Ive never been in here before, i need some help


I have my dress, my dad has his hire suit along with H2B dad, my sister and h2B sister are bridesmaids, so they all have their outfits. The only people that dont have theirs yet is my mum and MIL2B!

My mother does not like dresses, and said that she would want trousers, but something light that will make her feel weddingy, she doesn't like a hat either! (we are getting married 24th September)

My mother lives in south wales, so if anybody could recomend any good places that are something special around south wales, cardiff, abergavenny?

MIL2B lives in northumberland, she wants to wear a skirt/dress, she said she cant wear trousers cos of her weight. She does get upset with her weight, and says that she cant find anything special. She doesn't want to wear a hat, but is thinking of some kind of head piece. So any advice for good places around northumberland. She live near anlwick, and is like an hour away from newcastle.

Really would like some ideas for them of some shops, as I dont want them feeling left out, if you know what I mean.


Jules x


  • sophiemacuksophiemacuk Posts: 39
    Hiya Jules,

    I don't know whether this will help at all, but why not suggest the personal shopping experience at somewhere like John Lewis? I know there's one in Newcastle, but I'm not too sure about Cardiff. I tried the service for something non-wedding related, and was very impressed with the staff who chose some lovely outfits that fitted just what I wanted them for (a photoshoot).

    Also, I've just 'been shopping' with my mum for her outfit - we live 100 miles apart, but she went and found an outfit in her local shops, then got my dad to take some piccys of her in it, and emailed them to me. She looked gorgeous so she now has her outfit sorted!! Equally if I hadn't liked the outfit, we could've done the process again, and although a little more time consuming, is still a good way to do the task together! It definitely helped to bridge the miles, and feel like we have been shopping together even when we haven't!

    Now all we need to do is to email the pics to my MIL2B to avoid the same outfit purchase...

    Sophie image
  • vjones276vjones276 Posts: 125
    Hi Jules,

    One thing that I'm thinking about trying with my Mum is a personal shopper service - alot of the big department stores have them. Apparently, the personal shopper does all the traipsing around the shop floor while you relax in a dressing room. You then get to try the outfits under the eye of a trained professional. It might take a few trips to different places (you're under no obligation to buy) but could be worth it just to have an unbiased viewpoint and suggestions of things you wouldn't normally think to pick up.

    Another good thing is that these people know what customers are generally buying for weddings and so can point out trends, make suggestions and are full of modern advice as to what is and isn't considered ok - I don't know about you, but my Mum has some odd ideas about what's "right" and "wrong" at weddings that all sound v. old fashioned to me!

    I'm planning an assault on Debenhams (Cardiff & Carlisle might be good for you - both offer the service), House of Fraser, Selfriges and John Lewis in London soon!

    Good luck,

  • _Jules__Jules_ Posts: 705
    Ooh thank you ladies! I hadn't thought of a personal shopper! I think that is definately one to try out!

    As for taking pictures and email! My parents dont have a digital camera, nor a photo phone for that matter, they never use the internet, they only have dial up at home! lol So the picture option, isn't an option! lol! Although if they did come up-to date, im sure that would have worked really well, particularly with the clashing of MOB and MIL2B outfits!

    Jules x
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