenny and Emmy will help you find your perfect big-day look.




  • Hi Jenny

    I wore Elizabeth for my wedding in February. Firstly I wanted to say thankyou for making me feel like a million dollars on my big day!

    But my question is, would it be possible to have my dress altered so I could wear it again? I was thinking of seeing if a dress maker could alter it to a mid calf length. Would it be possible to dye it or would that ruin the fabric?

    I cant bare the thought of it hanging in my wardrobe unworn, but cant bring myself to sell it



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  • Hi Jenny,

    I wanted to ask your advice on hair styles and jewellery. I'm getting married in July in your Edie design and i'm a size 10/12, 5ft6, with quite long blonde hair. I love the dress so much that I want the detailing to stand out. How would you or how have you seen this dress styled before?

    Very grateful for any comments you have! Alison x
  • EmmaTHPEmmaTHP Posts: 302

    Hi Jenny,

    Firstly, I absolutely love your dresses! I'm wearing Papillon for my wedding in two weeks, and I can't wait! I recently had my fitting and it looks great. The only thing I'm worried about is my bust! The dress is very supportive without a bra and gives me a nice shape overall, but what you can see of my chest, what with the plunging neckline, looks a little shapeless! Does that make sense? I'm a 32D so it probably has something to do with being quite large chested but I just wondered if there was anything you would recommend to help this? The seamstress had put in pads for my second fitting but they made me look a bit too "Hello Boys" for a wedding so we took them out. Do you think a bit of "tit tape" would do the job or is there a strapless bra you would recommend?

  • Hi Claire, so pleased you enjoyed the dress and the day. Please dont try and dye it. it never works as there are so many different fabrications and they will all go a different colours. Have it shortened but make sure the proportion works by pinning it first. also you may have daughters like me and they would love to have it intact. X

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  • Hi Jenny

    I've got Charlie for my wedding next August, I absolutely love it! I was wondering what you would recommend for accessories with this dress, and also what type of veil? I'm not a huge fan of veils but its a church wedding so I feel I need one, just not sure if a short one will look right! I'm off to your accessory shop in November so I just wanted to see if you could advise anything that you think would be best with the dress before I go!

    Thank you!x
  • Hi Alison, if you are in London, go to our Boudoir on Elizabeth street. We have great accessories. if not we are nearly about to go online with our collection. I think you should wear your hair down in a very Selina front cover of Vogue way. add a crystal comb or hair band. Experiment and try to look modern and natural
  • Hi Jenny,

    I wore Claire for my wedding last week , and am still in love with it, and am wondering also if you can recommend someone to adjust the dress to knee length outside of London? I am up north and really want to use some of the dress for a christening gown and retain the rest as a shorter dress, but don't know of anyone reliable up here.


  • Hi Indiansummers, im jealous! I never have that problem. Pappilon does make your bust look full because of the way it fits. Emmy has just mentioned that there is a product called 'brazilla' that are sticky cups that are not moulded. Give it a try. I think a strapless bra may be diffilcult. X J
  • Hi Jenny, I just wanted to say that I adore your dresses and that I have a huge crush on your Acacia headpiece as well!

    My wedding dress is quite grecian, do you think the Acacia headpiece will suit it as I would love to wear it on my big day!

    Would love to hear your advice!


  • Hi Hellenic, Congratulations I am so pleased that it went well. It is not an easy job as all the beading will need to be finished off. My feeling is that it will cost quite a bit and also it will be diffilcult but not impossible to find someone. if you are determined and I do appreciate the sentiment then try and find someone that makes wedding dresses as they are much more likely to be able to do that kind of work. Best of Luck x J
  • Hi Jenny,

    I'm absolutely in love with the Bettina but as a 5' nothing, petite, size 8 - do you think this style may drown me?? Thank

    Emma x :\?
  • EmmaTHPEmmaTHP Posts: 302
    Thanks Jenny/Emmy - will head down Oxford Street and see what can be found!

  • Hi Indiansummers,

    Emmy here, you can buy the brazilla tape things from a lingerie boutique called Tallulah Lingerie in Islington. There are 4 per pack, it's well worth having a practice first as they can be a bit tricky. Good Luck!

    Emmy x
  • Hi Mrs dc, great dress! as it is strapless a veil would be great. Keep it simple and use a comb or a small hairband to attach it. i think a long one. Alot of girls dont think they want a veil and then they try one and burst out crying! Why is that? personally i would feel the same but almost cry myself when they put it on. It is so hopelessly romantic. X J
  • Dear Val, i think the Acacia range would work very well and it somehow does have a grecian feel about it. when we were designing the headpieces we were trying to create a roman leaf headband and then it developed. it comes in three sizes so please go to the Boudoir if possible and try them. i love the idea of a grecian look, good luck X J
  • Hello,

    I am wearing Emmy shoes on my big day (Ivy - with closed back and ivory silk at toes with 3 suede daisies with crystal centres). They will be very visible as I have a short, strapless raw silk dress (David Fielden I'm afraid). I am probably wearing a satin (I think!) champagne-coloured sash tied into a bow at the side as recommended by the shop where I bought the dress.

    I am struggling to decide what accessories to wear with this and was thinking of purchasing some at the National Wedding Show this weekend. Do you think a vintage-style hair-clip with some flower-type detail would work (I'm not wearing a veil, especially as it isn't a church ceremony) perhaps with a tiny bit of sparkle? Or, would tiny fresh ivory spray roses look better in my hair (I've heard fresh flowers can go "off" within hours)?

    Also, do you think a necklace would be "too much"? I was thinking of having quite dangly earrings and a nice bracelet instead (possibly with the flower theme again to tie it all in together).

    Any advice, much appreciated,

    Thank you!

  • mojo555mojo555 Posts: 388
    Hi Jenny

    I have Alice for my wedding in December (had trouble choosing as all your gowns are beautiful) but we are having a 1930s theme and this worked best. I have it in a size 12 but have since lost a lot of weight, is it possible to take this dress in around the waist where the circle beads are or will it ruin the shape of the dress?


    Jo x
  • Hi Emma, Bettina is perfect for your size. It is delicate and because it goes in to the waist will work well proportionally. X Jenny
  • Hi Jenny, I am planning a snowflake winter wedding and just love your dresses. I am wondering what dresses would you recommend for a church winter wedding? Thanks
  • FMPFMP Posts: 182
    Hi Jenny,

    Just wanted to say thanks for making such gorgeous dresses! I have Renee for my wedding in January and I can't wait to wear it!

  • Hi A,

    I love the Ivy shoes, they are so glam and unbelievably comfy! I'm delighted you are wearing them with a short dress.

    I always think less is more. I would either go for fresh flowers during the day and change to something more sparkly for the evening as the flowers will not be looking their best by then, or I can always design you something simple for your hair using the same flowers you are having on your shoes. In terms of jewellery, I always think it's much more modern to go for wow earings and keep your neck free.

    Best of luck, enjoy the show this weekend!

    Emmy x
  • Hi Jo, Thank you. Alice is one of my favourites. Its best to take it back from wear you bought it as most bridal shops have a fitting arrangement. if not you must take it to someone who knows what they are doing as it is a bias dress and isnt that simple. But it can be done. if you are stuck ring us and we could tell you of a stockists nearby that may be able to help. Best of luck x Jenny
  • EmmaTHPEmmaTHP Posts: 302
    Thanks so much Emmy - will check Tallulah out, looks like a great shop!
  • Hi Jenny, bit of a cheeky question but here goes! I am in love with your Madame Butterfly dress but know it has been discontinued. I keep checking Ebay in case it comes up (just missed out last week!) but do you have any other ideas where I might get one - or something similar?! thanks x
  • CC2009CC2009 Posts: 520
    Hi there,

    I am wearing Lida on 22nd December 2009 to my winter/black and ivory wedding. I have short hair and have chosen a bird cage veil as my head accessory as Lida is a 'bright' dress and I didn't think any darker dimante head accessories complimented the dress.

    I am still on the hunt for accessories and wondered what would recommend i.e. necklace/wrist??

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Jenny,

    I am a huge fan of your dresses, but unfortunately can't afford them as I'm on a small budget for my wedding! Have you ever considered doing a 'small budget' range?

    Thanks Xx
  • Hi A,

    I love the Ivy shoes, they are so glam and unbelievably comfy! I 'm delighted you are wearing them with a shorter dress too!

    If you decide to go for fresh flowers which always look gorgeous and so timeless, maybe go for something sparkly to change for the eve as the flowers will definately not be looking their best by then. Otherwise, I can always design you something gorgeous using the same flowers you are having on your shoes.

    In terms of jewellery, I always think it's much better to go for less is more, so if I were you I would go for a pair of wow earings and leave your neck free.

    Good luck and enjoy the show this weekend!

    Emmy x
  • mojo555mojo555 Posts: 388
    Thank you Jenny, yes it is gorgeous I feel like a hollywood movie star in it and floats beautifully I cant wait to wear it. The bridal shop where I purchased it have been so unhelpful and said they wouldn't alter the dress, when she ordered it and said she was getting me a size 12 I was a bit shocked as have always been a size 8 to 10 but I think your gowns are made smaller arent they? I will give your girls a call to help out.

    Thanks again Jenny x
  • Hi Tanya, that sounds lovely.i went to a friends wedding last winter and she had a lovely satin dress with a ostrich feather cape. Very thirties and decadent and the feathers moved so beautifully and she was warm. I love satin for winter as it looks so rich. i hope you find what you are looking for x Jenny
  • Hi Rose2be Thank you and I hope it all goes well. Enjoy X Jenny
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