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Fiesta sky lanterns


Has anyone used these people,they are the cheapest ive found so far but are based in spain,they have posted on here but got told off for posting!

They also want a deposit by bank transfer is this moody?

They have a fab website etc so see no reason to think they are dodgy but every penny counts !



  • mandysparksmandysparks Posts: 639
    Hi Hun

    Sorry i have not head of this company, all i would say check it out if you can, if not try & look for another company but within the uk if you can.

    Good Luck


  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    Hiya Flo - I've used them here in Spain.. and they did a wonderful job. Theres pictures of the lanterns on our picture site...

    I have no hesitation in recomending them at all...they were professional and despite the dodgy weather we still managed to get the lanterns done inbetween the rain bursts. We had a friend who did fire juggling at the same time and the whoe effect was just magical,

    I don't thin its 'moody' to ay a deposit... after all if you didn't and then changed your mind they may have turned away other brides for the same day.

    Please email me if you want any more info

    Good luck

    Kathy x
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