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First Dance song - HELP!!!!

Help! me and my H2B are getting married next may and we still dont have a song!!!! I m trying desperatly to pick one but everyone tends to have the same first dance song!!!! What is everyone else having??? I was thinking of The way you look tonight - the westlife verson - what is everyones opinion???? I am seriously losing sleep over this!!!! image


  • ms_catms_cat Posts: 760
    i have the same problem hun!!

    'our' song is bob marley vs funkstar deluxe- sun is shining, which is a dance tune, not a 1st dance tune!!

    Its the only song that means owt to both of us, and we're struggling to find another that we both like!!

    H2B wants to do something nuts that'll have everyone in stitches ( learning the pulp fiction dance!!) but i really just want a smooch!
  • gem84gem84 Posts: 134
    Its a nightmare! - i want something special - not somethinbg every second couple getting married dances to!!
  • ms_catms_cat Posts: 760
    yep-its really hard!!

    all the songs that have lovely,appropriate lyrics have all been used for wedding before! i really liked Lonestar Amazed.....until i read the other 1st dance thread and saw how many other people are having it!!

    Might just break tradition and not have a first dance....or go with the whole Pulp Fiction thing!! LOL

    Good luck with it hun- hope you find something soon. Dont lose sleep over it though- if it comes to it, just ask the DJ to play summat!!
  • gem84gem84 Posts: 134
    Or maybe pick one song each?!?
  • KLOCMAKLOCMA Posts: 59
    Me and my h2b like clubbing songs, so we've went for cascade, everytime we touch, the slow version a song we both love, it says it all in the words!
  • H2B has chosen our's 'all I want is you' by U2...never really liked U2 but loved this song.....If you are really struggling MS_CAT is right, just get the DJ to play something.......people don't remember...infact my parent when to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and I asked what they had...they couldn't remember !!!!
  • babzyukbabzyuk Posts: 51
    We are having a song we heard in a film. its Called Won't Let You Fall sung by Fergie when i played it for our dj he haven't ever heard it but the words are great. Wanted something different everyone seams to gt fo the same songs
  • Mary-AnneukMary-Anneuk Posts: 895
    seems to be a universal problem!

    My favourite song happens to be the one H2b had as his first dance at his g=first wedding!!! So a definate no go (I was gutted when I told him what I would like and he told me this)

    I am sure he secretly wants to dance to 'weapon of choice' and re-create the video but we have settled on something we both like but is not actually 'our' song at all - i think people get caught up in it being 'their' song, h2b is in a pink floyd tribute band and his favs are all by them but even the thought of 'run like hell' or 'young lust' (about a hooker basically as far as ai can tell) as a first dance is horrible so choose something that you like, it does not have to mean something now, after all it will afterwards.

    good luck

  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    We are having Always by Atlantic Starr. Not heard of anyone else having it. I hadn't even thought of it before but then H2B and I were in the car one day and it came on and both of us thought it was perfect. Such lovely words. Was such a relief to get it decided as it had been driving me mad for ages.

    It's so true though that people don't remember. My sis went to a wedding recently and her husband was in a different room during the first dance. When he came in about 10 mins later he asked her what song the first dance had been and she couldn't remember - and that was only 10 mins later! He then asked another couple and they couldd't remember either! Just goes to show - it's only us B&G's (ok well us Brides!) that stress about these things!

  • siany01uksiany01uk Posts: 703
    we are having, Thank you for Loving me by Bon Jovi, we both love Bon Jovi and this song is perfect.

    Was very tempted by White Wedding by Billy Idol though lol. xx
  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Think we have finally decided on Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls (Ronan Keeting covered it but like this version better!)
  • kerryhaydenkerryhayden Posts: 16
    We are having We've only just begun by The Carpenters - fab song!
  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    We are having Everything sung by Michael Buble. We had chosen loads of songs but boughthis new album and there it was. Can't see too many people having it but the words are fab! 'When you smile at me you know exactly what you do' 'Its you its you, you make me sing, youre every line youre every word youre everything' 'And i cant belive that Im your man and that i get to kiss you baby just because i can' - oh dear blubbing now coz i love it! Its a little jazzier than we imagined having tho. Good luck choosing

  • sezzeesezzee Posts: 18
    Hey we are having the same trouble and getting married in October this year! when we first met all we listened to was hed kandi cds and a shania twain album. There is one song on there that i really like called the woman in me, if you know it let me know what you think.

    i have just listened to that everything song and its quite catchy!

    Any other ideas let me know!!!! failing that we will have to have dancing lessons to an up beat song!!
  • kellyevans81kellyevans81 Posts: 1,696
    Me and h2b didn't have a song either so I've been looking back on the threads done on this in the past for ideas.

    We have found a perfect song by Bon Jovi called "You had me from hello".

    Its never been released and I'd never heard of it before but saw it on one of these threads a while back. Listenned to it on itunes and it was like it was written about me and h2b. Even when he listenned to it he said it was perfect.
  • hey, we are having savage garden, truely, madly, deeply xx
  • gem84gem84 Posts: 134
    Thank you for all you posts - there are loads of unique songs on here!!!!
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    We having problems deciding too! Typical man would love a james bond theme, not bad quite romantic if you go for "nobody does it better" or "all time high" I blub at anything soppy so will look a right state anyway. "she" makes me sob.The problem is our song is either "your so vain" as I sing that to him or even worse Glen Maderos Nothings gonna change my love for you,which is the song he first sang to me. Yuk!
  • vicci-jovicci-jo Posts: 173
    hi all

    we have not had any probs at all so we are lucky, as we enter for dinner we will come in and dance to islands in the stream by Dollie P and Kenny R then in the evening our first dance will be nothings gonna stop us now by star ship . when i hear this songs play i well up and start to cry so hankies to the ready
  • sirsuksirsuk Posts: 2,478
    I have not seen a thread where people have said they are having Amazed by Lonestar- thought i was the only person !!!

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  • gemmalucasgemmalucas Posts: 45
    I'd set my heart on lonestar amazed but my Fiance is a dj and he says he's sick off it now because its the most popular wedding song, I didn't think it was a popular song either. We're not getting married till next December but still stressing about finding the perfect song.
  • We are having the same problem. I have just suggested Perfect moment by Martine McCutcheon and I got hmm thats a long song but maybe ok. H2b doesnt want anything too long or too slow.

  • jemcoljemcol Posts: 1,162
    We have chosen a typical cheesy song - Andy Williams cant take my eyes off of you, but it is our song, one night we went to the races and decided then that we had both found our soul mate, in the bus on the way back there was a load of guys that we didnt know, that started singing that song at as, as we were having cheecky in love looks n snogs at each other, all the way back.

    The thing is that is our song, we tried gto find another by spending one night going through our CD collections, and after numerous boogies round the living room, we got back to this song. Choose one that is special for you both, it doesnt matter the beat, lyrics etc just go for it and do lots of practise danses before the big day! we keep on ending up in stiches of laughter each time image

    I have 4 weddings to go to thought before mine and figers crossed this song isnt played at one of them for 1st danse!
  • ZarouhiukZarouhiuk Posts: 28
    Think we've settled on The Beach Boys - I may not always love you - the actual words of the song are lovely. Don't worry about it - I reckon you just need to let it come to you (there may even be a song you're both listening to on the radio that suddenly clicks and it's the one!
  • I wanted Amazed by Lonestar as I think it is beautiful but a bit rocky at the same time. Unfortunatly H2B doesn't like it - boo ! He wants Shania Twain - Looks Like We Made It (no - he's not gay and yes he will probably tell everyone it was my choice) which I do love but am trying to find something else because I'm stubborn like that. We'll probably end up having it tho as he put it on and grabbed me the other day and we danced to it and it was Lovely - if not very cheesy !!! LOL
  • kimvdgkimvdg Posts: 198
    Has anyone heard of Now and Forever by Richard Marx. My fiance suggested it - but I think it may be too slow?
  • LouiseamyLouiseamy Posts: 72
    Hi we are having Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love image
  • Nikki102ukNikki102uk Posts: 318
    hi all, we decided ages ago to have 'our' song by savage garden truly madly deeply. however we both love lonestar-amazed and cascada's version of truly madly deeply (slow) and cascada's slow version of everytime we touch...oh decisions, decisions!!xx
  • sam6476sam6476 Posts: 193
    Louiseamy - that's our song as well!!!! LOL, didn't think anyone else had a cheesy suggestion like we did...

    How did that become your song???

  • brookbukbrookbuk Posts: 150
    Hi, We are having an Etta James track called At Last.

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