MOB Outfit help, size 6!!

Hi all,

My Mum is quite short and very thin - size 6.

We don't really know where to go for her outfit. Preferably somewhere with a personal shopper so that they can advise on styles as she doesn't really know what she wants.

We've thought of John Lweis and Debenhams but that's it.

We live in the South but willing to travel around, within reason.

Any suggestions x x :\)


  • choirgirlukchoirgirluk Posts: 298
    My Mum is exactly the same and few clothes actually fit her on the High Street s they say they're a size 6 and they're more like a size 8. She tried a 6 on in Reiss and it was huge on her. I tried it on (size 10) and it fitted me!

    My Mum is going to wear a black skirt she already owns from Coast (before they made their sizes bigger!) and she bought a Vivienne Westwood jacket. I think that designer or made to measure is the only way to go when she's so small. My Mum is not made of money at all but she's bought that jacket to last her for life and plans to wear it to her Anniversary meal this year and also my brother's wedding in the next couple of years.
  • tt25777tt25777 Posts: 2,239
    My Mum ia a size 6 and very petite and got a lovely suit from Principals for my sister's wedding x
  • Thanks ladies, will let her know - she's convinced she won't find anything!!
  • clayrebearclayrebear Posts: 2,481
    My mom had a serious spine operation last year and has contracted a super bug which has meant she has lost well over 3 stone and gone down to a UK size 6, she is very thin and weak and has to buy her clothes from Primark now, her favourite highstreet shops such as M&S are simply too big, even their size 8 is nearer a size 10.

    I have helped my mum look for lots on ebay and Monsoon is really good too.

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