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Keep kids occupied

Help - how you keeping the children occupied at your wedding - any ideas please


  • kellyevans81kellyevans81 Posts: 1,696
    we are doing activity bags for them with different things based on their age. Be things like puzzle or colouring books, crayons, bubble guns, and that.

    We also have a magician during the meal to keep the children and the adults entertained!!
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764

    We're also doing individual party bags and are setting up an activity table with stuff. There are lots of threads with websites and ideas on what to use. Just search 'children' and you should see them. There was a thread yesterday that mentioned this site, its great, you can print off cartoon characters for colouring in

    Good luck x
  • janbewickjanbewick Posts: 7
    Hi, We don't have many children coming to our wedding (most people wanted to leave them at home so they could enjoy themselves!) but the ones that are will be aged between 1 and 11. I found a website called Event Smiles and they produce goody bags according to sex and age from about £4.99 and they will put the childs name on them for a little extra! Mine haven't arrived yet but I will keep you posted.
  • i put up a few suggestions on another forum just a couple of days ago. Do a search for it as I have put a website up where you can download colouring sheets and quizes. We're also having a drawing competition during the speeches where the kids have to draw a picture of the B&G (everyone will win a prize). Great things to add to the guest book!
  • What a fab idea - love it
  • hiya, we aren't having many kids thank god, but depending on what ur actually doing, i think a bouncy castle is a fab idea!! if i was having a marquee or something, i'd have a covered bouncy castle outside!! xx
  • gem84gem84 Posts: 134
    try they do good - cheap party bags. also try giant outdoor games
  • mitchell2006mitchell2006 Posts: 493
    at a wedding recently they had a childrens entertainer while the speches were taking place this was great as noone was panicking about keeping them all busy it lasted an hour or so then the kids joined us again for the start of the disco
  • Im quite llucky really as im doin party bags like alot of people but there is a Fun fair on the grounds if where im getting married as it is the swanley parade -Even i am goin tto go on some of the rides lol

  • cazaloncazalon Posts: 1
    I am sooo glad i joined this site - just seen all the ideas re keeping kids occupied at my wedding. have lots of children at main do - very large families both sides with lots of young children - cud be fun!! I feel a bit ahead of the game cus i am already starting to plan/even fill the goody bags for the tables. did the colouring book thing and got some bubbles etc like those cake shaped ones.

    found some packs of colouring pencils:\) that were good when looking on ebay for stuff - really cute as cud have them personalised wth our wedding details and colours etc on which was good. they look really nice. may have look at the childrens entetainer idea although think may risk quickest marriage on record if i spend any more dosh on this;\)!

    awaiting more ideas from fellow brides to be.....!!!
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