Should MOB bring Bride with her when choosing her outfit?

Should the MOB ask the bride to come along when she is choosing her outfit? Should MOB consult the bride first about suitable colours?

Just asking because mine didn't do either and I would like to know what usually happens.



  • newbiginningnewbiginning Posts: 758

    i dont think there's any set rule that says she has to!

    my mum came with me but not because she HAD to.

    The MOB should know what the colours are anyway if you've been discussing wedding. she'll know not to wear white or ivory and hopefully won't clash with the bm's.

    if she does clash or wear the same colour as them, then i wouldn't worry about it too much as she'll probably feel a bit foolish on the day!
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    I don't think there is a set rule but my sister and I are taking my Mum shopping for her outfit when the time comes because she is not known for her fab sense of style and is going to need a bit of coaxing to make sure she gets something suitable.

    Disguised as a mother/daughter day out with lunch thrown in were sure she won't guess our ulterior motive! He heimage

  • Sheena217Sheena217 Posts: 159
    I would have loved to go shopping for mum's outfit with her. She is going to wear hot pink and black and it will clash with my flowers (I know it's only flowers) but she seems to still think that I am having pastel flowers where I plan on having orange and purple gerbera's with white flowers.
  • I was the Groom's Mum, and I went shopping for my outfit on my own. I knew what colour the bridesmaids were wearing, and I'd checked what the bride's mother had chosen, so I knew what colours I couldn't have. I did show my outfit to the bride after I'd bought it, and she liked it.

    It's a bit different being the mother of the bride, because buying the outfit can be turned into a girlie day out with a celebratory lunch thrown in.
  • TrishunityTrishunity Posts: 46
    Im a MOB, whilst myself and my daughter were out shopping i came across my outfit by accident! Tried it on ( 2 piece) and loved it , my poor daughter was in and out of the changing room with different shoes and hats for me to try on as well, bless her

    I would of gone shopping for my outfit with her anyway as we do sometimes go clothes shopping together so we have mum and daughter time without the men!

    i was with her when she found "the one " ( wedding dress) and it was a lovely experience
  • kirstymacd28kirstymacd28 Posts: 226
    I will be taking my Mum shopping for her outfit but purely because she is giving me away so don't want her to clash with my outfit/flowers not that I think she will as don't really see her wearing hot pink & black so should be safe. Bit worried about what Mil2b and stepmil2b will wear think the stepmil2b more as she is quite a bit older and a bit of an attention seeker, no doubt she will turn up in ivory or white just to p**s me off.
  • Sheena217Sheena217 Posts: 159
    Thanks all,

    I have no idea what MIL2B will wear but she is older than my mum and usually sticks to pastels. I will check that she is not wearing purple though!!!

    My mum has good style and I'm sure the outfit will be nice on her. I could always substitute pink gerberas instead of orange.

    It is just a pity that we didn't have a special day out to get her outfit.
  • moomin05moomin05 Posts: 2,442
    I will be going shopping with my mum for her outfit as I know she will want me to like it and its so important to her that she gets it right for me. My mum is giving me away so its even more important that she doesnt clash with anything.

    My mil2b is quite old fashioned so theres no worry about both mothers wearing the same thing but quite likely she will just go out and buy something and not tell me.
  • I'm going shopping with my mom tmrw - we are going to try and get her something that contrasts with the colours of the bridesmaids so that she looks good as part of the party and next to my dad
  • wainjwainj Posts: 603
    Hiya - my Mum wanted me there and I was happy to go and help her but there's no set rule.

    Are you upset your Mum didn't ask you or don't you like her outfit? She may have thought that you had enough to do without helping her find something... x
  • SerahukSerahuk Posts: 1,687
    Don't think there's a rule but it's a nice thing to do with your mum.

    I wanted to take my mum shopping for an outfit as I wanted to but it for her to say thank you for everything and told her this. I have to say I was a bit miffed when she went off on her own and bought a very deep purple outfit that looks very wintery(getting married in july). I suppose as long as she's happy and comfortable that's all that matters.
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