Presents for the mums?

Does anyone have ideas of something that would be a nice present for both our mums, as opposed to the normal bouquet of flowers? My mum has problems with pollen so therefore flowers are not a good idea at all.

I thought maybe a (hopefully nice) piece of jewellery, maybe a brooch or something? What do you think?


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    We've bought our mum's a watch and bracelet set from argos thereon special offer at the moment
  • We have got h2b's mum a silver engraved frame which we are going to put a photo in afterwards and for my mum, I'm getting her some flowers for the day and then afterwards, I am getting her a 'Bob Book' - a coffee table style photo book of our day (we are buying all of the negatives off the photographer). I know we are spending more on my mum but she has been so much more supportive, both emotionally and financially!

  • we've gone for photo frames too, going to put spoof wedding photo in until they can get proper ones, and a bunch of flowers, but wanted to get something they could keep.
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    We;ve gone for a weekend away to a show in london whcih doesnt cost what you think on lastminute website you can get some good deals a show and a meal for like £50.

    We are having two big flower arrangements in the civil room where we are getting married so was going to give one to my mum and one to H2b - we wont need them as we are going on honeymoon the day after so they will only go to waste.

    I like the idea of the box of presents though as something for her to keep and cherish thanks -x
  • I know it sounds mean but why do we get pressents for our parents on our wedding day??

    Is it because they helped out making it a great day? If so, and they havent helped out do they not get pressents?

    Sorry if i sound mean, i just dont really get why we have to buy all these pressents - bridemaids, ushers, parents, groom ....

    God i sound so awful dont i, i guess im just thinking help this is all costing so much!!!!
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    my mum has always said she doesn`t want a bouquet even though she loves flowers ,because it is so expected.she hates that bit at weddings - in fact if she plays up h2b threatens her with it that he`ll get her a bouquet on the day!!she said all she wants is us to be happy and for us to give her a card or letter.
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    For me I think I really want her to be a part of my day, both sets of parents have give us a hell of a lot of support and not to mention money towards our big day. I just feel something sentimental would really make her day and mine when I see her face....ah!
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    i have seen a lovely present that i'm going to get for my mum to give her the morning of my wedding. its a silver tissue holder, and its engraved with a little verse about shedding a tear on the day, but always being her little girl etc... it even made me cry just reading the catalogue. it was in a little wedding stationary catalouge from debenhams.
  • hi. is it harsh to buy my mum a lot more as my parents are paying for the enitre wedding, and my h2b's mum isnt paying anything??? help
  • I dont think it is harsh to get your mum more but just dont draw attention to it when you hand out the thank you gifts.

    I have been to my florists today and she works with a guy who will dry a flower that is part of your theme and put it into a circular paper weight as a keepsake. They are amazing god knows how he gets the flower in there. Ill try and find a website and post it if there is one.

    Found it - the website pics dont do them justice I saw the dandelion head ball paperweight and one with a pink rose in it they were lovley
  • I am buying my mum and Dad better presents than my h2b's parents, because not only have my parents paid for the whole thing, but my mum has really been a fantastic hands on help, and I can't believe how much she's done to help, while my h2b's mum has done nothing. Of course, I don't want to leave her out, so I will get her a bouquet - but in private my mum will get something really nice (although I only have a week to think of something, and I am really struggling so any more ideas out there...?)
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    Hi KellyS, could you let me know whether there is a website address for the tissue box supplier - that sounds a perfect gift for my mum.

    I agree with others on here - I'm only buying presents for those who have been involved with the planning (and interested!!) in our wedding!xx
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Hi ladies, can anyone please help me? I'm trying really hard to find the engraved tissue box which KellyS mentions above...Ive had no luck at all!! Can anyone recommend a website that might help please? THANKS!xx
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    I am also going to get a little something extra for my parents as they have been the biggest help financially and hands-on. As h2bs parents live abroad i'll also take my family out after we get back from honeymoon to say thank you.

    But I still intend to give something to h2b's parents because to me it is to say thank you for the wedding, but also to say thank you for bringing us up & doing the best you could for us etc. In a way getting married is like flying the nest even if you officially did it years ago!

    Haven't got any more tips on what to get though - i'm also thinking of photo frames. Or how abouit some nice candlesticks like Waterford or something?
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    Since we are having a wedding abroad I decided not to give my mom and future mother in law flowers either cause they can't bring it home. I also have decided to buy my mom a necklace and my future mother in law some nice earrings or because she loves chocolate membership to one of those clubs where you have different types of chocolate sent to you every couple of months the only downside is they cost quite a bit.
  • Hi Kellys

    Please can you give us the details of the personalised silver tissue box - ive searched everywhere to buy one its a fab idea

    Can anyone else help??????

  • Hi Mishel

    I've been having a look for personised gifts, I haven't seen a personalised silver tissue box on my travels so far (though i've only been trawling the net). Confetti has a section of silver and pewter gifts which may have some other ideas for you if you can't find a tissue box.

    Other than that all I can think of are those shops that sell hipflasks, tankards and second hand rings and other stuff. If you found a tissue box in a shop that doesn't do engraving you could always take it to a cobblers (like Timpsons, they're always so freindly!).

    Good luck



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    hi. is it harsh to buy my mum a lot more as my parents are paying for the enitre wedding, and my h2b's mum isnt paying anything??? help

    same situation - maybe get her something extra but give it privately?
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    my mum got a foot spa off my brother at his wedding


    we are getting the mums a huge box of chocs from hotel chocolat and a bottle of baileys as they are staying over at the hotel so can use them there.

  • Hi jt79 and mishel im getting my mum the tissue box it is sweet its 19.95and it is from debenhams it says you can order online at or the helpline no is 01509283943 or08702424555 the item code is DB0013 the wording says mum wipe away your tears of joy sure to be shed on my wedding day. your little girl i will always be forever and always and then engraved with your name .

    hope this is some help
  • Tubbsuk3Tubbsuk3 Posts: 764
    Hi t2b, i just went on the debenhams website and it didn't recognise the code or description. Have you seen it on the website?

    gnasher xx
  • Hi mrs t to be

    the tissue box thing sounds great-

    don't you just love getting ideas from this wedsite!!


    Just hope i can find it now

  • hi. the tissue box is lovely but not on the debenhams website (dunno why!). call the helpline: 01509283943 and get them to send you the 'personalised wedding stationary and accessories' catalogue. its on page26, codeDB0013.

    good luck! Manda x
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    HI, thanks Rainbowbride, I have finally got a catalogue and the box looks lovely!

  • Have ordered mine today thanks rainbow bride!!
  • shelnpaulshelnpaul Posts: 126

    My box came the other day and its better than I expected ah I can just see my mams face when she sees it I think she will need the tissues in it......

    Thanks Everyone xx
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    I have got the 'mums' (including step mother) a bottle of Jo Malone perfume each. But I will be getting my Mum a little something extra (a necklace) that I will give to her the morning of the wedding. She deserves a little something else I think. She has been doing so much of the wedding preparations. We also got the 'dads' (including two step dads) a swiss army penknife each as they are all quite handy and would use them. But again, I will get my Dad a little something extra (pocket watch) as he has contributed almost entirely towards the wedding (financially).

    Clare x
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    I haven't got round to thinking about presents yet, but I heard of a lovely tradition of taking a single flower out of the bridal bouquet for the MOB & MOG.

    (Although if your mum is allergic to pollen, I guess that would only work if you were having silk/fake flowers).

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