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Welcome to Andrew Collinge's wedding hair webchat

Hi everyone

Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Collinge is now online ready to help out with all your bridal hair questions, so please post here between now and 6pm.

Everyone who posts a question will be entered into a draw to WIN one of 15 sets of Andrew's haircare products, worth over £20.


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  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Dear Andrew & Sophie,

    I would really appreciate some advice on how to wear my hair on the big day. I am having the following dress with a matching cathedral length veil which comes with a comb attachment.

    By next year, I am hoping to have fairly long hair but will not radically change my style, which is currently a few soft layers framing my face with an asymmetrical fringe. I am torn between having a sleek up-do with a side-parting with all the hair tied up in a high bun or a -half-up-half-down' style with a small beehive effect on top and the rest hanging loose. I am a bit concerned that the first idea might look a bit severe for my age & frame though. But then the second idea might be a bit too fussy? Also, I am wondering how both of these styles will work with the veil - where is the comb likely to be placed on my head? Will the veil cover the beehive part of the -do itself & won't this look a bit strange? I am not planning on wearing a tiara as I think this will complicate things even more. Any thoughts greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask you questions!

    I am planning on having my long straight hair up for my forthcoming wedding - My hairdresser has suggested that I may be better washing my hair the night before - would you usually recommend this to your clients or would you wash and blow their hair when they arrive at the salon? Im a bit concerned as tend to play with my hair a lot and it gets greasy very quickly!

    Thank you,




  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    Hi Andrew

    thanks for taking time out to talk to us Brides to be- we are excited to have you here.

    please can you advise me on how to wear my hair with my dress?

    its the 6th dress under the opulent bridal collection, " beauty"

    up or down or half?? I havelong blonde hair like the model .

    Also how can I create curls which don't look like tongs or straightners have been used please?

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    Hi Andrew,

    I'm having a very simple stlye on my big day..shoulder lenght hair straight with the 'fringe' pulled back over the top of my head and clipped with veil at back of head...{does this style have a name!!??} Well my hair is naturally straight and shiney/smooth...what product should i use to make my clip and veil last the day ...not sliding out every minute??

    Thanks for your time.

  • I have long dark hair down to my lower back. My hair is naturally wavy but would love big curls for my wedding. Have a tiara too. Was thinking of half up half down. Would my hair take the curl all day as my hair is thick and long and i am worried it will just look straggly by the end of the day

  • Hi Andrew,

    My hair is very dry and is very prone to frizz when put in moist conditions. I can spend time styling my hair then after ten minutes outside it is uncontrollable and fly away!

    I dont want this to happen on my wedding day. Solution would be to tie my hair up but ive dreamt my hair being down. Is there anything I can do to train my hair till my wedding next september?


  • Hi Andrew, thanks for all of your help today.

    Over the summer, I completely ruined my hair by bleaching, dying, and over-straightening. My naturally curly hair has lost all it's bounce! I'm doing intensive conditioning treatmeats, and hot oil, as well as cream conditioners that you leave on overnight.

    What can I do to get my hair looking back to normal for my wedding in Feb!?

    Thanks so much for your advice,

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions. I am not getting married until next Christmas and at present I am trying to grow my hair in anticipation. Firstly, do you have any tips to help me growing my hair? Particularly any tips to stop it driving me mad in the process. Also, my hair tends to lose its shine in winter - any tips to keep it in good condition all year round?


  • Hello Fabbride. I'm very impressed that you are giving your hair such a great amount of thought, and I'm more than happy to advise. I woudn't worry that wearing your hair up will be too severe, as it's possible to dress hair up with some fullness and softness. Remember the veil will soften the style too. With regard to how to place the veil, I suggest the comb is clipped just towards the back of the crown, with the veil creating the silhouette halo effect. As it happens, this is exactly how Liz, my wife, wore her hair for our wedding. The second option half up half down can be equally effective although you have to be careful that the hair which is down doesn't 'drop' and look lank later in the day. My suggestion would be to go to a salon or stylist which specialises in dressing hair up and try wearing both options before you decide - particularly with option 2, you should try weaing this all day to see how it lasts. Hope this helps. Congratulations, have a wonderful day, Andrew
  • Hi Paula, despite your hair getting a little greasy, I would still go for washing and blow dryng the day before as trying to dress freshly washed hair can be very difficult unless your hair is quite dry and has plenty of colour in it and is more pliable to work with. Andrew
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Hi Andrew

    I have very fine straight blonde hair which I'm growing and is currently slightly longer than shoulder length so should be a few inches longer by April. I'm going to wear a tiara, no veil and my dress looks like this

    I really want my hair totally up but have no idea what will suit the dress and what styles will stay in as I usually have to avoid curls. Do you have any suggestions for styles which could suit me and the dress? I want something midway between simple and spectacular!

    Many thanks

  • Hi Andrew,

    I would love your advice my hair is shoulder length and quite flyaway because my dress has a sweetheart bust i would like to wear it down but i dont know how to keep it looking good for the duration of the day . If you have any suggestions they,d be very much appreciated thanks .Denise
  • Hi Andrew

    My hair is fairly short and its in a bob style as i allways have my hair straight and down. Would love some ideas to have something different and wow. Ps my Hair is very thick.

    Thanks Kelly
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Ta Andrew! Youre a star! x

  • eskieeskie Posts: 7
    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks again for subjecting yourself to all these questions!

    I was wondering when you feel that I should start to "finalise" the hair style for the big day? We're getting married in Cyprus next year so I hope to have a practice (with loads of photos for guidance!) here and then have that stylist redo that style for our UK reception. I'm hoping to have my dress and tiara finalised in January so do I start thinking about it then?

    Also, should I ask my normal hairstylist to do it or try and find a "hair up" specialist?

    Thanks - keep up the good work and if you're doing nothing on my big day, feel free to pop along and sort out my hair!!!!

  • Hi Mrs Kim Wilson, It sounds like you are doing the right thing with the intensive conditioning treatments. nearer the wedding day and when the hair is in better condition, you could try a semi permanent colour to enhance the depth of your colour and to create extra shine and vitality. Be careful not to go too dark, just half a shade darker than your natural colour is enough. Andrew
  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Andrew, thanks so much for your advice! I will be sure to ask my hair stylist closer to the time next year to 'road-test' both of these options. I am leaning towards to the half-up-half-down style, but as you say I will have to ascertain the staying power of this 'do. x
  • Hey Bride 74

    If you're having your hair styled by a hairdresser, I wouldn't worry too much as they will use products to make sure it lasts.

    If you're doing it yourself and you're worried about it slipping, make sure you use a good hairsprsy - L'Oreal Elnett is fab and loads of stylists swear by it.

    Another great product for making hair less slippy is Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder. This thickens up the texture of your hair so it isn't so flyaway. It does make your hair quite matte though, so it's not for you if you want your hair really glossy.

    Another trick is backcombing - this boosts the volume of your hair and would be a good way to get your slide / veil to stay in plac3e if you have very fine hair.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Emma Pie, from my own haircare range, try the Complete Moisture shampoo and 1 Minute Wonder treatment to infuse extra moisture into the hair. A very light trim to dust off the split ends every 12 weeks will help encourage stonger hair and healthier growth. Andrew
  • Hi Andrew

    Thnks for coming on here to advice all the b2b's

    My hair is very thick and in a bob style and i allways wear it down and straight. Would love some ideas what i could do and to give me that wow factor.


  • Hi Juice 77. Dress looks fab! A classic Audrey Hepburn chignon will look perfect with it. This requires a fair amount of skill so make sure you have a few practice sessions and choose a stylist who specialises in dressing hair. A delicate tiara will complement it perfectly. Andrew
  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    Cheers Sophie,

    I am doing my own hair ,as it should be quite easy!! I'll keep in mind the products you mentioned...maybe have a few trials with them...Thanks again.
  • Hi Debbielazell

    I think your hair would work fine with big curls but if you aren't used to styling it that way, i'd get a hairdresser to do it for you if you can.

    If you're confident at styling, I'd recommend getting a set of extra large tongs with a wide barrel so that you get nice big curls - Daniel Hersheson make some great ones. Make sure you don't load your hair with too much product - heavy gels will weigh down your hair so give them a miss and just make sure you finish with a good hairspray. I find misting your hands with hairspray and then lightly smoothing them over the individual curls helps to define each one and stop your hair getting frizzy.

  • Hi Denise28, tonging is the best technique for creating a wave that will last all day. This doesn't have to be too curly in fact a large tong should be used to create the perfect result. Try wearing the style on a side parting for a slightly 40s glam feel to match the dress. Andrew
  • HI Andrew

    My hair is naturally wavy but I have to straighten as its also a mess otherwise.

    On the big day I want to have my hair with loose curls. I've heard you can do this with straigtners - what's the best way of doing this?

    Also what product do you recommend using that will keep my waves in place without dropping out and without making my hair sticky

    Many thanks

  • Hi and thanks for coming on to advise us all!!

    My hair is mid length and naturally curly - i try not to straighten it too much to dry it out.

    I was just wondering if you could describe some styles that may suit me.

    I have grown my fringe out, have a strapless dress, and I'm quite short and dumpy!!

    I have dark hair, with highlights at the moment but am going to my natural mid brown colour in time for the wedding.

    I intend to wear a tiara and mid length veil.


  • Hi Kelly Cryer, a very effective technique would be to tie your hair back neatly into the nape and fix a hairpiece which can be dressed into a stylish chignon bun. This is quite a strong style but very dramatic and would require a salon visit on the day. Otherwise you could simply straighten your bob for a super sleek finish and tuck your hair behing your ears and dress with a hairband. Andrew
  • Hi Toosexylady

    With a strapless dress like that, loads of different styles will work because you don't have to worry about about the neckline interfering with your look.

    Strapless dresses can look really nice with hair up as it shows off an elegant neck. They can look fab with hair spilling onto your shoulders too - as the model in the pic has. It's really about what suits you and your face shape, than just the dress, so I'd try out both styles and take pics of each so you can see which you prefer. If you want to have curls but which don't look tonged, you could set your hair on big heated rollers. This gives a more natural look with big glamorous curls, rather than hair looking obviously 'tonged'.

    You could also get tongs with an extra-wide barrel though as this will also give you a natural look and you won't be able to tell tongs have been used.

  • Thanks andrew sorry about the double posting don't know how that happened Kelly Cryer

    P.S will try those styles out.
  • Hi Andrew,

    I have shoulder length hair, and am looking for a sleek and sophisticated way of putting my hair up on the day of my wedding. I suit my hair being swept back to the crown of my head, but I don't know what to do with the hair once it is there!

    Thanks for any help,

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