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This is not for general chat please post in appropriate area

Hello ladies,

Please may I ask you not to put your posts in this area. It is supposed to be purely for the live chats we have with experts and not for general posting.

I'm trying to tidy up the forum so you can find things more easily. I only have 42 pages of posts to move.... so far ...and that's just from this Online chat category. :\?

Please, please, ever-so-pretty-please, try to put your posts in the most appropriate section in the messageboards and leave this free for the experts to give you advice and help for your wedding day. :\)

Many thanks,


Web Master

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  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    Hi Carol

    i think the problem is that to new users the forum name is a bit misleading - "Online Chats" could easily be interpreted as "here is a nice place to chat online to people" image

    how about renaming this forum to "Live Webchats" or something similar?


  • lormartinlormartin Posts: 1,209
  • sorry!! just read your message! bit new to this.image
  • BAXTER94ukBAXTER94uk Posts: 67
  • hi

    are you supposed to use tongues for your wedding kiss

  • FloristfloFloristflo Posts: 743
    bump one less for you
  • bump (hehe this is fun)
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    This is very confusing that you have to go right into a chat to see what the topic is. I would like some info on Venues having problem finding one. Is there a live chat for that?
  • xaj1xaj1 Posts: 257
    i almost have car sickness with the amount of bumps i have gone over reading through this thread, dont think ill read it again in a hurry lol
  • lyndsey i dont think they understand!!!
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