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Hi everyone

Our expert Jessica Ward from Scott Dunn travel is now online along with YYW's associate travel editor Amanda Statham, so please post here with all your honeymoon questions.

Please bear with us this afternoon as we're experiencing a couple of techincal problems, but fingers crossed everything will be ok and we'll get all your questions answered!


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  • Hey!! H2b and I are thinking of Italy for our honeymoon, in particular Rome and then moving onto the Tuscan Riveria after. Problem is we only have max 7 days, (h2b self employed image ) how would you suggest splitting the time? We are getting married early may and have quite a small budget so any advice would be great. thanks. x
  • Hi it's Jessica from Scott Dunn, am online and looking forward to answering your honeymoon questions.
  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Dear Jessica and Amanda,

    We are in a real quandary re: our honeymoon plans for next August/September and are hoping you can advise. We wanted to go island-hopping in Hawaii: approx 6 nights Big Isl, 5 nights Molokai, and 3 nights Honolulu. We have a budget of approx 4k and have got some decent quotes but none of the companies we have contacted - & we have contacted just about every travel company imaginable - do Molokai which is a huge disappointment to us (they always offer us Maui instead). Do you think it is worth us booking each individual part of the trip on our own? We have considered this but are worried that this will send us over-budget & the timings will be difficult to organise.

    My other half is also concerned about the length of our outbound journey which as you know will be a very long one. An alternative is to have a stop-over somewhere in the States for a few days and afterwards do 2 Hawaii islands instead of 3. The usual stop-over choices are Las Vegas, LA, San Fran. However, my H2B has already been to all three. He doesn't mind going to Las Vegas again but this would be my worst nightmare! We are now thinking perhaps San Diego but have no idea whether this is a possibility or not. We are in a mess. HELP!

  • Hello!

    We're getting married in Venice on 7th June 2008 and want to stay in Italy for our honeymoon. We would like to have a week in Tuscany & a week on the Amalfi coast - positano or somewhere gorgeous like that. Any suggestions - our budget is about (!) £3k! Is it easier to fly or go by train too whilst in Italy?
  • Hi Fabbride,

    it sounds like you've got your hearts' set on Hawaii, which is great as it's a top honeymoon destination. However, I've also found it hard to sort out tailor-made trips there...when I've tried to fix honeymoon itineraries there in the past I've used, a specialist tour operator who will sort out pretty much anything for you (if it's possible!)...Hawaiian Dream ( is also a really helpful tour op.

    Have you considered breaking your Hawaii trip up with a stop-over in New York on America's east coast? A journey straight to the west coast, such as to San Fran, is so long it can really tire you out for a few days. A nine-hour trip to NY straight after you wedding is much easier on you both!

    Happy planning!

    A x
  • Hey LG... Italy sounds a lovely choice and easy to be relatively self sufficient which will save you pennies. You could do three nights in Rome and then drive up through Tuscany to the Riviera. There are some lovely place to stop on the way if you fancy it - wine tasting or visiting historic cities of Siena and San Gimignano. But a direct drive would take you around 4 hours. Then you can fly out of Pisa to avoid the drive back, which if you've only got seven nights will help max your time. Europe can be an expensive destination, particularly during the peak summer months, so May is spot on! Cheaper and quieter. To keep costs down you could build up the itinerary yourself... but you then have to keep in mind that if anything doesn't go according to plan you'll have to self sort... so keep it simple!

  • Hi NLT... how romantic getting married in Venice... such an amazing city. From Venice I would recommend getting the train to Florence and then picking a hire car for the rest of the trip. Good way of keeping costs down is to perhaps hire a small villa or apartment in Tuscany... then you can make the most of the local markets and delicious wine etc. Loads of things to do and see in Tuscany, so a week is great. Then from there drive to the Amalfi coast... this is probably a full days drive, depending on where exactly in Tuscany your coming from. Then you can fly back from Naples, so saves you another long drive. I'm afraid most of the places I know on the Amalfi coast tend to be on the more expensive side... I don't know if Amanda has any pearls of wisdom?!
  • Hi there - we're hoping to have a honeymoon in Leopards Hill in South Africa to start with and then going on to Azura in Mozambique. Azura looks quite new and I don't know much about Mozambique apart from reading that it's South Africa's "hidden secret" - what do you know about it and would you recommend it? (We'd be going in April 2008).

    Many thanks

    Hamster x
  • H2B and me would like to go to Thailand and Malaysia for our honeymoon, can you recomend us where to go, and any places where we can book?
  • Ahhh Africa... my favourite! I haven't been to Mozambique myself, but have got our resident expert standing with me. Azura is the smartest of the properties on Benguerra. Benguerra itself is idyllic... lots of white sand beaches... turqouise water. The villas at Azura are huge and so luxurious that you even get your own butler. It's really in at the moment and is a perfect honeymoon spot... flights between SA and Benguerra are perfect... you can literally fly from the Kruger straight onto the island - very easy!
  • Hi NLT,

    my favourite Amalfi getaways are Hotel Caruso and Palazzo Sasso, however unless you can get a deal on these they are a bit pricey...a good alternative is Il Gabbiano; it's good value for money, has got really, really great views and most of the 19 rooms have been refurbished recently (and have a balcony).

    Hope that's a help

    A x
  • Hi Jessica,

    My Fiance and I are keen on the traditional island getaway, but not so keen on the pricetag (or the cheesiness). We are getting married next August and were wondering about quieter Islands closer to home? Maybe the Azores? Can you recommend anywhere, or an agent who deals with this kind of thing?


  • Jessica - thanks so much - I hope we definitely go for Azura now!

    Many thanks

  • Hi beaman,

    Malaysia and Thailand sounds like a lovely honeymoon combination.

    There's so much to see and do in both countries you're spoilt for choice. The top honeymoon place in Malaysia is Pangkor Laut, a private resort set on its own island with natural jungle and amazing beaches. If you can bear to ever leave there and move on to Thailand, you couldn't do any better than booking Chiva Som (Maia Morris from the Y&YW team honeymooned there!). It's absolutely beautiful and there's a great spa for relaxing in to help you chill out after the wedding day. I also went to Koh Samui (one of the island's off Thailand) a couple of years ago, which has some top new hotels, such as Anantara and Napasai where I stayed, which I can guarantee is heavenly!

    If you need more ideas at a different price level (these are all a bit pricey) let me know,

    A x
  • Dear A, thank you for the response, could you please give us more ideas about less expensive places. We were looking for a combination of sightseeing and relaxation.

  • UyenukUyenuk Posts: 432

    We have a budget of £3000 and would like to do a safari/beach honeymoon in August. Do you have any suggestions? Our ideal trip would be 'luxury' tent while on safari, then idyllic white sand turquoise waters but also with things to see (can't lie on a beach for too long before getting slightly itchy feet!). How about Kenya safari (Masai Mara) then Zanzibar?? By the way, we hate the 'Sandals' type resorts but love romatic secluded retreats.

    I would really appreciate any advice... xx
  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Thank you Amanda, will discuss with H2B! x
  • Hi beaman,

    of course, no worries.

    If you're looking for a culture/beach mix in both places you're in luck, as both destinations have them in abundance.

    Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur is a must-visit if you want a buzzy city atmosphere and to immerse yourselves in the East. Other must-sees include Taman Negra, Malaysia's national park. When you want to hit the beach, head to the islands, such as Langkawi or Penang, which have some of the best stretches of sand in the world.

    In Thailand, fly into Bangkok and experience the cosmopolitan excess of this bustling city for a couple of nights. From here a great way of exploring the rest of the country is by train (honestly!!) - there's an Eastern Oriental Express that is really luxurious.

    Kuoni ( can put together great tailor-made trips for really good prices.

    A x

  • Dear A, thank you for your help!

  • Quoted:
    Hi Jessica,

    My Fiance and I are keen on the traditional island getaway, but not so keen on the pricetag (or the cheesiness). We are getting married next August and were wondering about quieter Islands closer to home? Maybe the Azores? Can you recommend anywhere, or an agent who deals with this kind of thing?



    Hi Sarah... I've always been a big fan of Greece... it's an island experience, but with a little more to it - Eg each island has its own culture/soul. You used to be able to fly straight to Mykonos with GB Airways (fingers crossed this will still be possible, but GB have now been bought by Easy Jet)... Mykonos is yellow sand beaches, little fishing villages with white washed houses and blue shutters etc. Mykonos Blu is a lovely hotel. You could also combine Mykonos with Santorini... Santorini is amazing - it's very dramatic with stunning black beaches (sounds horrible, but promise it's really cool) and clear clear water. It's very romantic with the towns and villages hugging the cliff sides. You can stay in these really lovely boutique hotels carved out of the caves.... check out Sun Rocks. I think Mr and Mrs Smith have a good selection that they recommend.

    Or for something a little unexpected have you considered Mallorca... has a reputation for being a bit busy etc, but there are some lovely hidden gems there. Son Net up in the hills and the L'Avenida, but for a more island experience - the Hospes Maricel. All are on our Scott Dunn website.

    For the ultimate deserted/barefoot island experience you could head to East Africa... okay, not closer to home... but practically no time difference and very timely flights eg - leave in the evening arrive in the morning. Also they are often priced in dollars so with the pound strong and the dollar weak you can get a bit more for your cash. Some are more expensive, but these are the types of places that you go to and completely escape... check out Mnemba Island, Fundu Lagoon and Manda Bay.

    I'm afraid we don't do the Azores and trying to wrack my brain of someone to recommend that does without much luck. This would tell me that it's a relatively untrodden path... which can be great in some ways - but I do think that when your organising an important holiday (like your honeymoon) it is good to do it through an operator so that you get some added security and less stress!

  • Hi Little Miss

    August is great for East Africa as it's a key migration time. With your budget it would probably be best to do Kenya, perhaps staying in Kicheche Mara Camp for three nights and then flying up north of Lamu to Kiwayu for four or five nights. Kiwayu is a pretty special place... you feel like your in the middle of nowhere - a peaceful island paradise. Kenya is amazing... beautiful beautiful place... I'm rather biased as that's where my family are from, but it's an absolute gem and very romantic!
  • UyenukUyenuk Posts: 432
    Thanks I'll look into this xx
  • Hi there

    we're getting married on september 27th next year so will be honeymooning at the beginning of october.

    I;d love to go to Sri Lanka but am worried its the wrong season. Could you recommend any other destinations for this time of year?

  • Hi there Sophielizlou

    No, not a bad time to go... it isn't peak season, which is great for getting some good rates... but not low season, just coming into the best season... so basically means there is the chance of a little bit of rain, but my boss went then and had bright beaming sunshine!

    What is it that attracts you to Sri Lanka? Then I can give you some other ideas if you want them?

  • Thanks Jessica

    Sri Lanka is just somewhere that we've both always wanted to go, and i'd love to go and see the elephants!!!

    but saying that, we really are open to suggestions about where to go
  • Thanks for taking part everyone, do get in contact if you need any more honeymoon and weddings abroad advice and of course buy the next edition of You & Your Wedding magazine...(keep your eyes open for our fabulous honeymoon supplement coming out in the March/April 08 edition, which is packed full of ideas).

    Amanda x
  • Fair enough... it's a beautiful place. If you're into elephants there's a place in Northern Thailand in Chaing Rai called the Anantara where you can actually spend the day with an elephant and train to be a mahout... it's pretty cool... although a bit like Sri Lanka - it's in between seasons, so there's a chance of rain. I guess it depends on how up close and personal you want to get with them! Take a look at our website we do Sri Lanka and Thailand, so it will give you an idea of the different types of properties you can expect.

    Hope you find somewhere amazing and if you need anymore help do get in touch - all our details are on the website!

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