Wanted M.O.B outfit

Hi :\)

I am a Mum of Bride, wedding December 2007, I have seen a beautiful Condici outfit, in the 2007 range, but can't afford it. I have bought a Jacque Verts one in Black and Cream, but am slowly going off it. If anyone has a size 16 in champagne, and bronze or oyster that they would like to sell. Please e mail me, I would be interested. There is a gorgeous one on e bay but it's not my size. image Update 23/5/07 Much to the dismay of my poor husband, I have now been out and bought the one I liked, and I feel like a million dollars in it.

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  • sianelfrsianelfr Posts: 58

    my mum has bought a condici outfit. wedding is in august and she was hoping to sell it afterwards. size 18 though-maybe you could have it altered? will post details of outfit on here soon.

  • pridecpridec Posts: 13

    You don't happen to know which style number it is and colour. I'm getting all excited now.

  • sianelfrsianelfr Posts: 58

    style no 90139 - sage dress with some bead detailing on chest witha silvery/cream jacket with flower motif. it's on the condici website (3rd page i think). let me know if it's what you're looking for.
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    Hi Sian, :\)

    Just had another look at the website. It is the exact one that I have been looking at. Please let me know details etc when your mum wants to sell. I am interested provided I don't loose too much weight. image

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