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Welcome to our W-day style webchat with Beulah London's Natasha and Lavinia

Join us on 6 September from 1-2pm for a gloriously girly webchat that's all about fashion, darling! Grab a coffee and get comfy as we chat about everything W-day style-related, from amazing maids dresses to oh-so-cool outfit changes for you..

Ready and waiting to answer all your questions, from destination dress ideas for your maids to sassy, wedding-worthy outfit suggestions for your skirt-shy mum, Natasha and Lavina are ready and waiting to giev you your personal style prescription.

Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan are the creative brains (and beauties!) behind Beulah London. The girl's super-luxe collection of dainty dresses and soft, silk tailoring offer perfect W-day wear and are loved by trend setters Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker.

So if you're in need of some style solutions before your big day, join the chat on 6 September from 1-2pm. Don't worry if you can't join us on the day, you can leave your questions for the Beulah team now.


  • Hi ladies,

    I'm looking at a really beautiful but heavy wedding dress (it's got loads of underskirts!) and while I love it, I don't think it'll be very practical for dancing! I'd like to change into something a bit more party-ish but in keeping with my Pride and Prejudice theme. What sort of thing do you suggest? It doesn't have to be white but I'l like to keep in blending in with my navy, lilac and cream colour scheme.

    Thanks so much!
  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you for joining us today for the W-day style webchat with Natasha and Lavinia from Beulah London.

    The girls will be with us until 2pm, so please so post all your fashion-related puzzlers here for the experts to answer.

    Enjoy the chat!

  • Hi Ladies, thank you for joining us, Natasha and Lavinia, for our webchat all about fashion.

    We are the creative brains behind Beulah London, a luxury fashion label with a conscience. We like to think of Beulah as part of the growing trend towards social impact ventures that provide, not only exceptional customer experience and high quality products, but also set about to make a difference in the world. The ethos behind the brand is to produce fashion with a conscience, involving women who have been trafficked into the sex trade in part of the production process, thus helping to provide them with an alternative, sustainable livelihood.

    We specialize in ladies occasions wear and are very excited to be here talking to you lovely brides-to-be. Please feel free to fire away and we will do our best to answer your questions.....

  • Hi tinklebride,

    Thank you for your question. Wow, what an incredible wedding dress it sounds like you have. But you're right, you need something more practical to change into for the dancing - you don't want to be restricted on your big day! We would suggest a long maxi dress to keep in with the Pride and Prejudice theme, puffy short sleeves and a high waistline emphasized by perhaps a ribbon or a belt. The neckline tended to be quite low in that era to emphasize the bust. I would stay with quite muted colours as you suggested - perhaps cream or lilac to go with your colour scheme. Our collections tend to be quite bright because the colours and energy of India influenced our designs. We do however offer a bespoke service where we can make up one of our styles in a specific colour according to what our customer is after. We have a Shiloh dress in our current Spring/Summer collection that could fit the bill ( Otherwise I would have a look at fairly classic designers such as Libelula. You could even take an image of a dress you like to a seamstress and have her make up the dress.

    We hope we've helped - let us know if you need any more ideas.

  • Hi girls!

    I'm worried about finding a dress that will look right with my body shape...I'm quite short (about 5,2') and petite but I have big boobs, which I don't want to spill out everywhere =/!!! I've tried on a few styles but I either drown in them or look too heavy up top. My wedding isn't until next August so I have a while...

    Please help!

  • Hi dress length means i will have to get shoes that have a heels of 2 1/2 inch or less.Dissapointing because im a high heels girl! but anyhoo..

    I really cant find heels that low that are nice enough for my big day, being a size 6 i find the smalled the heel the longer it makes you feet look!

    Any tips? Shoes are an obsession with mine and these should be the most wonderful shoes ever! image

    thanks x
  • Hi both, I really want a romantic, boho-style dress but I'm very conscious of my arms and find most dresses are either sleeveless, long sleeved (which wouldn't work as it;s a summer wedding) or the few short sleeved ones I do find seem to be very low-cut and show too much cleveage. Do you have any ideas of coverups that aren't too frumpy- or is it even possible to get separates (a top and skirt) that look like a dress?

    Many thanks
  • Hi blonde bridezilla,

    Not to worry - we're sure you will find something. You want to find something that will accentuate your small waist line to show that although you have big boobs you are also petite. We would recommend looking at strapless wedding dresses that are fitted under the bust and tight around the body with some flare at the bottom. Or you could opt for a wedding dress with an empire waist line that is tight around the bust area with fabric that then drapes down (more floaty than the first option). This would give you more height whilst also accentuating your bust area - it is a very rare and fantastic combination to be petite and busty. You should flaunt that without taking away any of the demureness that a wedding dress should have.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi CastleBride,

    We LOVE our killer high heels too but smaller heels are making a comeback, and probably much more practical for your wedding day sadly. Depending on your budget, have you had a look at LK Bennett? They always have very sophisticated shoes that would be perfect for a wedding day - they must have some smaller heels in there somewhere.Manolo Blahnik do some gorgeous smaller heeled shoes as well, but again they are quite pricey so depends on your budget. If you are looking on a slightly lower budget do let us know and we will have a think and get back to you.

  • Hi there,

    If I want to introduce a bit of colour into my outfit, or my grooms suit - am having an autumn wedding and really want to introduce a bit of green or orange!

  • Hi Natasha and Lavinia,

    I need a bit of advice about my mums outfit. She wants to wear a cream trouser suit which is admittedly lovely but it looks far too bridal to me. I don't want to upset her as I know she really loves the suit she's found but isn't it rude to wear white to a wedding - especially if it's your daughters?! I think she thinks she's fitting in with our colour theme but it makes me feel a bit annoyed. What could I suggest she wears instead but she'll still feel wonderful in?

    Thanks for the advice!
  • Hi missraine2,

    We love the boho look. Kate Moss' wedding dress was just to die for and she always opts for the boho look but sadly this dress was quite revealing. Have you looked at lace capes or lace boleros? These are a gorgeous way to cover up the arms but perfect for the summer as not too heavy! Have you had a look at Jenny Frost's wedding dress? She looked beautiful and used a lace shawl to cover up her chest and arms that looked a million dollars! If you can't find any pictures on the internet there are lots in OK! (23rd August edition).

  • Hi Shoesdowntheaisle,

    A burst of colour is always a great way to spruce up any outfit. The groom is slightly more easier - he can opt for an orange or green flower/handkerchief for his suit jacket pocket or even a coloured tie. The bride is slightly more difficult as you want to keep it classy. Perhaps you could add orange and green to your bouquet - either the flowers or ribbon around the flowers. I would stick with the more traditional colour for the dress and shoes but use the accessories to add colour.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Missy-moo-b,

    That is a very difficult one! A trouser suit is very on trend so i wouldn't change the outfit. Perhaps you could suggest a different colour - thy must have other colours other than white. We would be frank and upfront - you don't want to be worried about what your mother is going to be wearing...this is your big day! Tell her that although you love the outfit, the colour just isn't quite right - she will look too much like the bride. Perhaps go with her to chose something else so that the blow is softened and you are happy with the outcome!

  • Hi my mum has big legs, but is skinny everywhere else so she never wears skirts. I'm not sure about trousers on the day: but do you think a maxi/evening dress would look wrong at a country barn wedding? I don't want her to look OTT or out of place.

  • Hi Quesarahsarah,

    Trouser suits are quite in fashion at the moment but you have to get the right fit and style. I think a maxi dress would be perfect - they have become much more accepted as things to wear at weddings and would be a great way for your mother to hide her legs. We have lots of maxi dresses in our collections ( and think they are the perfect outfit for any occasion even at a country barn wedding image .

  • I'm bridesmaid for a friend and she's getting married in Italy. She has given us colour swatches of fabric and said we can buy our own dresses in those shades which is great as I can get something I love and will wear again. I want something light (so I'm not a sweaty betty) and to fit with her rustic Italian theme. I've got quite a boyish figure so what should I be looking for?

    S x
  • Hi Strawberry_Bride,

    Wow, a wedding in Italy - how incredible! A light silk maxi would do the trick, preferably sleeveless so that you don't have to worry about sweat patches. I would go for an empire waistline to emphasize your boobs - this will hopefully detract from your boyish figure. I would have the dress nipped in just under the boobs and then float down - have a look at our Shiloh dress as an example (

    I hope this helps x
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for joining us today - we hope you enjoyed the chat.

    A massive thank you to Natasha and Lavinia too for taking time to answer all our burning style questions, we've picked up some great advice.

  • Thank you everyone for all your questions. We hope we gave some useful replies. Do keep in touch at [email protected] and visit our website for some more fashion

    Bye for now

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