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Welcome to our make-up master class webchat with airbrush artisit to the stars Mariam Jensen

Avoid make-up mishaps with some big day bridal beauty advice in our live webchat with Mariam Jensen on Tuesday 13 September from 1-2pm.

Whether you want fresh ideas for a whole new W-day look, or pointers to perfect your signature style, make sure you join the chat. Mariam will be on hand to answer all your tricky how-to beauty questions and we'll be going back to basics to find our how to create classic bridal looks, from luscious rosy-red lips, to subtle smoky eyes. Don't be a beauty school drop out - join us to brush up on your skills before you say I do.

With more than 12 years experience in creating fresh, natural-looking make-up that looks perfect on and off camera, Mariam Jensen has worked with a host of stars including Alexa Chung and Alesha Dixon. One of the UK????s leading make-up artists specialising in airbrush make-up, Mariam is the go-to expert when it comes to red-carpet transforms and she can work her magic on you too! From fake lashes to flawless foundation, Mariam is ready and waiting to share her insider tips and tricks to make sure you look your very best as you glide down the aisle. From emergency spot concealing to keeping shiny skin at bay, there isn't a problem she can't fix.


  • Hi there,

    I'm not planning on airbrush make up as such but would still love to know how best to create a natural, flawless look - while wearing enough make up to look good in photos of course!


  • I'm concerned about SPF in foundation. I keep being told to make sure my foundation, primer and concealer don't have SPF and light reflectors (such as touche eclat does) as they'll 'flash' in the picture and make my already pale skin even whiter.
  • I have a light skin tone and would like to look a little less pale for my wedding but really don't want to end up looking orange. How can I get a very subtle glow?
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for joining us for today's make-up master class webchat with Mariam Jensen.

    Mariam will be with us until 2pm so please do keep your questions coming in.


  • Hi Everyone! Welcome and keep your questions coming! : )
  • @shoesdowntheaisle Some airbrush makeups can be hand applied with a brush, they give a fantastic finish and are very durable and long wearing. Airbrush does give the best result, however when you can't try Airbase Foundation applied with their brush for a truly flawless finish. Lots of my overseas brides that have lessons with me love this product!
  • @MrsHenaughan2B Lots of products do reflect white, if you are doing your own makeup I would suggest having a friend snap shots of your makeup look to see how it is looking. Titanium Dioxide in many products creates this white effect and sadly it is used in so many products. If you are using a makeup artist for your wedding or makeup lesson, they should also be able to recommend products. In regards to sunblock, I love Keihls Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15, it's light, perfect under makeup, and doesn't give off a while cast, nor have a sticky texture.
  • Hi Mariam,

    I'm having my make-up done by a professional when I get married (thank goodness!) but I've got quite bad skin and I'm prone to breakouts. I'm sure my make-up will look great at the start of the day but I'm worried it'll wear off. do you have any tips I can easily do myself throughout the day for keeping the odd spot covered?

  • Hi Mariam, I blush really easily and usually look really red faced in photos on nights out. Can you recommend anything that would stop this?

  • @LellaHat My best advice is to head over to the NARS counter and get yourself Laguna Bronzer! This colour is THE BEST and I use it on nearly all of my clients, it's a lovely golden-brown glowy shade that can you used on the fairest complexions without looking orange. Powder-Laguna&utm_campaign=Blush - Bronzers&LGWCODE=5101;9457;572
  • Hi Mariam

    What make up looks best on photos? I have pale skin, blonde hair and grey/green eyes. Also, would it be a good idea to have a fake tan or would it look bad on the photos? I'm just worried that I might look like a ghost in my ivory dress!
  • @twinklebride You would love airbrush makeup, the products I use can be used with sheer to full coverage and wear about 14 hours without coming off (even on blemishes). If your makeup starts to wear off through out the day, keep a pot of a full coverage concealer to hand such as MAC Studio Finish Concealer or CoverFx. Apply with a brush and dust with a finely milled setting powder such as Make Up For Ever HD (very lightly).
  • @georgiamh84 Hi, there. Green correctors and primers are fantastic for neutralizing red complexions. I truly love Make Up For Ever HD Primer in Green. This product can be worn along or as a primer for your makeup. It will take down the redness and give you the perfect base for your makeup. Also, stay away from pink or red based products, they will just make you look more red. Try peachy shades of blush, I love Shu Uemura Peach 40 on the cheeks and of course a sun-kissed bronzer like NARS Laguna.
  • Thanks Mariam!
  • @Maria1985x Hi there. Photographers time and time again tell me how good airbrush makeup looks in photos. It gives a truly natural finish and looks flawless due to the application and spray patterns of the product. Camera's pick up on every little detail, so picking products that are formulated for HD are also key. If you are thinking about having a spray tan, I would trial a few tanners to see who you like and who's product give you the best finish/desired effect. If you are very fair, do go for the lightest colour available. Make sure the product is sprayed on by hand for the best professional finish. In regards to makeup choices, it's hard to say without seeing you, there are so many things to consider, like are you going for a stronger lip or do you want a smokier eye?
  • Hi Mariam,

    I'm quite fair skinned with very dark hair and I'd love to wear red lipstick on my wedding day. I know how hard it is to keep it looking perfect though, even if you're just on a night out! IS it a bad idea and should i stick with something a bit more low maintenance? Or is there anything I could try to keep my lipstick in place all day?

    S x
  • @Strawberry_Bride First of all, I love your Strawberry Shortcake picture : ) Okay, now to your questions. I think if red lips are your signature look, keep your lips stronger on the day. A great way at keeping your lips strong, but durable are by using lip stains. The pigment stains the lips, yet does not transfer like a lipstick. You can use a bit of Paw Paw Ointment on top or 8 Hour Cream to give the colour a gorgeous finish. If you want bold lips, try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' (OCC) Lip Tars, they are long wearing and come in a gorgeous array of colour. I love NSFW, a gorgeous red shade that works well on most complexions. Hope this helps!
  • @Strawberry_Bride I forgot to tell you that MAC does some gorgeous lip stains as do many brands you can find in Boots.
  • Hi Mariam,

    I think I've got quite small eyes and would love to open them up a bit with some clever make-up image I've heard fake lashes are good and I'm really tempted to try them for my wedding day but am paranoid about them falling off half way through the ceremony! What else can I do?
  • @missy-moo-b Hi, thanks for your question. False eyelashes are a great way to brighten the eyes and also add a bit of glamour on your wedding day. Keep in mind that you do not have to wear a full-strip lash, corner or segmented lashes are great. Shu Uemura eyelashes are some of my favourite on the market. They are made very well and can be worn numerous times if they are well cared for. If your eyes are very small, perhaps try the corner lashes first and see if you like that effect, they may suit your eye size and shape better. The Shu Uemura glue is great and I have never had a client lose an eye lash yet! Some non-professional adhesives are not very strong, so be sure to buy a pro one like the Shu Uemura one or DUO (MAC has this). Also, white pencils or light colours in the inner corners of eyes will brighten the eyes and make then appear brighter.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm afraid it's time to close the webchat.

    A massive thank you to Mariam for joining us and giving such great advice.

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