Setting up as a wedding photographer

Hi all, 


My husband is looking at starting as a wedding photographer . Just wanted to ask how you picked yours? What did you look for/want and what put you off?

On the day were you happy? Any regrets?


Hes thinking of doing weddings free for a while to build up a portfolio - would you have been interested in this?




  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    id want to know his background in photography, some pictures (of anyting) he'd taken and meet him. ours s a starter in the wedding industry but he had really nice pictures to show us and offered us a pre wedding shoot to allow us to see how he worked and what his photos were like

  • FaernieFaernie Posts: 27

    Bearing in mind that most brides are willing to spend a fair amount on photography - only lasting images of the day etc. - offering a free service without a portfolio may not get you far.  The wedding photographers I know started out as commercial/freelance photographers with the odd wedding here and there for friends so they had a mixed portfolio to begin with.  Have you thought about approaching local, indepedent bridal shops and asking if they'd like to do a new season promotional shoot?  This would be a good start and the shop(s) may then recommend your husband to their brides.  I've also seen new photographers on the scene at wedding shows offering a prize of free photography, but if he's not got a portfolio already, he may not get much interest...

    He also needs to decide on his style: we went for a wonderful reportage-style photographer because we wanted subtle shots of the whole day, but some people prefer traditional group shots; some people like a lot of black and white, and others more colour.  Nats's pre-wedding shoot idea is a good one because it would give your hubby and the couple an idea of style and relationship and would get the ball rolling.

    Good luck!

  • Some great ideas thank you!!

    He has photographed two or threes friends weddings and lots of landscape to show but offering a pre wedding shoot is a great idea 

    Thank you 

  • Future MrsCFuture MrsC Posts: 684

    When we picked our photographer, we loved his pictures, but also thought he was great, he managed to build a blokey relationship with H2b but then was able to cater for my excited bride to be side (if that makes sense) we were sold on him aswell as his work xxxx

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