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Im looking for some advice on where to take my mum shopping for her hat, she has a pistachio green trouser suit, but we are really stumped on what hat to go with it. Also there is some competition from MIL2B and also MIL2b's sister, as they are both very glamorous women, and I want my mum to have the biggest and best hat!!

Are there any bouqitues/shops that sell the best hats??

Thanks in advance


  • rfranrfran Posts: 104
    The best place to get a really good range of really fancy hats is a hat Hire shop there I normally one in large towns although often not right in the centre, more lightly to be some where you can park out side, the hat will then often be much more expensive than you can justify spending, they will fit the hat to your mum with appropriate pads etc. and they can sometimes add bits to make things tie together. My mum and gran hired there hats and when my gran went to drop hers back she bumped into an acquaintance who is well known for always wearing stunning hats. Oh yes and my gran had a blue suit with brown print on the skirt and a brown hat which tied in with the colour scheme to tie them together they put blue feathers into it as well.
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    Rather than go to Debs or John Lewis for mum's fascinator we went to a 'proper' hat shop. Partly because there was a lot more choice, but also because, not having worn a fascinator before she didn't have a clue what to look for.

    Anyway while we were waiting there was two other mobs trying on hats. They had there outfits on and tried what felt like hundreds of hats on. (We were waiting three quarters of an hour because we didn't make an appointment. They offered us refreshments though). But we were highly entertained by these women and in the end everyone was giving their opinions and we had a great laugh. They went away knowing that they had the best hat to suit them and were helped by people who knew what they were talking about when it comes to hats.

    meant to day - at a lot of these shops you can also hire the hats/fascinators

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    Someone I work with has had a fascinator made by a lady called Alison Tod (milliner) based in Abergavenny, she makes hats too. She comes highly recommended and will match to any outfit. I don't know if she has a website or if distance will be a problem but hope this helps xxx

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    Thanks everyone, ive found a few local hire shops now and mum is dead chuffed. So thank you for all the help and advice!

    And keep it coming!!image
  • sirsuksirsuk Posts: 2,478
    Let us know when she gets one image
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