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Hi everyone,

David Horne from the Jemma Kidd Make-Up School and YYW beauty editor Sophie Qureshi are now online and ready to help out with all your questions about doing your own wedding make-up. So please post them here between now and 6pm.

We'll keep track of all the questions so no one will be missed out, but please bear with us if we start to get busy. Please do make sure that you post within this thread (by clicking "post reply" at the top or bottom of the thread) as unfortunately we're not able to answer questions posted elsewhere in the forum.


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  • mrswogden2bemrswogden2be Posts: 511
    Hi i am getting married in jamaica in november & just wondering if you have any tips on my make up staying put in such hot weather & any reccomendations of what to use , i want a natural look

  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897

    I'm having a tropical beach wedding and am doing my own makeup. What makeup do you suggest for the heat? I don't want to look sweaty in the photos! Do you have any recommendations for a light foundation (or tinted moisturisers), powder concealer, and blush? I have very fair skin and it is normal to dry. Thanks!
  • jofordjoford Posts: 45
    Is it really possible to do your own make-up, and still look good in your photos? I am concerned that as a limited user foundation.blush, mascara, that i risk looking washed out...Would you always reccommend a make-up artist i the budget allows it? or maybe lessons at least that way you have skills for life I suppose? Could you recommend any good books that would teach me the basics?

    Thanks in advance!
  • treyuktreyuk Posts: 12
    Can you recommend a good foundation for mixed race skin. I have combination skin, my skin tone is uneven and I have some scars left behind by spots.

    I need something that will last all day, dosen't look too heavy and is full proof to apply.

    I also have a problem with my mascara flaking and giving me panda eyes even though I never wear mascara on the lower lashes. What am I doing wrong?


  • Hi there,

    Can you recommend a good face powder that does not make my skin look cakey and dead. I keep trying different brands but so far have not been impressed by any. I was thinking of trying Chantecaille as I love the new tinted moisturiser, but did not want to make another mistake! I have fair skin, with pink undertones and my T zone can get shiny
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi Jamaican bride!

    Amazing to have your wedding in a hot climate;) I would definately opt for make up that does not smudge and will hold in the heat and humidity. Make up such as MAC Fluidline is a great cheat to create a cream shadow eye make up that is effective and that won't budge, you can also double it up to wear for beach and good you can even swim in itimage D
  • surferssurfers Posts: 31
    Hi I'm hoping you'll be able to recommmend a good waterproof mascara, I have been buying a few and trying them but they all seem to clump which is not the look I want!

    I would like my lashes lengthened and spread out, not thickened a lot.

    Many thanks
  • davisons80davisons80 Posts: 211
    Hi David! I am getting married in Ireland and as I am based in the UK, don't know whether to DIY my make-up or try and find someone local to the wedding. What are the first steps for doing your own make-up? I don't wear any foundation at the moment, just some concealer and bronzer on my cheeks but for the wedding I would definitely want a make-up base that would last all day and look good in photos. Where do I start with that?! Secondly, the wedding is NYE so I want the whole look to be bridal and glamorous. Should I go to a make-up counter so I can see which colours suit? I wear a lot of green and gold eyeshadow but I don't know if any of the stuff I currently have would be 'wow' enough! Help!!

    Sarah xx
  • I am trying to figure out a colour scheme, the flowers and BM dress are blue/purple, would a violet eyeshadow look garish? My hair will be dyed red so no pink, and i think borwn/nude is quite boring. Can you reccommend somewhere to have a makeover done? Thanks
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi Kats

    Laura Mercier have some great tinted moisturisers with sunscreen and even formulations that are oil free. If you want a powder that keeps you free from shine there is a professional product called screenface invisible blotting powder..compact and mirror! They have a store in covent garden and one near our school in Notting Hill.Also online available if you can't get to a London store. Its great!
  • isajohnukisajohnuk Posts: 33
    Hello David. Really not used to wearing makeup but understand it might be necessary for the big day and pics! Very sensitive skin - used to have eczema - and starting to have spots because not on the pill anymore so hormone + stress = skin going crazy! Any receommendation for that? Also, what about having a facial before the wedding? - should it be one week before or earlier? What about facial hair removal or brows? (also I have this mole like madonna near the mouth so not so keen on wax - is it at all dangerous?). Can you recommend a mascara for crying bride?! What can u recommend to make lips pulp-ier? And make eyes look big and natural? Loads of questions as u can see - many txs in advance!!
  • karenejkarenej Posts: 60

    im getting married in 2 weeks in aviemore and am planning on doing my makeup myself-!i have a pretty tight budget for the makeup so some cheap makeup advice would be great!

    i have a pretty fair complexion, greeny-blue eyes and brown hair

    i only wear make up half the time and want someting quite natural, but hubbie says he'd like me to have nicely glowing cheeks-how do i achieve this?

    i have quite a greasy complexion with some dry areas sometimes, can you recomend a foundation or technique of applying makeup?also how do you go about choosing the perfect shade?

    i'm also trying to decide on eyeliner-it just smudges off on the lower eyelids-especially with tears too!

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!!im a bit nervous about a makeup disaster!!!
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi Snoopy

    Doing you own make up is somewhat tricky when you want to guarantee the pictures look freat for years to come. Definately try out some counter services at counters such as Nars and MAC to pick up some tips, or try a book for ideas and technical advice, I would check out make up books on and find one that look sa good read. Nars has a great book [Make up your Mind] which gives you graphic overlays of where each product has been placed. If you are feeling a in with us at the school...its a premium service but an exclusive lesson for such a big event is worth the splurge and you will get tips for life.

    Good luck and happy reading!
  • ArmstrongukArmstronguk Posts: 639
    Hi David

    I have a fabulous make up artist doing my make up on the day BUT I have had lots of chemotherapty and treatment which makes me prone to power surges (hot flushes). Can you recommend anything I can keep in my bridesmaids handbag to keep away the shine. are blotting papers any good?

    Andrea x
  • elainewukelainewuk Posts: 48
    Hi there,

    When I'm putting on foundation I never know how long I should wait after moisturising before applying the foundation? Should you leave it a while to sink in?

    I've heard mixed things about whether to put foundation on the undereye area, and if so, whether to put on concealer first or afterwards... would like to know what you think!

    Also, my wedding ceremony is at 2.30pm - when would you suggest that I do my make-up? Around 11am maybe? Or should I try to leave it as late as possible (maybe 1pm)?

    Thanks very much!


  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi Pinkpolkadot!

    Foundation would definately be MAC Studiofox fluid as its great for combination skins and gives amazing coverage. for details. I love this foundation for camera shoots and weddings as it really holds!. Now with flaky lashes we have a great product at the school called Lasting Tint Mascara in Black and Brown which is a hybrid between lash tint and a mascara soo it tints your lashes for approx 48 hours before you need to reapply! Sold via our school [email protected] or nationwide. This product is a winner!
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi Surfers!

    Eylure at Boots do a great product which can solve your concern! Its a waterproof mascara topcoat which cleverly allows you to transform your own favourite mascara to a waterproof formula! How great is that...and even better get the whole lot off with Kitchen Olive Oil which is organic and kind to your delicate eye area...amazing stuff!
  • dehowatsondehowatson Posts: 14

    I am doing my own make-up and i am pretty confident with everything but my eyes. Can you please tell me in what order i should do everything and any tips on how to apply!?!?!

    Any information would be greatly received.



  • Hi David!

    I wondered if you could recommend a book on DIY wedding make up? Or if not, maybe you could write one for people like me in the future?!! I am doing my own make up on the day and have bought some fab MAC Strobe cream for highlighting, are there any other essential tips you can recommend to enhance my everyday make up?

    Thanks x
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi sarah d1!

    Make up counters are the best place on a moderate budget to get some free tips and advice! Watch the artist and ask loads of questions. They can help you with colour choices and textures etc. Remeber you want timelessly elegant pictures not trendy pictures that may date in due course and trend based make up is a thing to skip here for this reason. My trick here would be to opt for a classical wedding make up and then cleverly transform the traditional elegany make up to a glamourous design for the evening function. To do this I would opt for maybe a dramatic shimmer such as MAC Reflects Gold Pigment - only available from the MAC PRO Store off Carnaby Street's incredible and hardly anyone discovers it...and to brighten tired eyes an amazing pencil I have discovered is Topaz by Stila which is skin coloured. This opens eyes beautifully and does not look stark like white, This topped up with a more colourful lipgloss for the evening will dazzle your guests. For your skin I would opt for a mineral make up such as Jane Iredale which provides a radiant finish and mineral make up looks sooooo natural...I know Sophie and I are loving mineral make up from both Jane Iredale and ID Bare Escentuals.
  • goneawaygoneaway Posts: 1,676 New bride
    Hi David

    I'm so short-sighted that I need to wear my glasses all the time (I can't wear contact lenses). I'm aiming to do my own make-up for the wedding but I'm not used to wearing eye make-up other than mascara. Please can you tell me what to do to give my eyes some oomph behind my glasses on the day! I have mid-brown hair and my skin is quite pale.

    Thank you so much

    Stella x
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi Anna 22

    For you to compliment your colour scheme try using a comfortable favourite neutral brown eyeshadow that you have and then get yourself a MAC Vellum Eyeshadow which is a really cool white shade highlighter that has a very pretty two tone irridescent lilac twist to changes colour on the skin to a wash of blue/lilac. Experiment and try layering! Creative yet fun and you cant create a result which is horrendous. You will love this little gem! Team this up with the classical neutral and you will instantly have a contemporary fashionable look which will remain timeless.
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi karenej!

    The school has two products which you could love and they are intended for the results you want! The first is a creme glowy highlighter called Dewy Glow Creme Radiance which you smooth along your upper cheekbones to highlight and get a great glowing effect to the cheeks. This is our best selling hero product. It comes in two shades. If you are fair opt for Ice Gold and if you are a warmer tone and prefer a more tanned tint then opt for Rose Gold. It hydrates the skin and will look fantastic. Model cheekbones in minutes. Then have a look at Rosy Glow Tint which you can use on your cheeks and lips. So easy to apply as it comes with a rollerball. Both items you can see online at or via our website at .Good Luck
  • Hi Jen BL

    I really like Chantecaille's loose powder actually - it's really finely milled so it gives a lovely silky finish without looking chalky. I also love Creme de le Mer's face powder - it contains subtly light-reflective particles to give skin a bit of a glow and stop it looking flat. Another great one to try is Becca - they do loads of shades so you can get a really good match. One thing I would say is if your skin is very oily or just tends to shine a lot, don't rely just on powder to take down the shine - you'll end up having to pile on so much, you get that granny-ish finish. Instead use a mattifying primer beneath your foundation - Becca do a great one specifically for shiny skin and it really helps keep the shinies at bay. hope that helps.


  • IcklemIcklem Posts: 38
    Hi there,

    I have an oil t can I make sure that my make up stays in place for the day?
  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi laineyweb!

    If your moisturiser is being effective you should see it dissapear straight into the skin ready for make up. If the moisturiser is too greasy it may 'flood' the top of the epidermis of the skin and affect make up holding well.

    In regard to foundation I tend to apply that first and only apply concealer afterwards when I can judge exactly how much additional coverage is required. Doing concealing first makes your skin look to heavily made up. If your wedding ceremony is 2.30pm I would get you r eye make up done and finished and leave the skin until the last minute so you arrive at the ceremony camera ready and perfectly powdered. Maybe try to start the foundation at approx 1pm depending on time required to get to your ceremony venue.

  • elainewukelainewuk Posts: 48
    Thanks very much!

  • davidhornedavidhorne Posts: 16
    Hi Designer Bride

    The best book I have seen is called Makeup Makeovers - you can find it at

    # Paperback: 136 pages

    # Publisher: Fair Winds Press (1 Nov 2006)

    # Language English

    # ISBN-10: 1592332315

    # ISBN-13: 978-1592332311

    Try this book it's really good for ideas. Now talking of ideas three products I love at the moment are these:

    1.Comet Stardust Glitter creme stick by Jemma Kidd Make up School

    2.Cleanance Redness neutralising concealer pencil which is neutral one end and green on the other to counteract red on fair skin

    3.Chutzpah pigmnent by Comfort and Joy which you can discover at

  • Hi Jisa

    Whew! That's a lot of questions! Ok to start with the skin, if you have sensitive skin, prone to acne and eczema, you sould DEFINITELY use mineral make-up. I'm always raving about this because it's completely free of chemical nasties which can upset sensitive skin. There are some great brands out there - Jane Iredale, id Bare Minerals, Pure Minerals, etc. The best thing is mineeral make-up is actually good for skin - it encourages healing and even protects from the sun - so it won't make your skin react at all. It also can be built up to give great coverage.

    As for facials, if you have reactive skin, I would make sure your last one is at least a couple of weeks before the big day, just to give chance for skin to calm down if it flares up. Ideally, have a course before your wedding so you can see how your skin reacts to the facial - it's a myth that all facials make you break out straight after but everyone's skin is different so different treatments suit different people. I've always found Dermalogica facials very good for problem skins.

    As for facial hair removal, threading will probably be better for you than waxing. Waxing isn't dangerous at all but it is harsher on the skin than threading (which uses a cotton thread to pull out the hairs, rather than hot wax going directly onto the skin). Threading is also really precise so brilliant for shaping eyebrows.

    Waterproof mascara-wise, check out the new Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara. This is brand new and has the same brush as the cult Masterpiece mascara but in a waterproof formula. We're doing a competition to win one on our site actually so check it out in the beauty section!

    There are hundreds of lip-plumping products out there so you've loads to choose from. Too Faced Lip Injection is good, Pout do some great plumping glosses and of course th famous DuWop Lip Venom. All these make your lips tingle though so if you don't want that (because of kissing the groom!) you can still get a plumping effect from clever application of gloss. A great trick is to draw around your mouth with a light-reflective 'concealer' like YSL Touche Eclat. This highlighting effect immediately makes your lips look bigger. Always stick to light shades and glossy formulas too - they create the illusion of volume.

    To make eyes look bigger, you could try Jinnylash eyelash extensions - if you have short lashes, they'll really open up your eyes. Highlighting just beneath your brow along the brow bone will also open up your eyes and make them look bigger than they really are.

  • Thanks David - time to get the plastic out again!
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