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  • serinec123serinec123 Posts: 537
    I'm thinking of getting 'Romantic Pearl' M&S cake, having all three tiers. I'm putting mine on a stand (from ebay) though because I only want the top layer to be fruit and I've been told that you cannot stack ontop of sponge. Also buying cake decorations myself from cake decorations shop, so all in all I've saved myself around £200!!! Not bad hey!!! Have you tried the cakes or are you ordering one too for your wedding? xxx
  • XTinksXXTinksX Posts: 568
    I've got my eye on Romantic Pearl too! Gonna go for three tier, wasn't aware that you can't rest on top of sponge. I wanted all three sponge though, so maybe that would work?
  • catcookukcatcookuk Posts: 44
    I am also having a M&S cake, they are really good image not getting married till next summer, but have discussed with my florist about providing me with flowers for my cake, and i'll buy ribbon to wrap round each layer. i am having sponge, chocolate and fruit, this will be placed on a S shaped cake stand
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