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Dress Dyeing- Help!!

Hi all

can ANYONE help me? I am desperately trying to find someone to professionally dye a bridemaid dress for me...long story...but essentially the perfect dress but completely the WRONG colour!

We have managed to pull our entire wedding together in 10 weeks (getting married in 4 weeks time) and this is the only thing that has thrown a spanner in the works. I'm getting worried for the first time.....

The dress is a dusky pink silk chiffon but I'd love it to be a duck-egg blue colour to match the flower girls dresses!

The only places I can find seem to be in America.... unless I do it myself which I am a bit nervous about!

Any suggestions??? Or anywhere you know that sells pale blue/duckegg silk chiffon dresses in a size 8??!!! LOL!

Thank you!!!


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