HELP!!! Poorly mom .. Size 6 (UK) MOB outfit??!!

Hey Girls

Any advice greatly welcomed!!! My mum used to be a healthy size 10-12, but after a serious spinal operation and catching a super bug, she has lost so much weight its scarey.. She is very proud of her appearance and always looks nice, however due to the weight loss now has to shop in Primark and wear teenager style clothes, instead of shopping in M&S and Monsoon.

She has dropped to less than 7 stone and dress size 6, although she may get away with a size 8.

Does anyone have any reccomendations for her outfit, where to shop etc. She would love a Paule Vasseur or designer number, but sizes may restrict her and mother of the bride dress shops only start at size 10 or so.

My mum is 58.. PLEASE HELP make my mum happy!!! Its her birthday today too.. want to get some ideas to her, as we are dress shopping at the weekend.

Cheers ladies

Clayrebear. XXX


  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280

    from what I can see from a google it looks like Paule Vasseur does come in a size 8? which could possibly then be adjsuted to fit

    If that doesn't work, it's worth having a look in the smarter high street shops such as Jigsaw, Karen Millen or LK Bennett, they go down to an 8 and sometimes a 6. They will also do alterations if needed (at least I know Jigsaw and LK Bennett will). Phase Eight and Hobbs might also be worth a look though their size 8s tend to come up big and they don't do size 6.

    My mum is 60 and a size 8 and has got her dress from Jigsaw, she originally wanted a designer effort but actually found something she preferred in Jigsaw. She found many traditional MOB outfits seemed to be aimed at larger ladies.

    Fenwicks is worth a look if there is one near you, as I recall they have quite a decent range of MOB type outfits.

    Of course if you can find a decent local dressmaker they should be able to make something in the style and size your mum wants or adjust something bought to fit her.

    Happy b'day to your mum!

  • clayrebearclayrebear Posts: 2,481
    Thanks so much

    Great advice, its really hard bless her!!! She's lost so much weight nothing fits her and she really likes to look stylish, your typical jacket and knee length suit skirt is a no no!! She's really a stylish lady, loves the designer clothes, might have to go to one of the big shopping malls to look!!
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    I have the same probelm with my mum, what I thought of doing was finding an outfit she liked and cheekily asking milly's bridal if they could do something similar alongside my wedding dress when I go to order it. I haven't asked yet if it's possible but they do have a mother of the bride section it's just I don't like the outfits.
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    Clayrebear I had a very similar problem with my mum, whose hip op went a bit wrong and she is teeny now (went to under 7 stone although now back to 7.6).

    I booked a personal shopping appointment with John Lewis and would throroughly recommend them, they were excellend and very patient with her. My mum really didn't want the pastel shift dress and jacket type thing and they listened to what she said and she came out with 2 stunning and 'different' MOB outfits and ALL the accessories. I would definitely recommend them!

    Good luck!
  • clayrebearclayrebear Posts: 2,481
    Thanks so much clonny..

    My mum is an eeny lady now, its wierd since the op, its like she's aged overnight, she's so frail and thin, and has lost all the muscle tone, it looks awful, but I really want her to look lovely, she's beautiful but very conscious of her skinny frame.

    I'll deffo go to John Lewis, do you have to pay for the personal shopper?? Sounds great!
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    She sounds just like my mum! It was awful seeing her so teeny, especially because you sort of see your parents as 'big and grown up' if that makes sense. She still has trouble walking so the personal shopping appointment was brilliant in that we sat in a massive room, with a changing room in one corner and some comfy chairs in the other, they bring tea and coffee then chat with you about what you like, don't like, colours, styles, length etc. Then she goes off and starts picking stuff out and you sit with your mum and have coffee!

    After the first lot of clothes I went out and got a few extra bits that I knew my mum would like and the girl was fine about it.

    It's a free service (good old JL!) and you're not under any obligation to buy anything. We thought we'd be there all day and might have to venture out into the main bit of Bluewater, but after an hour and a half we had everything. It was amazing to see my mum feeling better about herself and looking good (and it helps that the shopper is very good and complimentary so it totally boosted her confidence!).

    It's definitely worth a try, I would book something asap since they have just got their new stock in after the sale.

    Is there one near you?

  • clayrebearclayrebear Posts: 2,481
    Sounds brilliant!!! There's a John Lewis in Sheffield. I'm in Lincoln, shopping is good but my mum gets so tired very quickly. She's getting better, but its hard work!! Gonna have a go to boost her confidence, just wish there was a miracle cure to out weight on her bones.. Its like I'm the grown up and I'm her carer now.. wierd. Everyone keeps saying they think she's got an eating disorder, the simple fact is that everythign she eats goes straight through her, and the doctors have done every test in the book and cannot find anything wrong.. its horrible..

    Oh well trying dresses on at the weekend should cheer her up!! X

  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    Have you tried thing like slim fast shakes as well as meals? they have all the nutrition needed so if she manages to keep them down she will at least be getting some of the vitamins? You can actually get them from the doctor (but they're not slim fast ones), they basically have all the goodness your body needs but in a small carton. worth asking anyway!

    Good luck for the weekend! x
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