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So after all the planning, and a day that was indescribably wonderful, you'd think all the stress would be gone!  Sadly, I noticed we hadn't received cards from two of my friends and, really concerned I'd missed something, I text both to ask.  I made it clear that we didn't mind either way if they'd got us something - we genuinely just wanted them to be there - but I don't want to keep searching for something that doesn't exist, or not search for a gift or card they put thought into.

Was it right to text them? What do I do if they have given gifts and we can't find them?  I don't want them to feel they have to replace them or feel annoyed with us that they've somehow gone awry.

Thanks, everyone! 



  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    I think as long as you've made it clear you're only checking in case it's gone missing its fine to ask 

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    I agree with heliganden - they might feel a bit embarrased if they didnt get you anything, but thats better than having had something stolen and knowing nothing about it!


  • I think if only 2 are missing then it sounds as if they didnt get you a card as a thief would have stolen more than 2 . Id never dream of turning up at a wedding without a card & gift ( or money in the card ) . Sadly , some people arent as bothered which is a shame as reading and keeping the cards is a lovely part of the wedding x

  • FaernieFaernie Posts: 27

    Update: I got responses from both and, because they'd both been in a rush, they'd forgotten to bring the cards they'd bought.  This is fine by me and I said to both that I didn't mind.  Yes, it's always nice to get a card to keep but they've signed the guest book and I'm just relieved that nothing went missing.

    Thank you for your helpful comments and suggestions!  I can stop stressing now and concentrate on putting the memories together in a book image


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