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Find your dream wedding dress with the help of designer Beverly Lister

If wedding dress shopping is more a challenge than a joy, or if you really don't know where to begin with finding The One - we're talking the dress, not the husband-to-be - don't despair!

Banish your wedding shop woes as we've called in the expert help (and twenty years experience) of wedding dress designer Beverly Lister. She joins us for a live fashion-packed web clinic on Tuesday 22 February from 1-2pm.

Leave a question for Beverly below and be sure to join us on Tuesday for a chat!

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  • Hi Beverly. I'm just starting to look at wedding dresses now but need some advice on fabric. I really don't like shiny, satiny fabrics - what fabric would you recommend I look for?

    Thank you!!
  • HI Beverly. Not one about me this time but my sister. She is thinking about wearing a bright yellow wedding dress as it's a colour that makes her feel happy! A good reason, but what do you reckon - might she end up looking like a banana?

    Any tips on how to wear brights as a bride would be great. Also style - she's an older bride and a size 12. I'm going to be maid of honour - what colour should I wear standing next to her?

    Thank you!
  • What type of dress would suit an autumn country wedding? I want to add some nice touches or details and I don't know where to start?

  • Hi everyone,

    Beverly is now on the boards and our wedding dress webchat is underway, so fire away with all your bridal style questions from now until 2pm!

    Happy chatting,

  • Congratulations Amylovescakes!! There are lots of lovely fabrics to choose from if you would rather not have satin, for example Silk organza or chiffon for the plains, or lovely lace. A silk satin is generally less shiny than a man made cloth. I use a beautiful cotton and silk blend that has a subtle, matt glow.

    Good luck in your search for the perfect dress!
  • Hello PoptheQ. I think it's brilliant that your sister wants to make an individual style statement, and if yellow is her colour that's the one to go for. Brights are all the rage this season, so for you as bridesmaid I would suggest a rich purple or sapphire blue. Bright hued flowers would carry the theme through, and don't forget jewel coloured shoes for both of you.
  • Congratulations to you,,shoesdowntheaisle! As soon as I saw 'country' wedding, I immediately thought of lace. I would choose a warm vanilla shade, accessorised with a vintage pale gold, lace trimmed veil if you are planning to wear one. Your flowers will be key here too, bring in warm autumnal shades, possibly autumn leaves too.
  • My skin is a very pale white! what colour bridal dress would you recommend?
  • Hi Beverly, I'm having a city wedding in a contemporary-looking gallery space, but I'm dreaming of a really romantic dress, with a full, flowy skirt in a lovely fabric. How can I keep this traditional type of look from clashing with the venue? Thanks!
  • Hello Amandas28. I generally find that the vintage hues suit pale skin, such as pale gold, vanilla or a colour that we call Mother of Pearl, not quite oyster but with a subtle warm tone to it. Try on lots of different shades to find the right one for you.
  • Hi Beverly, thanks for your help

    I've got my dress, but my friend is getting married on an island in France and has been looking for slinky-style dresses, but they've all got really low necklines. She's worried it won't suit a country-style relaxed wedding? Do you have any ideas how she could wear the sort of thing that suits her but not look innapropriate?! Thanks! image
  • Congratulations WedWriter. I think you can still have a full romantic dress in a contemporary space, if you keep to clean lines and crisp fabrics. A gown with a sleek, fitted satin bodice and full organza skirt is a real screen legend look, perfect for a city wedding. Think Audrey Hepburn, smooth hair, vintage jewels and a satin ribbon edge veil, if you are planning to wear one. I would also suggest keeping your flowers to one variety, as a mixed bouquet is more of a country look.
  • Hello QueSarahSarah. I have a dress that I think would be perfect for your friend's wedding, my style Jasmine, which is slinky and flowing, with a cutaway shoulder rather than a plunging neckline. It is made from the softest cobweb lace and buttery slipper satin, trimmed with an antique looking lace border. For me, lace is the epitome of 'country' style, and the warm vanilla tone of this fabric echoes this feeling.
  • As much as I love designing bridal gowns, I equally love styling brides and helping them to choose the perfect dress.

    Do try on as many styles as you can when you are first starting your search. Sometimes it's easier to decide what you don't want! Keep in mind the time of year of your wedding, the style of your venue and your own personal likes and dislikes.

    There will be certain fabrics and shapes that you will be attracted to; where some brides are totally in love with lace, for example, others won't be so keen. This will help you to eliminate certain styles.

    Shop with someone you trust, someone who knows your personality and can tell you if a dress 'is really you'.

    For me, fit is everything. A beautifully fitted gown is a joy to wear and will be so flattering. Take advice from the sales consultants and fitters to achieve this.

    There may be more than one gown that would be perfect for you and your wedding day. Don't worry. Sometimes you have to go a little further down your list of questions; ask yourself which you think your partner would prefer? Which would suit the venue better? Which makes you smile and feel special?

    Above all, enjoy your search for your wonderful wedding dress.
  • Thanks to everyone who has posted questions, and to Beverly for your time and handy advice today!

    This webchat is now closed but you can check back anytime to re-read Beverly's tips.

    Have a lovely afternoon,

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