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Wedding colors

i am stuck between to colors for the big day and i still have over a year but i would like to know soon what i am gonna do my colors in. and i need some help i either want hot pink and zebra, or hot pink and bright orange image


  • "hot pink and zebra, or hot pink and bright orange"

    ...Is this for your wedding dress?! Woof!
  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674
    Wowzers, either of those will certainly make a big impact! image
  • I hate to say this and please dont think i am being rude but i think the pink and zebra will look cheap and tacky. I do quite like the bright pink and orange... have seenit a few times and really does make a impact and great pics x
  • absolutely pink and orange! xx
  • ClarkieClarkie Posts: 586
    Definitely pink and orange. We're having orange but moved away from bright orange to coral. My original idea was bright orange, pinks, reds and yellows and there are some great ideas out there!

  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    pink and orange image it would give a very tropical feel and I think it would look lush.
  • I agree, I think pink and orange would look alot nicer than pink and the zebra choice xx
  • LuLu0403LuLu0403 Posts: 6
    im having champane and orange,

    orange is great esp if a summer wedding x
  • I think you might live to regret the zebra option!!! Orange is back, and would look great with hot pink x
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