Married Ladies - how did you pee in your gown?

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OK, title sounds freaky but what I wanted to ask was how did you cope with going for a pee in your wedding gown? Its something thats suddenly stuck in my head and now I'm worrying about how to go without having to ask a small team to accompany me! image When I drink I end up peeing every half hour and I have quite a large, heavy gown.

Thank you!



  • I actually didn't do anything different...I have heard of some brides getting on the toilet facing the cistern but I just lifted my train to one side grabbed the rest of the dress and twisted around the front.....

    a little bit of advice...if you have a large underskirt like me, then once the photos are done/meal eaten take it off.....I went upstairs in my room and left it there...much easier to move around and go for a wee ...

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    Thanks Dec8thbride - I didn't think to take the underskirts off, we have a room at the hotel so I can do just that x
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    ha ha ha, that made me laugh. I never thought of that. Now I'm wondering how to cope!
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    Hee hee, prissy got you thinking now!
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    I bet some brides need a entourage to go to the powder room. My dress isn't too bad bad so I should be ok. I hope.
  • I luckily didn't need to! It would have been very difficult otherwise. I didn't even think about it actually.
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    My CBM gathered my skirt up because I struggled to get it all by myself, then she made sure I had it all under control then left me to it. By the time I'd relaxed a bit I managed it by myself. The hoop was a bit of a pain though image
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    I was lucky as my dress was quite flowy (don't think thats even a word! lol) So I just scooped it all up on one arm and then re-arranged myself afterwards!! I had a loo all to myself which was quite big so I had plenty of room to manouvre. Good Luck xx

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    MrsJoannaDark & Mrs Carson - thank you ladies for the stories image

    Had another tip from a friend who said use the disabled cubilcle as theres more room, and another said try approaching the toilet forward, so you face the cistern. This could turn into a military exercise at this rate! lol
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    I used the disabled loo, went for the cistern facing approach, and actually found the hooped underskirt was quite handy for keeping the dress out the way. The disabled loo is generally higher as well which also helped! My dress wasn't too heavy, but had a long train and was very full.

    Possibly TMI but something I totally didn't think about until it was too late was the fact that I couldn't bend to get my knickers down/up due to my corset, so my sister (bless her) had that amazing job!

    Also make sure if you're wearing stockings and suspenders you get the order with your knickers right otherwise you'll be in a right pickle when you come to wee!
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    Cistern facing?? How does that worK? Eeek! Hadn't even though about toileting lol
  • malkymummalkymum Posts: 652
    AmyH - I have been wondering about the underwear, I was tempted not to bother with any! Think I might stick to that lol
  • malkymummalkymum Posts: 652
    Tasha, kinda mount the toilet rodeo style! Yeee-haaa!!

    Seems I've created a few other pee-obsessed brides to be lol
  • You could always do it standing up te he he
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    Oooo - thats a freaky device! Wouldn't want a photo of me using that in my wedding album!
  • Natashauk1Natashauk1 Posts: 470
    Haha gotta laugh! Look what you've started! hahaha x x
  • Use the disabled loo!

    And i went in with my mum rather than my chief bridesmaid (who refused) - at least your mum has seen it all before (albeit a long time ago)

    I just sat on forwards and mum held my train up. Not as hard as i thought it was gonna be, but the the disabled loo i used was huge.

    It was nice to have a break from the chaos of the wedding and have a few mins breather and a bit of a laugh with my mum. We ended up taking a camera in the last time and faked a piccy of me on the loo (put the loo seat down and then posed) cos there was a full length mirror opposite. Sooo funny!


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    JPuddleduck - thats funny! Might have to have a pic after all! Sadly my mums passed so I will guilt a friend into being my dress-holder-uper-er! Or maybe make the groom!!!! heee heeeeee x

    (he's definately seen it all before!)
  • Take your CBM to hold everything up and use the disabled toilet! I am not a 'go to the loo in groups' girl at the best of times but not a lot of choice in my dress - thankfully I'd already had the pleasure of that task for my CBM's wedding in February so I knew the drill and it was only fair for her to return the favour! It not like there is anything on view with all that dress anyway! We gathered the dress up between us, then she held it while I found my knickers (and not my suspenders), pulled them down, had a wee and pulled them up again! Delightful - but actually on the day hugely insignificant!
  • malkymummalkymum Posts: 652
    I told my CBM (big sister) that she was to have the honour of being my pee buddy tonight, she didn't sound too chuffed... lol
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    Ha Ha Ha this thread is sooo funny, it's really cheering up my friday afternoon lol xxx
  • malkymummalkymum Posts: 652
    Glad to hear it Mrs Carson! image
  • berly153berly153 Posts: 737
    OMG what if you need a poo???
  • MrsCtoBeMrsCtoBe Posts: 287
    Ha Ha Ha Ha here I go again!! imageimageimageimage I'd never even thought of the other one! Luckily I didn't need to 'go' I hadn't though about it till now, U'd need a very understanding BM to help with that!! Hee Hee

    BTW catloverbride I'm loving ur piccie too xx

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    Why thank you Mrs Carson, I slightly cat mad if you hadn't guessed. I got it from - they have funny pics everyday.

    And Berly, I'm hoping I don't need a poo!! Ick, no-one loves me enough to hold my dress listening to plopping sounds and watching me wipe my arse! hee hee
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    My dress wasn't big at all - skintight actually! BUT I did wear bridget Jones style hold ins under it and the onlky way to get them down would have been to take the dress right off, pull the big knickers dwon (as they came up to right under my boobs!) anbd then wee so... the short answer is... I didn't go for a wee!

    Lukcily I didn't actually need one - I went for my last wee at 1:00pm before putting my dress on and then was married at 2:00pm, photos etc on the chape grounds til 5:00pm and as I hadn't had a drink yet I did not need to go. Then we went for our reception meal where I had three glasses of champagne and two white wines but only started to feel like I might want to go the loo at about 8:00pm ish by which time we were practically on our way back to the hotel room anywa so waited!

    At our wedding party when we got home, I had champers while getting ready, then in the posh car we booked to take us and then when we arrived and for the toast safter the speeches so I did need a wee pretty early on but I kept it in from 6:30pm when I put my dress on til 9:00pm when I changed into my short party dress and ditched the big knicks! Then I could dance/wee all night as my heart desired!
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    Berly, i was thinking exactly the same thing!!

    This thread has really made me laugh! Thanks for the advice though! lol x
  • hahah! just dont get tie sides! i was CBM for my firend and she had tie side kinckers - i got FAR to aquainted with parts of her i never thought id see...... hahaahahha!
  • KaiyzaKaiyza Posts: 1

    i had 2 bridesmaids. 1 got so drunk she passed out then the other fel asleep so as i was dancing with my HUSBAND i whispered in his ear and said "i think im about to pee myself, i cant find ally or sara." So both me and my husband squeezed into a stall and he had to try and help me out of my dress (it was a big one) and hold it while i peed then when i finished i couldnt get it back on because my bridesmaids helped my beforehand and we were all smashed. So i carried on for the rest of the night with my dress back to front.

  • Margaret34Margaret34 Posts: 84 New bride

    Has anyone tried the Bridal buddy?  I saw it on an advert and think although it looks horrendous and in no way sexy, it also looks like it might be a godsend when i need to pee!!!


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