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Welcome to our wedding planning webchat with The Bridal Consultant

Whether you are stuck for where to start, not sure how to manage your to-do list or need a push to smooth out the finer details of your wedding planning; put your problems to Lisa to solve.

With more than 600 destination weddings under her belt, she is ready and willing to answer your questions and bring the fun back into your planning!

She's our chat room fairy godmother on Tuesday 11 January from 1-2pm. Please join Lisa then for a chat, or if you have a burning question now, please leave it for Lisa below.

Many thanks,



  • i cant make the live chat due to work but would love help on getting a theme, we're getting married in december, my colours are chocolate brown and deep purple chose impression bridal dresses for my girls style 1754 with purple flowers and my dress will be sassi holford samanatha or amie..struggling on a theme, was thinking life is sweet with table named after our fave sweets but we dont really eat alot so doesnt feel like us, we love films but dont know how to work this in with table names/favours/decorating etc...hope you can
  • Sorry you can't make the chat, but it sounds like your plans are coming along brilliantly, as you're having a December wedding and your choice of dresses are very glamorous and you love films maybe go for a Hollywood or movie theme?

    You could have traditional Christmas films titles such as ???????it's a wonderful life??????? or ???????White Christmas??????? as your table names.

    You could ask guests to dress in stylish evening attire like they did during the films era and you can incorporate the theme into your wedding design, look at these favours here

    If you want to add a fun element then consider hiring an old fashioned popcorn machine and pick n mix for the adults (and kids), your invites could be cinema tickets. You could even have a custom made movie poster of your favourite film but featuring the two of you!

    You can make it as stylish/glamorous or as fun as you like and a winter wedding really lends itself to these kind of themes.

    Whatever you decide make sure the theme reflects your likes and interests and don't be too worried if not all aspects of the wedding fit the theme exactly.

    I hope this helps!
  • Hi Lisa,

    We're planning an autumn/winter wedding for next year, but we're not sure whether to get married here or abroad. If we did decide on a destination wedding, where would you suggest for some winter sunshine?

    Thanks image
  • Hi everyone,

    Welcome to today's webchat with destination planning expert Lisa Burton. Lisa will be in the chat room from 1-2pm today to offer expert advice and to answer all your planning questions.


  • Hello everyone! Happy New Year, I'm Lisa and I've arranged over 800 weddings abroad, so if you have any questions please let me know and I'll be delighted to help.

    Looking forward to chatting with you all!
  • Hi mrsb2b2708

    Congratulations and your at the most special time of the wedding planning choosing the venue! If you do decide to venture abroad then consider Mauritius for a winter wedding. West coast is best and the hotels are amazing, especially Trou Aux Biche by Beachcomber, i was lucky enough to stay there and its truly romantic.

    You can also consider the Carribean, Barbados is a firm favourite of mine, its where i met my husband. The beaches and hotels are first class and the water is beautiful.

    There is also the Seychelles, Thailand and Bali, all amazing winter sun wedding destinations!

    I hope this helps, good luck!
  • Wedding Paperwork for your wedding abroad

    Make sure that you know the full legal requirements for your wedding destination and allow at least 6 months for the legal paperwork. This way you have time to contact embassies which can be slow at responding. You don't want to arrive at your wedding with half completed or incorrect wedding paperwork, worse case senario you may not get legally married!
  • Hi Lisa,

    I know, I'm so excited!!

    What gorgeous suggestions - you're tempting me! Especially the Seychelles!!

    Even if we don't get married abroad in the end, those are some great honeymoon ideas and I'll definitely keep them in mind!

    Big thanks image
  • Hi,

    We're finally getting our teeth stuck into planning our wedding and everyone keeps asking us what our theme is. So far our answer has been "Us" but there seems to be an expectation that there will be a coherent theme.

    Our colours are ivory and red, with a heavy emphasis on the red to be honest, (although the male members of the party are going to be wearing mis-matched kilt suits) with pale green (as that's our venue's chair colour and I like them). We're getting married in a rather eccentric castle with its own permanent pavilion and crazy topiary and will be having a photobooth styled to look like a TARDIS. My personal style is 1950s/burlesque and I'm having my dress made inspired by Dita von Teese's purple Vivienne Westwood dress.

    Coming back to it my question is, do we have to have a theme or is it acceptable to just have a slightly nutty combination of all the things that we love even if they don't necessarily "gel".

    Thank you,

  • Hi Lisa,

    I wanted to ask for some advice, I'm getting married in Autumn of this year and had my heart set on a barn style wedding. This might not be possible as my fiances is South American and both of us realyl want his family involved.

    I'm getting a bit stressed about this as I want to find the best way to keep both our families involved.

    Any advice?

    Thanks for yoru help.
  • Sorry, I meant to say that the reason I might not be able to have the wedding here is because none of his family could come.

    Thanks again, x
  • Hi SpecialSundae

    Wow, your wedding sounds fabulous. Esentially a wedding is about you and your husband to be. If you choose a theme just for the sake of it will it really represent you and your fiance? You've obviously put a lot of thought into your plans already. Themes can be limiting and are great for those of us less creative or if you're stuck for inspiration or if you have something that means a lot to you like a favourite flower or colour, (we once did a chocolate themed wedding mmmm).

    You sound very creative and have already established a wedding style so why bother with a theme, i'm sure your day will be wonderful and i'm sure your dress which sounds fabulous will be a show stopper

    All the Best
  • Hi Lisa,

    I am planning a wedding near Florence in September this year. We are staying 15mins out of the centre and have our reception booked. Originally the co-ordinator at the reception hotel was happy to help arrange our church wedding and said it would be no problem as he had years of experience.

    Without warning we were told he had left and the people i am now speaking with say we cannot have a church wedding. We are both Catholic and are baptised, but are not confirmed, we have spoken to our priest (who is trying to contact the diocese of Florence) but we do not have time to be confirmed as it is a 9 month course.

    I have contacted various planners and am getting mixed responses. Most people say one of us needs to be confirmed, in which case we will simply have a civil wedding. But some say we could for the diocese of Fiesole (which is not as strict), which we are close to and would probably prefer as it overlooks Florence.

    Do you have any experience with the Florence/Fiesole Catholic laws? If we can only have a civil wedding then i will still be happy, the problem is all the uncertainty.

    Sorry for such a long explanation, Thank you

  • Dear Wedbliss11

    That's a really awful predicament, one I hear quite a lot

    Could you have a smaller wedding in the UK and then go to South America as part of your honeymoon and have a blessing for his family? If they are religious you could ask his family priest to perform the ceremony which would mean a lot to them I'm sure.

    It wouldn't need to cost much as traditionally they would probably like to host it for you, this way the can get involved but you can still have the wedding of your dreams here. You can take photographs and video footage from the wedding here to share with them which I'm sure they will enjoy.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi LIsa,

    Thank you for your advice. I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one going through this. We had thought about a ceremony there and one here so I guess if I can pull off the planning I get two wedding really.Lucky me! I guess that means two dresses as well!

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hi MrsClingo

    Sorry to hear about your troubles.

    Although I don't have any direct experiences with your churches in Florence i have planned many Catholic weddings. For the wedding to be legal in the eyes of your catholic Church here and in Florence then the paperwork has to be completed via your own priest and with the church in Florence. Saying that the Catholic paperwork can vary by church to church and country to country. I would be quite cautious about someone professing to be able to get around the laws of paperwork as the Catholic church is very strict about these things, especially in Italy and you don't want to go to all this effort and then find out the wedding isn't legal.

    In my experience 6 months is plenty of time to complete Catholic paperwork but it very much depends on the church in Florence.

    To be honest and to stop some of the stress and uncertainty I would be tempted to forget the plans for the Catholic wedding and have a Civil wedding, then maybe arrange for a Catholic blessing when you get home?

    I hope this helps a little
  • Yes Wedbliss11

    That's the way to look at it,I'm sure you can plan two weddings! Twice the work but twice the fun!

    Happy Planning
  • Speaking of dresses

    Allow at least 8 months to order your destination wedding dress, ensure you give the bridal shop your date of travel and not the wedding date to make sure it's delivered on time and you have time for at least 2 fittings.

    Speak to your airline about how to transport your wedding dress, some airlines will allow you to take it on as hand luggage others may insist on extra baggage.

    Consider your climate when dress shopping, go for soft flowing light fabrics for a hot climate, and go all out with the fur for a winter wedding!

    If on a budget don't forget the high street, there are no rules for a wedding abroad, you can wear whatever you like, Monsoon have a range of dresses which are perfect for weddings abroad at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding dress!
  • How to choose the perfect wedding venue?

    Here are some hints and suggestions that will hopefully help!

    When I'm asked this question I always get a little sentimental!!! I first tell the bride to close her eyes and think of her wedding day, then write this down, you may have been dreaming of this day since they we're a little girl and know exactly what you want, everyone has an idea of their perfect wedding now its time to put your plan into action!

    Are you inside or outside?

    Do you see a beach, or a garden, a castle maybe? A boat?

    What is the weather like, hot or cold?

    Is it private or are there lots of people around (like city weddings)

    Are you surrounded by your loved one's or is there just the 2 of you?

    Once you have the answers to these you can narrow the choices and start looking for the perfect venue!
  • Thank you for your questions today, I hope my answers have been useful, please feel free to email me any other questions you have at [email protected] and our website has lots of helpful information too if you'd like to visit

    Wishing you all very happy wedding experience and day!
  • Hi there,

    Many thanks to all and especially to Lisa for taking part in today's webchat.

    Be sure to visit the Live Web Clinic at the same time next week for our latest expert chat!

    Best wishes,

  • thank you so much for your've given me loads of ideas to play around with and quite excited at getting stuck into a movie theme image x x
  • Hello,

    I am planning my wedding at the moment and I really interested in getting married in Loch Lomond. I think Cameron House is beautiful and would love to book, however the only thing that is putting me off is the bad reviews I have read about the service and value for money.

    I was wondering if you have any advice on Cameron House or other venues in Loch Lomond ?

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