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Hi everyone

Welcome to this week's webchat with Wild at Heart - they've got all you need to know about the flowers for your big day.

Also online will be You & Your Wedding's receptions style editor, Vanessa Gore.

If you'd like to ask them a question, simply click "post reply" in this thread and type your question into the box. Their reply will appear in the same thread (but please bear with us if we get busy, your question will be answered as soon as we can!)

Enjoy yourselves


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  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    Hello, just wanted to ask some advice about my wedding flowers. I am having ice-yellow, cream/ivory and chocolate wedding colours and have discussed going for lemon-yellow roses, ivory roses, ivory gerberas with brown centres and (mini) sunflowers with my florist. Due to the very similar shape of the flowers, she has suggested sticking with roses and gerbs plus foliage for my bouquet, posies, and table centres and then incorporating the sunflowers into the pedestal stands and top-table arrangement. But I am still in 2 minds about it all! Is there any way to have the roses & sunflowers together, continuously, throughout all the floral arrangements?

    Also, my florist told me something which has confused me a little: I have chosen sunflowers also because they are in season to the time I am getting married (23 August) yet my florist says there might be difficulty in getting them, specifically the mini ones, and we will have to make do with what she can source. Could you maybe clarify as to why this should be? My grandfather grows sunflowers and I know they are in season at that time as I have seen them in bloom year after year so I am bit worried about her claim!

    Thanks for your help x

  • Hi,

    I am having a Scottish theme for my wedding at a castle and would ideally like thistles and ivory roses in my flowers. My tables at the venues will have candelabra's with room for a flower display in the centre of them, could you please advise what flowers and greenery (e.g. ivy) could be added to create a great display with a lilac and ivory colour scheme.

    In keeping with the colour scheme, could you advise what flowers could be added to a trailing bouquet for me to carry. Also, can you get lilac coloured roses?

    I recently spoke to a florist at a wedding exhibition who told me flowers are out of season at the time of year I get married (30th May 2009) so they will be more she just trying to get more money out of me or is this true?


  • Hi,

    I've only just started to plan my wedding but already know that i want a white and chocolate colour scheme.

    My dress will be white and my partner will be wearing a chocolate coloured suit with white waistcoat and cravat. My bridesmaids will also be in chocolate brown.

    I haven't spoken to any florists yet, but just wondered if you can give me an idea of what type and colour of flowers to go for that would compliment my colour scheme.

  • I am struggling to decide about centre pieces for the tables at the reception. I really like the idea of something with some height on the tables without blocking people's view (something like a topiary that would put the flowers above people's heads but not a tree!). My colours are ivory and purple (my bouquet is going to have ivory roses and dark purple lisianthas). Suggestions would be appreciated.
  • hi - I wonder if you can advise me. I'm looking for ivory/cream rose for my wedding flowers. The theme colours for the wedding are ivory/ champagne and gold. A friend recommended to use vandella roses, but when I got some sample ones from the florist , they looked pink to me. I've looked on the web and this rose colour is described as ivory and champagne and cream, and in pictures looks anything from off-white to beige/pink:\?:\?. The size and shape of the vandella is perfect, but I don't want to order them and the colour is all wrong on the day. Are there different 'shades' of this flower or is there a similar ivory rose I should be looking for? Thanks!!
  • Hi,

    i am just looking for some advice, i always had a fairly strong view on what kind of wedding i was going to was going to be very traditional, i was going to have a simple dress and restic flowers....however i have just bought my wedding dress....and it is ultra modern and has a lot of crystal detail in a line down the middle of the bodic, which has a dropped waist....i know that what i had in mind will not go with my dress now.....does anyone have any tips on what kind of bouquet will be more suitable for my dress ????

    Many thanks

  • Dear Fabbride,

    I agree with your florist to stick with roses and gerbera for the smaller arrangements, in fact I would just use a mix of roses in lovely shades of ivory, coffee and very pale lemon roses.

    Sunflowers would be best only in large arrangements, they are too heavey for smaller ones.

    Sunflowers should be available in August so I am not sure why your florist says that, maybe you could get your grandfather to supply them which would add a nice personal element!

  • Hi, I am 5'9" and my dress is a big halter neck pin-up skirt style dress in champagne and i am having bridesmaid dresses in champagne with a cinnamon brown sash, my fiance wants to wear a brown formal suit. The wedding dates aren't yet definite its either on the 15th feb or 2nd September 09, so i am really confused on what flowers to go for and what style bouquet to get. My favourite flowers are roses, tulips and lillies. I saw an idea that i liked of a bouquet that had cinnamon sticks wrapped in ribbon with roses. Would red roses be too much of a colour clash? Or is there a champagne and brown alternative?

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  • Hello Mrs M.2B,

    For the scottish theme you could mix thistles with white roses ,lilac roses, and lovely seasonal foliage, I would put a wreath around the base of the candelabra. There are gorgeous lilac roses called Cool water, Pacific Blue and Blue Curiosa. Mix with lovey ivy, eucalyptus which would add a lovely grey colour and even some heather.There are alot of flowers in season in May, particularly lovely english garden flowers- roses, sweet peas, peonies etc and roses are available all year round!
  • MrsJarvis2B,

    It depends on when your Wedding is but there are lovely roses in muted tones which would work well with a chocolate brown theme. There are few chocolate coloured flowers except an amazing anemone called a Chocolate anemone!! It smells of chocolate and is a beautiful deep velvet brown, it has quite a small head though so could only be used with other flowers.

    Lovely rusty tones would be nice for an autumnal wedding using autumnal hydrangea, beige and cream roses and hypericum beries with seasonal foliage. You could source containers in a chocolate brown, we did a beautiful wedding once and all the table centres were in chocolate velvet covered hat boxes filled with shades of pink roses. A pure cremy white rose or white hydrangea would also look beautiful in contrast to chocolate brown containers, linen etc
  • Hi, I am going to do my own table decorations for our wedding on may 3rd, I plan on using White Calla lillies and possibly hydraengas. I was just wondering how soon before the day I should buy the flowers as not sure how long they will stay fresh or if they come as buds and need time to bloom?

    Many Thanks
  • fsm21fsm21 Posts: 471
    I so wish he could, but he lives in Poland so unfortunately its not going to be possible!!

    Thank you for the ideas though. I just have one more question that I hope you can help with. I am also a bit stuck on ideas for table arrangements. I do not want anything too tall and it can't be too modern either as my reception venue is in a Georgian townhouse with a very baroque interior. At the moment I am looking at small-ish cream pots with tightly-packed arrangement but I'm just a little concerned that this is too boring. I would like something trad but with a twist. We are not having circular tables but 2 x long tables - any ideas would be great, thanx!

  • I am getting married in April next year and my dress is ivory and claret. I want my bouquet to be seasonal, british grown flowers and would like some advise about what would fit into this. I am open to other colours (provided they won't clash with the red in my dress) as I can put my bridesmaids in different colours to reflect the flowers in my bouquet.

    Also, my wedding is in Lent time and as a christian I feel uncomfortable having flowers to decorate the church, as it is the day before Palm Sunday I thought I could have something like Palm leaves - any suggestions? I am allowed to use green foliage for decoration if I want to.
  • Waterlilly

    I would suggest yuo don't do all the tables with tall arrangements, go for half and half on alternate tables then it will be balanced. A topiary would work or a tall stemmed silver or glass vase with a fountain of flowers and foliage, it is always impostant to balance a tall table arrangement out with something at the base even if it is a few little tumblers with flowers or scattered petals and tea lights.
  • DB9 girl,

    I would have suggested Vandella myself, you could also have a look at Boeing or Avalanche roses.
  • emma*25 10 08

    As your dress is quite detailed I would go for a simple but gorgeous knot of white roses.

  • Thanks Wild at Heart,

    My wedding is in the autumn (3/10/09) thats partly the reason i chose the chocolate brown.
  • whicwhic Posts: 15
    Hi there,

    Wedding is July 08, & yet to decide on flowers - I like too many, so probably get them all in somehow. My faves are Hydrangea, Peonies, Lily of the Valley, Phalaenopsis orchids.

    For centrepieces I was thinking either mirrored cubes full of single colour hydrangea heads or very tall, slim vases with Phalaenopsis orchids. Perhaps you could advise which of these options is easiest/cheapest & any other advice?

    Also do you think it will work to have a mix of different flowers for different things i.e. peony bouquet, hydrangea pew ends, orchid centerpieces? or is it likely to be a bit messy?

    Thanks very much for your time.
  • mrsreuben2b

    I think a knot of gorgeous red roses would be fine to carry or go for the deeper burgundy red such as Black Magic or Black Baccara
  • mrsmartintobe

    unfortunately I don't think you will get hydrangea in May, Calla lilies are available all year round and ok to buy one or two days in advance
  • fabbride

    I would go for a series of vases or pots in different shapes and sizes down the centre of the table, this will give a more eclectic feel than uniform containers.Tea lights, candle sticks and scattered rose petals also give more texture and interest.

  • thanks image
  • helen.pugh

    I would suggest a delicate knot of lily or the valley or paper whites for your buoquet.

    For the church arrangements of seasonal foliage would look beautiful, palms may look a bit tropical and will not be english grown.

  • Thank you for your help and its gave me some ideas to take to the florist.
  • Hello! I'm getting married at the end of May this year in Suffolk. The reception is in a marquee, so it's a blank canvas and I need something quite striking to give the wow factor.

    my colour scheme is raspberry pinks, deep maroons and then to add a touch of lightness, a washed out I think roses will be the main flower, with hydrangeas and maybe peonies...however, I'm having trouble with how they will be displayed. I don't really like rigid, ball-like structures, or traditional displays with loads of foliage, but other than that...what's the alternative?...i've got my eye on vases that are a lovely stone colour and about 38cm high, so hoping to use them - but how!?

    thanks for your advice.
  • whic

    If going for phalaenopsis orchids I would suggest using them throughout. If you go with the english garden flowers then it is fine to mix as they are all summery and in season.

    For the tables you could have a mix of both the tall and low, but stick with white hydrangea on the low tables so the colour scheme is continuous througout.

  • Hello,

    I am originally from Scotland and now live in England so I have chosen a traditional Scottish theme for my wedding. I am looking for some advice about what flowers may fit in with this. My bridesmaids will be wearing purple so they need to go with this too. I am getting married in June. Hope this is not too compliacted a request.

    Thanks for all your advice.
  • Hi

    I am having a county garden style wedding in July this year and want a very simple bouquet, one that looks like it has been picked and tied the morning of the wedding (e.g. no little jewles in the flower heads, or domed shaped, structural bouqets); very simple and plain i suppose, as i just want white (i have a very detailed dress)

    A florist local to me suggested peonies instead of roses for a more natural look. I firstly wondered if you could suggest any other alternatives, and secondly, I want something slightly different to add in with the peonies (in white) for a bit of interest, and not too expensive, but that will stand out in photos.

    Also will raffia (sp?) be strong enough to tie such a bouquet?

    Sorry for all the questions and thanks very much in advance

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi, I am getting married in Sept 2008, is it possible to use cymbidium orchids? Are they in season? I would like to use the cream tones? Its funny a few brides on the BB section are using your company, I might have to come to your studio!

  • minnie03

    The colour palette you have chosen is lovely, I would definitely suggest hydrangea, roses and peonies in deep reds and shades of pink, they will give real 'wow' factor, I think the main thing is to have a few very large, impressive and eye catching arrangements and would probably advise a more traditional look using foliage as this lends itself more to the venue and surroundings. Do have a look on our website and if you'd like to talk about ideas in more detail do get in touch.

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