PHOTOS-calling all Trinny and Susannahs!

Hi all

Wonder if anyone would like to advise on these outfits....for my mum!

She is in a bit of a dilemma with her outift....she has bought one of them shown in the photo, though she is not 100% sure on, if you fancy doing a bit of "Trinny and Susannah" on her, any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

This should work - I hope!


  • Hi Hannah

    Wow, what a glamorous mum! She's got a fab figure so can carry off all those outfits, lucky thing! What is the colour scheme for your wedding/colour of BM's dresses, flowers etc? I personally think outift 3 is gorgeous, but only as long as it fits in with your colours. Which one do YOU like best?


  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Hi Hannah,

    I love your Mums choice of outfits. I think she looks great in all of the outfits I think I prefer either number 1 or number 3.

    Please let us know what one she goes for!



  • lilaclucelilacluce Posts: 648
    Hi Hannah, and Hannah's mum!

    Heres my opinion, feel free to completely ignore me!!

    Outfit one I'm not sure about, a bit too plain I think

    Outfit 2 I like, and I like the buttons

    Outfit 3 I'm undecided, sorry

    Outfit 4 I think the neckline is too high

    Outfit 5 I like

    My favourites are outfit 2 and outfit 5. I hope this is helping and not making it worse!!!!

    Lucy x
  • BexstarBexstar Posts: 29
    What a great idea!

    I personally think the first outfit is very flattering and elegant but the third outfit is my favourite as it is really beautiful and interesting without being too fussy, I think she should definitely stand out as Mother of the Bride and look gorgeous too.

    Hope I have been of help image)

  • Hannah1978Hannah1978 Posts: 186
    Great, thanks girls for the quick replies....much appreciated indeed!

    My bridesmaids are wearing alfred angelo Harvest gold. - the men will be ivory waistcoats with gold cravats.

    I will let you know which one she has bought already in a bit....hoping for some more comments first....hehe...

    thanks again

  • Hannah1978Hannah1978 Posts: 186
    Great, thanks girls for the quick replies....much appreciated indeed!

    My bridesmaids are wearing alfred angelo Harvest gold. - the men will be ivory waistcoats with gold cravats.

    I will let you know which one she has bought already in a bit....hoping for some more comments first....hehe...

    thanks again

  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381

    Personally I like Outfit 1 the best, it gives your mum a really great shape and looks very classy and elegant.

    Outfit 2 seems to pull a little bit around the middle so I think it makes your mum look as though she's slouching a bit and is not as tall.

    Outfit 3 is lovely but I think there's a bit too much ???????going on??????? around the top. The top of the dress has detailing but the jacket is patterned so I think it's a little busy up there. Maybe with a jacket/wrap in a plain colour it would look nicer. Very glamorous and fab hat!

    I don't think Outfit 4 does much for your mum to be honest. The skirt is a bit too straight (the skirt shape in Outfit 1 is much more flattering and ???????flowy???????) and I think the jacket is a little on the boxy side.

    I like Outfit 5 too but not too sure about the horizontal bands on the skirt, maybe a bit shortening for her legs (not too easy to tell in the photo because we can't see her feet). Lovely colour though.

    Hope that's helped and that I've not said anything out of order or anything!


  • Hannah1978Hannah1978 Posts: 186
    thanks again girls, loving reading your comments, so is my mum! Its defo helping to get comments from other people that dont know her -meaning we will get an honest opinion etc!

    thanks....and promise to let you know which she will go for....

  • EmmA1981ukEmmA1981uk Posts: 1,065

    i like them all your mum looks great but my favourite are number1 and number 5

    emma xx
  • ccastleyccastley Posts: 7
    I think outfits one and two really flatter your Mum's figure and I actually like the buttons on 2 as I think they contrast well.

    I love the colour of 5 but the style doesn't flatter IMHO, and I think 4 doesn't do her justice.

    I love 3 - but not the jacket...maybe a silvery pashmina or something a bit diiferent. I think the dress is gorgeous though...

    So in summary...3 with a different jacket and one and 2 are both lovely.

    Looking forward to hearing the decision!

  • vparkinsvparkins Posts: 84
    What a great idea, your mum is lucky to have found 5 mum struggled to find 1 that she would wear!

    Anyway, my option is

    1) A bit boring, and may fade into the background

    2) very flattering, and a great colour, one of the best

    3) this has the wow factor, and it depends if your mum has the confidence to wear it, as it is slightly different from the normal skirt and jacket combo. But because it's different (but still very appropriate it works).

    4) No way, too much like something the Queen would wear.

    5) A nice colour and nice outfit, not as 'Mother of the Bride' as 2 or 3 though. Good for a 'normal' guest, but not good enough for your Mum!

    Hope this helps, she'll look fabulous darling!
  • Hannah1978Hannah1978 Posts: 186
    You girls are great! This is really helping!!

  • Hannah,

    Hope you are ok. Your mum looks fab is these pictures. Very glam! I really like outfits 1 and 2. I think they are very elegant and classic and fit well with your colour theme. Also I think they will photograph well. I wore a similar colour as a bridesmaid last year and it looks great in photos. Also classic shapes look really great in a crowd of people.

    Hope this helps a little. Which ever one she picks, I know she will look great.

    All the best

  • I am dying to know which one your mum has bought! I just want to say that i think the outfits will definitely go with your colour scheme, but i personally think it's nicer to have the MOTB having a slightly contrasting colour to the maids so she stands out more - so perhaps outfit 2 would fade into the background a little bit! Just a thought...
  • DaisyGirlxDaisyGirlx Posts: 437
    Hi Hannah

    I'm answering before I look at other answers so I'm not swayed!

    I think they're all lovey and wow your Mum has a great figure! If I had to choose though I think I'd say no 1 (hmmm or maybe no 4) perhaps even with a scarf to give a little colour.

    Right, now to see what others have said!

  • Hannah1978Hannah1978 Posts: 186
    Well girls, many thanks for all your comments and advice.....

    so....which one has she bought already......though she is not 100% on......well.....its outfit.......number.......2!

    She has the shoes as shown in the pic and I think they go very well. She now just needs the matching handbag! That's if she listens to me and keeps the outfit! I really like it and it suits her well and ties in with all our colour scheme!

    Thanks from me and Hannah's Mummy!

  • lilaclucelilacluce Posts: 648
    Oh I'm glad, she looks great in them all but I did prefer 2 (and 5) - and I think the buttons look good so no need to change them.

    Shoes do go perfectly!

  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    oooo I read this a bit late but I reallty liked numbers 2 and 3. Where did she get number 2 from as my Mum is looking for something similar....and what a great choice! Your Mum will look fab! x
  • Hannah1978Hannah1978 Posts: 186
    Thanks Jess and Lilacluce...

    The outfit was from Phase 8.....

  • DaisyGirlxDaisyGirlx Posts: 437
    Have to say I love no 2 too - just didn't want to say all of them cos that's not helpful at all!! She'll look lovely.

  • MrsJen841MrsJen841 Posts: 610
    Hi Hannah,

    My favourite one is Outfit 2 although I do love the colour of Outfit 4 for a summer wedding.

    Hope this helps.

  • mobsoonmobsoon Posts: 27
    Your mum looks great. As a MOB soon, I don't know whether other MOB's agree, but Its difficult to find outfits that are not too frumpy (and mega expensive). However, you mum has done so well to find 5 outfits which do not look frumpy - any of which would look great on the day. Have a wonderful day.
  • becca_84becca_84 Posts: 501
    your mum looks great in them all but i think she is making the right choice with number 2 ut i don't thnk you need to change the buttons x
  • she looks nice in all but I love outfit 1 xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Hannah and Hannah's mummy

    I think you have made the right choice although I like all the outfits and agree that she was very lucky to find 5 that all looked stunning.

    I do agree with the button situation, think a light gold would really make this outfit and blend with her shoes. I've found this site which might be useful

    I like page 3 open flower pattern but not sure if they will blend with the shoes, however think they will lighten the look and add a bit extra glam.

    Well done ladies and what a great thread!

  • secretbridesecretbride Posts: 533
    I love outfit 2 great choice, outfit 3 was fab aswell

  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    outfit 3 stood out to me most but i really like outfit 2 i think with different buttons it will look lovely and will go well with the colour theme. great choice hannahs mum image
  • barbieukbarbieuk Posts: 156
    Number 2 and number 4 were my favourites, so definitely a great choice! One of my friends has bought outfit four for my wedding so I had to make that one of my choices!
  • Stuart42Stuart42 Posts: 201

    Hi Hannah,

    I think it has to be No 2, she looks lovely.


  • joannabooth84joannabooth84 Posts: 1,119
    I've only just seen this so a little late in the conversation - but i would have picked number 2 or 5 as my favourite!!

    Think she has definately made a good choice!! x
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