How can I get my mum more involved?

I'm having a father-daughter dance and my dad's giving me away, however I'd like my mum to have a more significant involvement as she's helping to pay for my reception. Any suggestions? I thought of signing the register for one maybe?


  • becka1ukbecka1uk Posts: 166
    Maybe mum could do a reading.
  • offtheshelfofftheshelf Posts: 340
    I think a reading is a good idea, with signing the register aswell I would think that would make her feel involved. She's going to spend all day being so proud of you and receiving lots of compliments, she's certainly not going to feel left out xx
  • Thank you for the replies x

    Although, I don't think my mum would want to do a reading! She's rather shy!
  • When my son got married, the bride's mum and I were the witnesses and signed the register. I wouldn't have wanted to do a reading, but I was so pleased when they asked me to sign the register.
  • clindleyukclindleyuk Posts: 776
    is your mum helping you to organise the day?? i guess if she isn't going to enjoy doing a reading, she won't want to make a speech?!
  • She is only helping me choose my dress and now I've decided she sign the register with (future) father in law and (future) mother in law does a reading. So all our parents are involved!
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