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HELP! ive got the mother in law from hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and mt MIL2B have never seen eye to eye worse since we started planning wedding she doesnt seem to think we should get married as we already live together and have a daughter, my partner wants me to include her more but shes just not interseted and not only that i dont want her arond me if shes not happy for us i want people who want to be involved not 1s that r against us.

Shes even said she doesnt know if shes coming to the wedding ( i believe she wont as she didnt come to our daughters christening) my h2b is upset about this as any1 would be but thing is im not fussed if she comes or not ive gone past caring am i being a cow????????????


  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    No, you are just at the end of your tether, and rightly so!!! xx
  • HumanMaleHumanMale Posts: 72
    I have had the same situationsbut now 6 months before the wedding she wants to change things and get involved. My h2b is very good and knows what his moter is like and the only advice I could give would be to say you will think about her ideas or her comments and when shes gone have a large glass of wine and forget!

    At the end of the day if she is not going to be happy for the 3 of you does it matter? When you will have lots of other people around who are happy to help you celebrate your special day?!?

    People will already be aware of how 'funny' she can be if she did not even attend your daughters christening! Try not to let her spoil a special day.

    And not your not being a cow!

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  • maddiukmaddiuk Posts: 107
    thanx girls its just such a pain in th arse il just grin and bear it xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I hate the fact that we have to grin and bear it! I also have the mother in law from hell in fact i think shes the devil himself! shes come down from leeds to see our venue for the 1st time and there was nothing nice to say! the whole weekend she kept going on about how we shouldnt have a big do if we werent goig to get married in a church and how expensive our venue is (£3000). shes just the one person that you cant no invite!

  • do you know what, if it was me I'd turn around and say "stuff you then, your not invited". What the hell is her reasoning for not wanting you to get married??! Yes you already live together and have a daughter together but still, you want to prove to the world that you love each other and although people say marriage is just a slip of paper, it isnt about that, its about making a comitment to each other. She should be happy for you. I wouldnt want anyone who wasnt happy for us at the wedding because she sounds as if she'd just make it all about her. Your h2b needs to see it from your point of view, yes its upsetting because its his mum but cant he see that if she wont even come to her own grand daughters christening, it isnt worth being upset about her. I think she sounds like a cow, and yes, she is the mother inlaw from hell! I know its easy for me to sit here and say all this, but it isnt worth upsetting yourselves, let her get on with it and she'll hopefuly come round. You dont have to grin and bear it, just because she's your h2b's mum doesnt mean she can walk all over you. xxx
  • I have the same problem. My MIL2B hates me and tries to ruin everything. I just see as if she don't want to see her son get married then she has the problem. Just talk to your bloke and let him know that the day is all about you and him. If no one arrives then it just shows who is your real family and fiends. xx
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