LED Balloon Release..... help please!!


I really need some advise on this as as all my research seems to me bringing me to a dead end.

I really want to do a LED balloon release at the end of the night and planned to do it myself. However it would be much easier to have someone else do all the preparation. But all the companies I have phoned have said they would not do it.

So I am back to doing it myself and wondered if anyone else who is doing this could advise me on if I need to buy coloured balloons or use white balloons and coloured lights?? Also is anyone else using the hi-float spray? And what size balloons are you using 11"? Can anyone reccommend a good/cheap supplier for the ballons, helium? Or if you know a company that is happy to do it for you I would love any recommendations for this too.

Thanks so much in advance I am beginning to feel desperate! x


  • tannypickletannypickle Posts: 530
    Hi Eve81,

    Is this where you release a lot of balloons all at once to look pretty? No idea how would you organise this - sorry but let me know how you get on as these look lovely.

    You should opt for balloons in your colour scheme.

  • Please don't take this badly have you considered an alternative to a release? The reason I ask is that they are quite bad for the environment - the balloons burst or deflate and when they land are often mistaken for prey, especially by marine life. The Marine Conservation Society did a study on it a few years ago, you can still find it here: http://www.ukrivers.net/balloon_fact.html

    Have you thought about a balloon sculpture or an arch outside your venue? If a company are building it for you anyway they may be more inclined to put in the lights.

    Whatever you decide, good luck on getting the lights done.
  • tannypickletannypickle Posts: 530
    Thanks Mixedupmichelle - sometimes you think too much about how pretty things might look that it doesnt occur straight away the consciquences x
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