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My parents have been separated since 1989 and divorced over 10 years ago now, my Dad remarried in 2008 and my Mum remains very happily single! I am having a bit of stress about church etiquette, I read that the father of the bride should sit with his new wife if he has remarried, while the mother of the bride sits in her rightful place on the front pew with the bridesmaids; my Dad looked crestfallen when i suggested this to him - but to be honest I don't care where he sits as long as he's happy. The trouble is that my Mum and my Stepmum aren't exactly friends, shall we say, and my Dad is definitely going to be sitting on the top table at the reception and therefore away from the Stepmum... argh! My parents still get on really well with each other, they're great friends - which doesn't help Stepmum's feelings towards Mum, but I'm not going to encourage my parents to fall out with each other! Anyone any advice on this subject?

Also, many of my mum's family will be at the wedding as well as many of my friends who my Mum knows well, but most people are partnered up - should my Mum be encouraged to bring a guest (likely to be a good female friend) or will she be very busy herself?!

Any advice gratefully received!!

Penny x


  • angel_iangel_i Posts: 805
    Could you not have them all in the front row but buffered by the bms.

    I'm thinking mum- bm -bm -dad=stepmother

    This will mean them sitting on the same row alone until the bms come in but as your mum will arrive at the church with you it wouldn't be for long.

    The other option is they sit at the end of the second row so you dad is directly behind your mum.

  • I think that's worth thinking about but I have a feeling my Mum will be very matriarchal and won't want to share the front row with Stepmum! I have a feeling my Dad will have to sort this one out for himself! Thank you for your idea!
  • LydiaB2808LydiaB2808 Posts: 389
    With regards to the top table. My H2B mum remarried and as nobody really gets on with him we have planned to put him at the end of the top table next to his mum (as she would be 'upset' if he wasnt on the top table!!). At least your mum then doesnt have to speak to her and your dad still has her on the top table.
  • dbkelsiedbkelsie Posts: 122
    i would say that you and h2b have talked about it and would like to do what shurch etiqette says and have them in different rows.

    as for the top table i wouldnt have step parents so as not to take anything away from either of your parents. its hard for me to say as my parents are still together, however h2b's parents arnt and his mums partner is sat on a front row table near his mum so they will be close enough to speak. i dont think he expects to be on the top table and mil2b doesnt expect it either.

    h2bs father doesnt like being in the company of her new partner but i think he has the right attitude when saying that for occasions like this he doesnt mind. he is always polite anyway.

    hopefully your stepmum will see this view to and just be happy to be there.

    i hope you get it sorted. good luck.
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