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Welcome to Jasper Conran's webchat

Hi everyone

Welcome to our webchat with Jasper Conran

Jasper has been designing gorgeous outfits for over 20 years and launched his bridal collection in 2007 - so he's got plenty of expertise in making you look fab for your big day!

So whatever your style shape or budget, he'll answer all your questions about big-day look.



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  • Hi!I'm looking for a long,A-line lace dress- any ideas please?

    I am a size 8,5'3 and getting married in Venice 20th August,2010.

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  • Hi, I am going dress shopping for the first time in 2 weeks. I have quite a slim top body but quite big hips. I was thinking about going for fairytale dress but not sure if it will make me look bigger on the bottom half??
  • Hi,

    I have a ivory taffeta strapless dress but am self conscious about my arms (feel like I might look like a shotputter) and was wondering if you can suggest something super stylish that is not your traditional wrap to help either cover them or distract attention?

    Thank you

  • Hi Lucindak1,

    I love lace, especially corded lace- it's so feminine and A-line dresses flatter all figures. A dress of mine that springs to mind is called 'Angelica.'

    Good luck...
  • Thanks so much,do you have a link for that please?
  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    Hi Jasper... you are the god of handbags! image

    I'm wanting WHITE fur wraps/shrugs for myself and my bridesmaids. Do you happen to have them in your Winter bridal collection please?

    Many thanks.
  • Hi Jasper,

    I'm 5ft 9 with a large chest and quite apple shaped, i'm size 12 and I have no real waist to speak of... I'm worried that i'll look bulky. I really want to look delicate and feminine... any ideas?
  • Hi Tayworth83,

    A longer line corseted bodice tends to make the most of your waist especially with a fairytale skirt which would flatter your hips. I love a skirt made out of layers of tulle, soft, romantic and concealing!
  • Thanks Jasper, definately think this is the style of dress I will be going for
  • Hi Emily,

    Lots of women have said this to me... A lace bolero is a good way of covering your arms and softening a strapless dress, especially for more formal ceremonies. I'm sure you won't look like a shotputter!
  • Thank you image Do you have any in your collection?
  • Hi Coco,

    It sounds to me as though you need a dress with an integral corset which will pull in your waist and give you the curves you've always wanted!

    I'm a big fan of corsets...
  • Hi Emily,

    Yes I do- we have a lovely made to measure selection at my London store.
  • Thank you image
  • Hi Misty,

    Thank you!

    We have an extensive range of cover ups at my London store or have a look at my occasional wear at Debenhams.. Good luck with your search.
  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    Thanks very much for your reply.

    I'll be off to Debenhams this weekend!

    Thanks again image
  • Thnak you image
  • Hi Jasper

    I want my maids to carry cute bags instead of bouquets - can you recommend some sweet styles that would be suitable? Its a city wedding and I have an aubergine and white theme... Thanks!

  • Hi ChicShropshire,

    In my Spring/ Summer 2010 show the models carried pretty, flower appliqued bags:

    Maybe you could put the aubergine flowers inside?

  • petahuntpetahunt Posts: 183
    Hello Just thought I'd join in !

    2 week's ago it was London Fashion week and nothing will make me leave my house on a Sunday , but I did willingly to go see Jasper's Show, it was stunning and the front row was choc a block with celebs! all the dresses would make really fab wedding dresses! They were all so light and beautifully cut. Anyway enough about my week ends! Thanks very much for doing this webchat today. If anyone wants to ask me anything I'm here too!
  • HI everyone

    Thanks for chatting to Jasper - and thank you to Jasper for sharing his wealth of expertise with us all!

    Don't forget next week's wedding flower webchat

    Many thanks

  • Hi Peta,

    I'm so pleased you liked the show so much- I agree with you, many of the dresses from the new womenswear 2010 collection would lend themselves well to becoming beautiful bridal dresses.

    Hope to see you at the next show!

  • Well, it was lovely talking to you all just now. I hope everyone has a wonderful wedding and that my advice has been helpful.
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