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Welcome to our wedding planning webchat with The Pink Pumpkin's Kim Neville

Hi everyone,

Lists at the ready! Have your wedding planning worries soothed away with the expert advice of The Pink Pumpkin's Kim Neville on Tuesday 8 November from 1-2pm.

Leave a planning question for Kim below and be sure to join us for a live chat on Tuesday 8 November, 1-2pm.

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  • Hi Kim,

    I think I need some advice. My mother in law planned her daughters wedding which is being held at the same venue as mine. A barn in Wiltshire, its pretty big.

    The thing is, it feels as though she's still riding off of that success and wants to plan mine as well. She seems to think she knows which interiors and colours are best!

    I don't mind her help but it is my wedding. I wanted to ask, how you would suggest I get her involved without giving her a license to take over? How do you find other people delegate jobs for their big day?

    I hope this is okay!

    Thanks image
  • Hi Kim,

    Me and my fiance are really into the idea of a cool city wedding, but we're on a tight budget and we can't seem to get our guest list down below 100.

    Any ideas of affordable city-style venues (we like big windows and views of the Thames), or of style details that could make our day seem city-chic even we can't have it in London?

    Thanks! image
  • Hi everyone,

    Please welcome Kim Neville, wedding planner from The Pink Pumpkin into the Live Web Clinic.

    Kim will be online to answer all your wedding planning question between 1-2pm today.

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm looking forward to answering any planning questions you have about your wedding this afternoon!

    Kim x
  • Hi Wedbliss11

    This is not an unusual problem, and I understand your frustration!

    Firstly, I would sit down with your MIL2B and explain that whilst her daughter's wedding was beautiful, you don't necessarily have the same ideas about your wedding, and want to put your own stamp on your special day.

    Explain to her that you value her involvement, but delegate specifics to her - for example if you wish to have a string quartet for your drinks reception enlist her with the task or sourcing one, or task her with investigating options for guest accommodation as she knows the local area.

    I'm sure it will work out and she'll appreciate you involving her!

    Kim x
  • Hi there,

    I'm getting married early next year - eek! What I'm worrying about at the moment is what I should definitly be saving for the final months? Are there certain things I should have done by Christmas and some things which are okay to save for January? - Getting wed in February!

    Thanks Kim. x
  • Hi mrsb2b2708

    I love city weddings, in fact I am getting married in London myself next year!

    Finding the right venue can be tricky though; if you're up for a challenge, consider hiring a loft style space which will give you the comteporary airy feel you're after. It could take more effort in terms of decor and sourcing suppliers as you'll often have to bring in caterers and equipment, but it does give you flexibility. A good place to start would be searching online for gallery or event spaces that don't necessarily cater specifically for weddings.

    In terms of decor, if you're looking for a cool, contemporary feel then I would recommend a crisp white colour scheme with splashes of colour which can be achieved either through flowers or linen.

    For flowers I would go for single varieties rather than arrangements with a number of different blooms.

    Hope this helps!

    Kim x
  • Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your advice. Its good to know I'm not alone on this! I do value her involvement for sure.

    Thanks. image
  • I've just read that you're getting married too. Congratulations! Can I ask? When would you suggest booking things like the band/orchestra - I might get her onto this now!

  • Hi VickiSkehan

    Congratulations; not long to go now!

    There are always certain things that you can't do until nearer the wedding date; mainly until you have a full RSVP list and can then sort out items such as your table stationery and finalise seating plans.

    That said, I don't think there's any harm in doing as much as you can as early as you can; if you do have time before Christmas, do as much as possible! Those final two months will fly by. Then you can relax more knowing logistical arrangements are in place and concentrate on enjoying the run up to the wedding day and indulging in some beauty treatments!

    Kim x
  • Hi wedbliss11

    Thank you!!

    When is your wedding? It's never really too early to book in any suppliers; the earlier you start looking for them, the less likely they are to be booked up on your wedding date so you'll have plenty of choice...

    Kim x
  • Hi Kim,

    Its in February 2011 which is a short month anyway - which is why I'm trying to do as much now. other than making a massive list, which I have! Are there any other ways to plan and organise your time or methods that you use? I could do with some extra help!
  • Hi Kim

    I'm looking to become a wedding planner after helping plan my best friends wedding earlier this year. I've thought a great deal about PR strategies, my website and my company ethos and feel confident this will all come together shortly. The one area I am concerned about is finding a planner to shadow in order to obtain some essential experience. Do you have any ideas on how to go about this?

    Many thanks

  • I thought I would share some tips with you all on how to keep calm and enjoy the big day itself!

    Firstly, make sure that your wedding venue has a full list of all the suppliers that are involved in your wedding, together with mobile contact numbers and estimated times of arrival. That way they can deal with any issues on your behalf.

    In addition, ensure all your suppliers have a copy of the timetable of the day so they know what is happening when, and when they are scheduled to arrive.

    Give your ushers/ best man a copy of these documents so that they have all the information on hand.

    Create a little emergency kit for the day and ask someone to look afer it for you. Fill with items such as needle and thread, plasters, paracetamol, sunscreen; anything that you think you'll need.

    Finally, remember that the most important thing is that you are declaring your love for each other, and getting married in front of your friends and family. It's an amazing thing to be doing, and don't let any minor mishap distract you from that, or your happiness on the day!

    Kim x
  • Hi laurengautieroller

    I think it's essential to gain experience before setting out; even just to get a feel for the (very!) long hours involved and volume of work on the wedding days themselves!

    I would either see if you can get some work experience at a local wedding venue or hotel, or if you want to shadow an experienced planner it's more a matter of emailing through your CV to them. I receive numerous requests for work experience, as do all wedding planners, so try and make your CV stand out, and follow up your intial enquiry.

    Good luck!

    Kim x
  • Hi Kim

    Thanks for sharing your invaluable advice. Congratulations on your wedding as well.

  • Hi wedbliss11

    Firstly, don't get overwhelmed by the massive list! It can seem really daunting as there are so many tasks to complete in a relatively short time frame.

    I am a little obsessed with lists, so find it useful to have "sub-lists" - for example; on your main list you may have "sort out flowers" but this can be broken down into various tasks such as choosing and booking your florist, deciding on your personal flowers, deciding on ceremony flowers, deciding on reception flowers, reconfirming all arrangements with the florist, arranging delivery times with the venue etc

    Splitting up the tasks should make them feel less daunting and more achievable.

    Also try and allocate yourself specific times; maybe a couple of hours a week where you know you can sit down and concentrate on a specific part of the wedding - it's incredibly easy to lose track of time when you're surfing the web or flicking through a magazine and find that hours have passed without achieving anything!

    Hope this helps!

    Kim x

  • Hi Kim,

    I've just joined this thread and, as I'm not getting married until late next year I wodnered what advice you'd give to me at the begining of my planning journey. What are the dos and don'ts that everyone seems to fall into?

    Thanks for your time,

  • Hi PoptheQ

    Congratulations! If there is one piece of advice I would give to brides, it is that time goes VERY quickly! The months race by, and before you know it you'll be counting down in weeks!

    The main item to sort out at the beginning is your budget and your guest numbers. Once you have done this, you can start looking for venues that will cater for both. In terms of budget, allow a contingency, and if you overspend in one area, compensate by cutting back in another.

    Create a wedding that is reflective of you as a couple; if you have any particular hobbies or interests, or love travelling, think how you can incorporate these elements into your day; it may be in a very subtle way, but then your guests will experience a wedding that is very much you.

    Above all, enjoy the planning and have fun!

    Kim x

  • Hi Kim,

    That really helps thanks so much! I'd never have thought of trying a loft space!

    I was thinking of going for a colour scheme of white and pops of red and/or silver, but my fiance is worried that will come off as a bit cold. I really love red so if you can suggest a colour to warm up the white/red combo as a compromise that is still city chic that would be awesome!

    Thanks again! image
  • Hi mrsb2b2708

    Have you thought about hot pink and lime green? They look amazing together; super contemporary and really pop against the white background.

    Alternatively, a deep purple would work well with splashes of silver as you had orginally thought.

    Kim x
  • Hi Kim,

    Ooh, the bright colours sound really funky and the purple sounds really classy. I'll run them past my fiance and see what he reckons too!


    Sam image
  • No problem Sam; enjoy your planning!

    Kim x
  • Hi there,

    The wedding planning webchat is now closed and Kim will just answer any remaining questions.

    Thank you Kim for a wonderful planning chat!

    Best wishes,

  • Thank you everyone; I hope I've answered all your questions!

    Please feel free to check out my website, or email me [email protected]

    Have a lovely afternoon,

    Kim x
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