Underwear for weddings abroad

Hi all

Im flying out to mexico 8th may and im about to go shopping for my underwear. now my dress is pretty heavy, not to much but basically unsure what underwear with it. We dont get married till 3pm when its cooler. Was a bit unsure wether to wear the full lot, suspenders and all that. was just going to go for simple sexy underwear, bra and knickers set. Any advice i would appreciate. i have to bring it with me for my next fitting in march

cheers all B2B X X


  • Hi Babybuns,

    I was just discussing this on the fashion section-Im getting married in Tuscany in Aug 08, but I'm wearing a fitted slip dress ala Vera Wang, so I needed something invisible...so I'm going for a body sock/Spanx type thing. Sounds awful...looks ugly but it's just what I need!!!

    I think they whole shabang with the underwear might be a little too hot (heat wize). The sexy and simple bra and knickers sounds like a great option-just make sure they're not too tight so you won't sweat etc. x
  • jleacyjleacy Posts: 69
    Hi Lady Grant Riley

    Thanks for your advice, is stressing all this stuff isnt it lol. Yeh i think i will go for simple bra and knickers as dont want to be uncomfortable all day and night as will stress me out totally.

    Vera wang eh bet ur dress is fab x x Mine arrived last week after 8 months, couldnt stop my mum and MIL2B crying he he x x only 98 days and ill be a mrs!!
  • NearlyMrsMikeNearlyMrsMike Posts: 1,764
    Go for something cool & comfortable in the day. You can always disappear into the bathroom on the wedding night and emerge in full lingerie for your new hubby - and don't forget you can splash out on some fun stuff for your honeymoon - after all you two will be the only ones who get to appreciate it!!!!;\)

    Not long now....good luck and all the best!

    Liz x
  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103
    I only going for something simple & pretty. don't want to be hot & uncomfortable all day!

    But going to buy something sexy to change into in the night!
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