Am I being a cow?

I'm starting to get annoyed with both my mum and my mum in law to be. We're all going shopping together for their outfits in July ( I get married in August!) because they both want to try and lose weight before buying their outfits. I can understand this but I'm stressing incase they don't find anything.

We're getting married in Malta and then having a reception when we return home so they'll need an outfit that is suitable for both, or that can be adapted, but the major thing I'm bothered about is that both mums have said they want something they can wear again-it's the first thing my MIL2B said!

I'm not expecting them to spend a fortune or wear something they would never normally choose for themselves but I'm bothered by the fact that they're not seeing their outfits as having to be special: it's just another wedding.

My mum rang me yesterday to say she'd seen a burnt orange dress she liked but I reminded her that my h2b is possibly going to be wearing pink (he's having a brown suit made so we're waiting to see that before deciding on what colour his shirt and my bouquet will be) and she seemed upset-even though she suggested the pink colour scheme!

My h2b is also starting to get upset with me-telling me I can't dictate what they wear and that he's never heard of the mums having to 'match' the bride and groom.

Am I being unfair? What should I do?x


  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    Hi Andi81,

    no you are not a cow, you might be just a bit stressed...I do understand your Mum and your MIL2b when they said they want to buy something they could wear again. It does not mean it won't be something nice and special. Again if it's a lovely outfit it would be a shame not to wear it remenber that the first time they will wear it will be for ur wedding.

    To be honest I am not sure everyone needs to have the same colour scheme, I would not do it myself. You don't want to end up with everyone wearing pink...

    Go shopping with them both, have a nice time and be honest with them. If you think your Mum looks great in orange then tell her and be happy for her...I am not really helping....Good luck xxxx
  • ANDI81ANDI81 Posts: 134
    Thanks Celery. I think it is partly due to stress but I am hurt at the general lack of interest and excitement-I'm definately having a bridezilla moment! I'm not expecting evryone to wear pink but just thought that the orange might clash and look awful for the photographs?x
  • louiseglasheenlouiseglasheen Posts: 1,643
    I can understand why they want to buy something they'll wear again, a decent outfit can cost a lot of money and their generation just don't splash out on clothes like ours does.

    My MIL2B asked if I had any preference for colours, etc. and I said just wear whatever colour you'd like/makes you feel comfortable, I don't really care if she clashes, I'd prefer her to be happy and comfortable.
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    I love pink and orange actually...I think it could be quite nice. Try and find a pink fabric sample which would match your color scheme and bring it with you when you are going shopping...

    Don't worry my Mum was exciting at the beginning when we told her we will get married, but after she was losing interest. Probably because I am always tlaking about it or thinking about it...My Mum bought an orange outfit by the way, it is very nice and she looks great and she did not ask me before buying it. I honestly do not care as long as she is happy.
  • ANDI81ANDI81 Posts: 134
    I understand what you're saying lougla but although both mums are in their 50s they dress a lot younger and are used to spending money on clothes for general nights out. I'm not expecting them to only wear certain colours but just thought the would want to co-ordinate with me and h2b.x
  • ANDI81ANDI81 Posts: 134
    I'm not orange prejudiced-I promise! It's a good colour for my mum and think taking a colour sample along with us when we go shopping is a great idea-thanks Celery.
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    You will be fine, good luck. Make it a fun and a girlie day for both of them. It will be something to remenber.

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