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Hi everyone

Want fab last minute style advice for your big day? Not sure how to get those finishing touches to your wedding? Need advice on choosing your wedding flowers and don't know where to start?

Get expert advice from Kaley at The Last Detail and Wendy from The Hedgerow florists - they've got all the expertise to help you with your flowers and style.

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  • Jenda1Jenda1 Posts: 1,350

    im thinking of having a White stargazer Lilly and thistle bouquet, and my bridesmaids having fuschia Gerbera Posies, and possibly 10 button holes. I have 4 bridesmaids and these are all the flowers i want, dont need any for our venue.

    I have no idea where to look for prices of flowers as i dont trust the one i went to, they told me it would be £45 for 2 white lillies and a bit of greenery!

    could you advise on estimate costs for this? also will these be available in July?

  • Dear Jenda

    All the flowers you have listed are available in July, Ther are no white star gazer lilies only pink I think you will mean white oriental lilies. the average price of a brides bouquet is approx £45 to £100 depending on size flowers etc. prices of brides maid bouquets of gerbera approx £30 depending on size . Button holes you should expect to pay between £4 to £6 Hope this is some help kind regards Wendy
  • HI there, I'm getting married in Spain next year and I have a wedding planner, who is fab. The thing is, is i'm quite specific in what I want in flowers and they have asked for photos. I have searched and search through the internet and I just can't find anything that is close to what I am looking for. I'm wanting white hydrangea with tiny hot pink hydrangea stems throughout. Do you know of where I may be able to find photos of something so specific? I know I could ask a florist to do it for me, but this is likely to cost £100 and i'm struggling to justify it when i'm meant to be keeping a reign on spending!!

    Thanks so much..

  • Hi Kaley and Wendy

    I am sorting some last min favours for our Christmas wedding - we weren't going to have them but now I want them. Was wondering if you had any tips for cheap but nice favours? I like the idea of plants/seeds but I don't know if this is more of a springtime thing. Please help!

  • Dear Zoe

    The best place to get photos with the exact colour matches is from the flower council of Holland their web site is they also are very helpful if you wish to ring them +31 71565956 Hope this is help. kind regards Wendy

  • Hi there,

    We're getting married in May 2011 (in Paphos) and just wanted some advice really on flower colours for me and my BM's

    Im thinking about having the girls in white chiffon type dresses with a coloured sash underneath the bust but the girls will actually have different colours - one will have pink, another orange and the other yellow - i think this goes quite well and very summery. As they will have a colour in their dress im not sure what colour flowers to have? I was thinking maybe white/creamy colour roses which will then allow me to have a coloured bouquet but not sure if this will work. I will also have a younger BM/ flowergirl so a bit stuck really - any suggestions?

  • Hi there!

    I think plants or seeds are a lovely idea, but you could also think about filling tealight holders with heart shaped chocolates or nostalgic sweets such as dolly mixtures or jelly tots and putting a few on each table. Alternatively what about a lottery ticket or scrtachcard presented in a lottery ticket envelope?

    If it's last minute another easy option would be organza bags which are really quick and easy to fill with chocolates for example.

    Kaley x

  • Hi

    Regarding cheap favours for your Xmas wedding tiny voil bags of snowdrop bulbs would be really niceand inexpensive Lovely for your guests to plant and remember your wedding. Kind regards Wendy
  • Hi Wendy, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you! I have been searching and searching and I have pretty much found what I wanted!!!!! its just fabulous!!

    Thanks again..

    Zoe x
  • Hi Wendy & Kaley

    I am getting married 18 Sep 2010 in The Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire. My wedding colours are Purple (Cadbury/Aubergine), Lilac and Ivory with a little silver thrown in for good measure! I have absolutely no idea about flowers and dont really have a set budget for them except to say that it wont be very big! What flowers do you suggest that will come in my colours and at my time of year etc?

    Pearl xxx :\)

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  • hewsy11hewsy11 Posts: 246
    hi wendy i am getting married in Zante next year and am wanting to take silk or real touch flowers with me, we are having white orchids with the purple centre for bridesmaids but I really want lilly of the valley for my bouquet as my nana was german and this was her middle name I really want a piece of her with me as shes no longer you know any where to get good quality lilly or the valley? thank you
  • Hi

    Regaring your wedding in Phapos I think keepihg it simple cream roses sounds wonderful it would be nice to tie/bind the flowers with the same colour as the sash of the dress to keep the summer feel this will also enable you to have what ever colour you wish for your bouquet. kind regards Wendy
  • Hi, can you give me any ideas on lighting? I am a big fan of candles but i think I might need some other lights to - our reception is in my mums garden so I need to do it all myself! Any ideas of what would look pretty? Thx
  • Hi there,

    Regarding lighting for your wedding reception, candles would be giorgeous but do have a look at outdoor luminous lanterns on our site which look amazing and are one of our favourite products!

    They are basically a fireproof paper bag that you place a tealight inside and they look beautiful when lit. My brother got married a few weeks ago and we lined the pathway up to the reception venue with them and it looked realyl effective.

    Hope this helps

    Kaley x
  • Dear Pearl

    I have recently done a wedding in the colours you mentioned I used Schwarzwalder calla lilies (aubergine) and avalanche roses(cream) it really worked well if you require any futher details please give me a call 01756 752293 Kind regards Wendy
  • Hi

    Regarding artifical liley of the valley a company called Sia makes very realistic ones you can get a list of their stockista at . Good Luck Wendy
  • Hi everyone,

    Wendy and Kaley will just be answering the final few questions now, so post quick if you have an urgent question!

    Thanks for joining our webchat today.

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