I am getting married on 6th July 07 and 21 days later my step son is getting married. We all get on and the family is very much looking forward to both wedding days.

I went shopping for my outfit on Friday with my friend and purchased a ceam (quite a dark shade and certainly not ivory looking) with black detailing dress with black hat, shoes and handbag. I found it very difficult to find an outfit as my future step DIL had requested no brown or pink - everything in the shops is brown and pink is my favoured colour!! However I fell in love with this dress, its classy and simple which was just what I wanted. I didn't want to be in a colour that stood out too much.

However I am now concerned that cream is a real NO NO for guests. Personally I don't mind if people wear cream to my wedding (my sister in law is) as I don't think its possible for anyone can take the limelight away from a bride on her big day by wearing a cream outfit.

What does everyone else think?

C x


  • ClootieClootie Posts: 24

    I don't mind either what colour people wear to my wedding, but I know that some Brides do. Your SDIL2B obviously has a colour scheme and some clear ideas. So I think the easiest thing is to ask her/show her the outfit as 'something you're thinking of, but want her opinion' - she will probably be coordinating the MoB (and MoG?)outfits anyway, so should appreciate your wish to look understated and not stand out.

    If she does have a problem with cream - well, on the downside, you need to start looking again. But on the positive side you have a new going away outfit or something special for the honeymoon!
  • rmacukrmacuk Posts: 663
    I think that the black detailing and accessories would make it very clear that you aren't trying to impinge on anyone. I think black and cream is very suitable. Your DIL also specified which colours NOT to chose, so I think you'll be fine!

    [email protected] sure you look lovely in it

    good luck for both of the weddings xx
  • melissaflowermelissaflower Posts: 101
    Yeah I agree, nobody will upstage the bride - everyone is there to see her and the groom.

  • I wouldnt have thought that it would be a problem, but then again i wouldnt be bothered if someone turned up to my wedding in a long white dress. No one can upstage the bride in my eyes, but thats me.

    Your DIL has specified which colours she doesnt want people wearing so she has a scheme in mind but black and cream is nowhere near brown or pink so wouldnt see where the problem would be kwim?

    I think cream and black look real elegant and classy, it sounds like a lovely outfit and im sure you will look great.

    Good luck for both weddings.!

    Love Marie xx
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