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  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471

    I have already chosen my dress and got my outfit sorted but the problem I have is with underwear to go with the style of my dress which as you can see from the picture below is a halterneck with a beaded semi-transparent top. I was advised by the assistant at Pronovias that I should try and find a strapless quarter-cup bra - the sort that hardly covers your boobs and pushes them up through underwiring - as the top part of a normal strapless bra might be visible through the semi-sheer halter. I am really struggling to find this variety of bra, I have checked Rigby & Peller and Figleaves websites & have hunted through department stores with no luck. There are quite a few -normal' strapless bras I like, so should I buy one of those for my first fitting and if its no good take it back (can I even do this as its underwear??)


    Also, I would love to wear a garter but my dress is very slim-fitting and I am worried that it will be visible and bulky through my dress. Can you recommend a special sort of -flatter' garter to go with my dress? Again, I don't want to buy something and then might not be able to return it if I find its no good after my fitting. Thank you for any advice!

  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Okay, let me try that link again for you!

  • Hi

    I'm not much taller then my H2B, and also I'm not good in heels but I'm having trouble finding pretty flat shoes (was thinking of something like ballet pumps). Any ideas where I could find something? Thank you
  • Shelley06ukShelley06uk Posts: 2,474

    I was wondering if you can advise me on where to buy a destination wedding dress. I have looked in Monsoon and Debenhams and M&S but they just don't seem bridal enough. I don't want full length or heavy material - something in chiffon or another lightweight fabric would be great.....

    Any suggestions?

    Thankyou :\)

  • Hi Everyone, I'm Bella and would like to introduce myself as Cosmo Bride's fashion Assistant. I really hope that I am able to help you all with your questions! I will certainly do my best and look forward to hearing from you all x
  • Hi Angel

    So you're looking for some lovely ballet flats. Well two of my favourite shops for ballet pumps are French Sole and Pretty Ballerinas. They have more styles of ballet shoes than you can begin to imagine!

    All colours, all fabrics, all styles and they really are gorgeous - Sienna Miller is a fan of French Sole. The great thing about French Sole is they also have a new range which goes up to a shoe size 12!


  • Hi, I've bought my dress.

    For the church am wearing a cathedral veil but am stumped about what to wear afterwards in my hair. I really don't want a tiara. Any suggestions?

    Also, should I wear a bra under the dress? I hate them, but understand the necessity at times.

  • Hi fabbride, thanks for your question. First of all I love your choice of dress-it looks very flattering! I think the advice that Pronovias gave you is spot on, a half cup strapless is most probably the wisest option for this dress. If you get the chance to try the bras on before you buy, then great. If not, you can order online and check before hand that you can return them if they are unsuitable. Most of the time when buying underwear you are able to return bras, it's usually knickers and thongs etc that you cannot return, but again I would suggest that you check with individual retailers before purchase. I can suggest a few underwear companies to try, that have a wide selection of bras and alternative cup options:

    MIO DESTINO-have a variety of designers to choose from, MADAME V-specialize in very luxurious and seductive pieces in unique styles, AGENT PROVOCATEUR-have very sexy bras with selection of low cups, MAX CLEAVAGE-have a huge selection of bras, as well as various other breast enhancers and alternatives to Bras, MYLA-also have a lovely selection of Lingerie, so hopefully there will be something appropriate there. As for garters, I would say that the majority will be made from lace or something similar, which would show through. A good option would be to go to your local fabric store or somewhere like VV Rouleaux, where you could select a fabric of your choice, then get someone to make one to your own specification. This would also make it unique and a one-off piece! Good luck and get back to me if you need more help x

  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249

    I am having 2 bridesmaids and I am having their dresses made based on a Vera Wang design, they are gold and long and floaty, one of my bridesmaids is very picky and I am wondering what accessories and shoes to go with the dress it is gold and both bridesmaids would be fairly tall.
  • B2BSaraB2BSara Posts: 294
    Hi I have just bought my dress but i have no idea what type of neckless and earings to wear with it. Any suggestions?

    Ps the dress i am in in the photos is a sample. My dress is in ivory thai silk (so not so shiny)and does not have the beading on the bodice as im not really a sparkly type of girl..on dresses anyway!



    here is the link

  • Hi Shelley

    Lucky you having a wedding abroad! You're right in wanting something light-weight and more chiffon when it comes to destinations dresses - heavy fabrics are a big no no.

    I don't if you've had a look at some of the destination collections from people like Dessy who have the Sandals beach collection and Destinations collection.

    Watters also have some lovely lighter fabric dresses perfect for destination weddings, such as these: -

    Also check out Mon Cheri, Marina K Couture, Jesus Peiro - all of which we recently used in a beach story coming out next year in Cosmo Bride. Augusta Jones do some lovely diaphanous dresses also adn Amanda Wakeley's are stunning.

    Sally :\)
  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Hi Bella, thank you for all your wonderful suggestions, I will certainly look at the sites you've mentioned. I did in fact see a gorgeous halterneck bra from Myla but unfortunately it was not padded and I definitely need padding to give me some oomph. Thanks for your help x
  • Hi B2BSara

    What a gorgeous dress, I really love the shape of the shape neckline. How do you feel about pearls? Given that you said you're not a sparkly type of girl I think some simple pearl accessories would be gorgeous. The button details on the back of the dress almost look like pearls too so I think this would worth really well together.

    Have a look at Yarwood White They have lovely simple pendant necklaces such as this one: -

    and very delicate pearl hair pins that look stunning when dotted in the hair

    Mai Pearls are also a favourite of ours and really well priced.

  • Hi Luciane, thanks for your post. The dress looks great and Black and White is a strong trend for 2008! With regards to hair, then flowers are always a lovely option, whether real or fake. Failing that, pins and hair combs can add a bit of subtle glamor and are really easy to use. I can suggest the following people, all of whom have a good selection to choose from: JOHNNY LOVES ROSIE-have a wide range of diamante clips and flower corsages etc, YARWOOD WHITE-have lots of pearl and gem pieces, KELLY SPENCE-makes delicate style hair combs with feathers and hair vines, DULCIE ANGEL-have a wide variety of hair pieces in different styles. Hopefully you will be able to find something of interest there...In regards to the bra situation, I would say that you should do whatever you feel comfortable with. Don't feel as though you have to wear one. Your dress seems to have quite a lot of detail around the bust area anyway, so I don't think it would be too noticeable if you went without. However I would bear in mind that you may be self conscious if you don't wear one and have to keep yanking up your dress every five minutes, as it is strapless...Also it may be a bit exposing if you do not wear one and bend down...But it does depend on the fit of the dress. Just try it on with and without and do a lot of moving around to see what feels best. I hope that helps, Good luck.
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    I really want this tiara

    with either a cz peak stone like in the top pic or with an oval set mother of pearl. I just can't decide which. My dress is totally plain ivory dupion silk and I'll be wearing this necklace/earring set.

    I know the cz goes with the necklace better but I really like the idea of the mother of pearl set in sterling silver would it look ok or just odd with the necklace? Thanks
  • vicster1ukvicster1uk Posts: 1,085
    Hi there,

    I am completely torn between 2 styles of dresses. First I love Jenny Packhams slinky/30s style dresses and I have a favourite but I am also in love with Candy Anthony 50s inspired dresses. It is driving me crazy! I am having a city chic wedding so both styles suit the occasion and i think i suit both equally! do you have any personal opinion???? I would love the JP dress for the day time and a CA dress for the party in the evening (maybe in an alternative colour to white so I can wear it again) but this really sends the budget sky high when i include shoes etc. Vx
  • Hi please can you help me!! i've already ordered my dress (i hope that works) if not it is Pronovais Olga!! I was hoping you would be able to suggest shoes and underwear to go with it!!

    Thank You

  • Katza84Katza84 Posts: 787
    hi any vintage (or vintage styled) jewellery shops/website recommendations??
  • Hi Rosapenny, thanks for your message. It can be hard when buying for other people and trying to keep everyone happy! But do keep in mind that it is your big day and ultimately it is your decision what they wear. If they are quite tall then you could go for some pumps-FRENCH SOLE have a huge selection of pumps in loads of colours and textures. VIVA LA DIVA-also have a variety of pumps as well as heels. DUNE-are worth checking, as they often have very pretty gold shoes. BOURNE-have a lovely collection of shoes and have some handbags to match. In regards to accessories, if they are wearing Gold then you could go for a Grecian look...Vera Wang recently showed this trend at one of there shows and it may be worth looking into. You can always buy Gold necklaces and wrap them in their hair, for a unique look. DULCIE ANGEL/LEIGH-ANNE McCAGUE-have a wide selection of gold laurel style pieces recently featured in our Oct/Nov issue). IRRESISTABLE HEADDRESSES-make beautiful headpieces and also have some jewellery available too. If you wanted delicate gold jewellery, you could try people like CARRE COPENHAGEN-who make more unusual pieces, or H.SAMUEL-who have jewellery at a wide price range. I hope that this has helped. Good luck x
  • Hi Buckers2B

    I think you've chosen really wisely to go for a simple, beautiful tiara set against your more eye-catching necklace. I really love the simplicity of the tiara, it's gorgeous! In my opinion you should go with the cz stone, it goes perfectly with the necklace and earrings as you said.

    I think bringing pearls into the mix as well may just be too much of a conflict against the stunning necklace.

  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897

    I've having a tea length dress for an informal beach wedding (this one in ivory: ) but keep reading that petite brides should steer clear of tea length dresses and drop waists as it makes them look shorter.

    I'm 5"3 (and 120lbs) and won't be getting any height from heels as I'm not wearing shoes on the sand, but now I'm paranoid the dress I've chosen is going to make me look really short and stumpy in photos (it ends just below my knees)! The problem is that full length dresses without heels really made me look short when trying them on too! Should petite girls steer clear of tea length dresses?
  • Hi Vics1, thanks for your question. What a dilema! I have to say that they are two of my favourite designers, so I can understand your predicament. They both have their own merits-Jenny Packham is very glamorous and Candy Anthony is very fun...Candy Anthony is great for having a variety of lovely fabrics, but with a white Jenny Packham dress, you could always look into having it dyed to a different colour, so you could wear it again....Try picturing yourself walking down the isle in each one and see if you get an inckling...Good Luck x
  • Hi Katza84

    I'm a big fan of vintage style jewellery. Have a look at the follwing websites for inspiration: - - which I'm sure you've heard of, they have some brilliantly priced vintage style jewellery.

    If you're ever in London then there are a couple of great antique jewellery places which house a number of shops all under one roof for genuine vinatge jewellery - you'll love it in there! Grays Antiques and Alfie's Antiques Market


  • Hi MrsCampbell2b, thanks for your post. I would suggest trying some shoes that are fairly simple, as the dress is quite detailed. Maybe some with an open-toe, as you are quite covered...You can try PARADOX LONDON-they have a few collections there with many different options and some shoes can be dyed to your specification. RAINBOW CLUB-also have a beautiful collection of shoes by different designers with a variety of textures and fabrics. EMMY-also make gorgeous shoes and have lots of bridal style pieces available. With regards to underwear, I would say that you have plenty of options, (as long as it is strapless). You could go for a corset if you want to add shape, or padded strapless bras or bras with a good support to give your bust a boost. Again I would suggest people like MIO DESTINO, MYLA, MADAME V, MAX CLEAVAGE, AGENT PROVOCATEUR, CHARNOS, LA SENZA, for various options. Good Luck x

  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897
    Is the web chat over - did my question get missed?
  • Hey fabbride, if you found a bra you really like from Myla but need a boost, you could always try inserting something like padding. If a full bra pad would be too big, you could always try something like breast enhancers. They are silicone fillets that you insert into your bra. Max cleavage have a range of all different shapes and sizes, it might be worth a could also try an internet search for similar products. There are loads of different alternatives, so hopefully you will find something just right.
  • Hi Kats

    Don't panic! I think your dress is fab - just think Eva Longoria - she's always in stapless, just below the knee dresses and looks stunning, not stumpy in the slightest.

    I don't think your dress has enough of a drop waist to be worried about it - if it was more like a 20's style draped drop waist then that perhaps wouldn't work.

    Fitted bustier style dresses with slightly flared out skirts like yours also really flatter the more petite frame.

    I'm sure you tried on the dress loads of times and fell in love with it enough to buy it so stick to your inital feelings and go for it! It's ok taking ideas from all these body shape tips features but at the end of the day if you love the dress then be confident to wear it as it will only show on the day if you're feeling self conscious in it.


  • Hi Guys, thanks for all of your great questions-I only hope that I have been of help! Good Luck and I hope you all have a great day. x
  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for all your questions, I hope we gave you some good answers! Good luck with everything!

    Sally x

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