Why is it the little things that give you the most stress!

My Mum bought a gorgeous outfit about a month ago for our wedding in July! She was worried because it was black and white but I said it was perfect. She made sure she went to a shop that no-one else would go to just incase and made quite a big deal about this!

Today my MIL2b emailed me and told me she got her outfit at the weekend and its black and white!

I know it wont be the same as its from a different shop but I am really annoyed about this because I wanted my Mum to stand out and be a bit special.

I dont want to tell my Mum because I know she will worry - but I cant help worrying about the fact they might be similar - what should I do? Should i just let it go and see on the day? I cant see my MIL2B's outfit because she lives a long way away from us.

Ahhhhggggghhh - oh well, at least no-one will be in the same outfit as me!



  • marie28ukmarie28uk Posts: 299
    I think you need to ask you h2b to break the news in passing that the outfits will be the same! if you can get some details about it first!

    Then just see what the reaction from mil2b is!

    A very difficult situation.

    Hope all goes well!

  • SusanJaneSusanJane Posts: 117
    Hi my mum and MIL2b have both bought aqua - one bought hers and then the other couldn't find anything else she liked except in this colour. She wasworried but i decided that it would actually be nice that they 'match' - it would look deliberate! I have seen a lot where both ladies try to dress in similar tones to the BM's. (Just check it is not the same outfit!!?

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