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teen bridesmaid dresses

Has anybody found any bridesmaid dresses for a fashion conscious 12 year old which are not flower girl, not too grown up and not £200! I am starting to despair!

Any ideas would be gratefully received - I have promised my daughter any money I save she can have to spend on clothes she will wear again!:\?


  • annekastuannekastu Posts: 198

    My h2b younger sister (16) is one of my bridesmaids and I went to, we sat down togeather after I had a brief look and basically said to pick some styles that she liked and the basic colours I was hoping for and we had alot of fun and theres so much choice. We agreed on a colour and she told me she would prefer something with straps (which is fine by me if she's comfortable). It was a laugh and we have decided on a dress that she can use for nights out and parties, try the prom dresses too some are scary but some fab ones too. Its an american website so with the exchange rate at the mo its like half price and real reasonable (even the wedding dresses are so much cheaper mines £800 UK £400 inc shipping fees with them) they ship to the UK and they have some great testimonials. Also if you can find where the dress is stocked over here you will be able to try it on to see about adjustments and size. Hope this helps.
  • BARNSLEYukBARNSLEYuk Posts: 604
    Hi Nickihof

    Not sure what colours your having, but BHS have a decent teen range and prices are great too. but also so do Alfred Angelo (think thats how its spelt) teen dresses are watered down versions of adults, and are stunning.
  • nickihofnickihof Posts: 20
    HI - thanks to you both.

    We have looked in BHS to no avail - and the designer dresses seem to be quite pricy. The wedding is my second, h2b firsts and the 12 year old is my daughter. We are marrying in a country house which we have for 3 days - I was hoping to find something not too glitzy. M and S still have some bridesmaid dresses to come out at the end of May so I am hoping that both of us will like one of them!

    Nicki ximage
  • mikeandclairemikeandclaire Posts: 373
    My youngest Bridesmaid is 12 and I bought Forever yours dresses for all 3 Bridesmaids they come in flower girl, junior Bridesmaid and Adult Bridesmaid. I bought mine from a local Bridal shop and paid £139 each but they are available from and I believe even after paying shipping, import duty etc they work out about half the price. See for ideas, some are too grown up for a 12 year old but some are lovely hope this helps.

    Another place to try is next. image

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  • Hi, my 14 (soon to be 15) year old sister is going to be one of my bridesmaids in September. I have bought the dresses from Monsoon, they have some really nice ones in there, and not absolute budget-busters either.
  • LuchyluLuchylu Posts: 233
    Depending on your colour scheme, next have some nice ones!
  • BetneeBetnee Posts: 5

    i need some help in this too! i've bought the adult dresses in a chocolate brown from next, floor length. The younger bridesmaids will be 11 and 10. They are both adamant they want long dresses like the adults, but cant find any decent ones anywhere (that dont cost the earth)...

    Any suggestions would be great!

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