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Save the date cards!!! Help!!!


can anyone give me some advice?

Do you send Save the Date cards to day and night guests?? I am worried that if I send them to the 'evening only' guests they may thing they are going to be invited in the day also.

What is everyone else doing??


  • Hi there,

    We have just sent out to the day guests... you are right, people may think they are coming to the day do if you send a card..

    Hope this helps

  • fireforhairfireforhair Posts: 183
    We've sent them to everyone we want to come, but admittedly only sent them to guests we really want there - so mostly the day guests and a few eve guests. It will all become clear on the invites they get later.
  • Hi

    Thanks. I'm just worried if we only send them to the day guests and they bump into an evening guest they'll mention they've had a save the date card - you know what families can be like!!!
  • shelzukshelzuk Posts: 28
    Hi, i cant seem to find any save the date cards any were? any suggestions? x
  • poppetsampoppetsam Posts: 864
    If you fancy making some cool ones of your own on a website that I use regularly...I can give you a cool link that does magnets for really cheap - if you have an email address I can send you the ones that I did.

    For mine, I made postcards with details on them and then made a little magnet with the date and our name on...and stuck on the front of the card.

    The web program is real easy to use, printing is great and I made 180 postcards and 150 magnets and it came to about £50.

    Take a look at the link and if you want more help doing them give me a shout....I use them regularly and make all my printing things on there.

    xx things don't look very weddingy until you start doing the design packages yourself....very easy to do, I just needed a little guidance at the start..
  • jacksukjacksuk Posts: 215
    I did vista print magnets with an 'olden day' pic of our church on. I sent this to day and evening guests but put the initial note about booking hotel rooms in and started the evening one with 'We are pleased to invite you to our evening wedding reception....' or something along those lines.

    Hope that helps!

  • poppetsampoppetsam Posts: 864
    Loving Vistaprint........xx
  • blondiecocoukblondiecocouk Posts: 4,619
    We sent magnets to the day guests. we dont really know who we are having in the evening yet! xox
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    We printed our own!!! It was really easy, we used a fancy font on the PC and included a pic of the venue faded in the background.

    Bought some posh paper and envelopes and then had one that said 'to the wedding' and another saying 'evening party' which saved anyone getting confused!

  • Thanks guys - that's really helpful x
  • LizzylouukLizzylouuk Posts: 893
    made my own in publisher!
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    poppets am what type of design did you use?
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    poppets am what type of design did you use?
  • OMG - I haven't been on here for ages. Been without a home computer. I started this topic in May last year and I can't believe how many people have responded. Thanks so much. In the end I sent them out to day people only... Hayley x
  • im struggling with save the date cards to soo many people say send em out 6-12mnths before the big day but i dnt knw i want to be organised ........ but can you be too organised????????????
  • werty1234werty1234 Posts: 2
    Hello girls.

    I have ordered my save the date cards from this company They are great quality, and I thought were also great value for money too! The great thing about them was the range of ribbon colours, This will suit a lot of "bride to be's"

    I just wanted to share this with everyone, as it can be hard sometimes to find great products.

  • I know this is a fairly old thread but i've just received my save the date cards in the post from MWL and am sending them out tonight. I'm not getting married until Sept 09 but want to get organised early as i've got a few people coming from Menorca. I've gone for a custom colour (a turquoise satin ribbon) and CANT WAIT to send them out!!!

    They are on

    imageIm looking for round table mirrors to put my vases of flowers on - any ideas where i can order these from - pref bulk as i need 12?


    luv Simone xx
  • What was the outcome on this?

    Do you send them to day guest only? Im just sending them to people i really want to come, whether its day or evening! lol

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