my stunning mum

hello brides

i have had a lovely morning out with my mum looking for her outfit,she tried on loads i never really knew my mum to be such a shopiholic,she got three dresses red and cream i think she will wear this for the therater,an mums hen night a brown and beige that she says she will wear to a chriatening the strange thing is i dont think we know anyone whos pregnant (and i hope shes not dropping hints) and the most lovliest of all a gold and oyster dress that is stunning infact it made me cry.

my mum is stunning

although she has kinda made my feet hurt tut


  • mobsoonmobsoon Posts: 27
    I am so glad your mum found 3 beautiful outfits. Where did you find them?
  • angemayangemay Posts: 196
    two were from john lewis,the skirt that matches the red and cream dress is in the big day brochure with a red jacket and bad to mattch,didnt get the bag as it would of been to much and the brown and cream one is in john lewiss window the dress my mum will wear on the day was from bhs the wedding collection and its stunning with a gold wrap,im so lucky to have a mum like her,she has gold shoes and a gold bag which looks lovely with all of them,if she had wanted to look for more shoes and bags i might of had to leave her there
  • Hi Gregsy

    I just wanted to say that your post made me image

    I lost my mum in 2004 and am missing her terribly, but more so with our wedding coming up.

    I think what you said about your mum is wonderful and wondered if you had shown her this post or if you told her that. She must be so proud to have you as her daughter.

    Good luck for your wedding and am so happy that you have such a wonderful relationship with your mum.

    Sorry for such a sloppy post but you said all the things i wish i would have told my mum when i had the chance!

    Right, off to clean my face up, image

    Love Marie xx
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