MOB outfit help for older mum, larger size (London)

Hello Ladies,

I wonder if any of you can help with places to go to buy the outfit for my Mum (Mother of the Bride).

My mum is 73 years old and a size 20, and will be giving me away (Dad passed away); so I want her to wear something that will make her feel really special but don't want want to dress her anything too young or inappropriate.

I'm not sure where to start looking. Am planning to take her on a trip down the high st to places like Debenhams etc, but wondered if anyone else can recommend other places? Anywhere in or around London would be great!

Thanks a lot!



  • nannyjouknannyjouk Posts: 250

    i have similar problem with my mum as she is a larger build. We have looked in Ann Harvey and Elvi both of which i think have branches on oxford street. they have some elegant, classic pieces that could be worn again. I agree that debenhams is also a good place.

  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    jacques vert (might be wrong spelling) is pretty good too!
  • HowExcitedHowExcited Posts: 537

    I was also going to suggest Jacque Verte, my mom is 63 size 16 and there were lots of outfits she liked. Ended up getting a lovely navy suit, sparkly top and fabulous hat - and she doesn't even like hats lol x
  • aminuttyaminutty Posts: 1,211
    Yep Jacque Verte.

    My mum has just got and outfit from there.....

    She's 57 and a size 20 (don't let her know i told you lol) xx
  • 6oakdene6oakdene Posts: 12
    I think Debenhams in Oxford St would be good as they have so many concession (Jacques Vert too!) and how about if you get an appt with the personal shopper person? That way you will have the nice little changing area and she can help bring lots of different outfits etc to mum. It will also be quite fun for mum as its such a special occassion!

    Hope mum finds something lovely.


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