My mum's outfit - with pic

Hi everyone,

This is the pic of my mum in her dress (I hope this works):

We both love the dress, only we're having a disagreement about the hat.

Please can we have your honest opinions about the hat? My mum is 41.


  • Love the outfit, you're Mum looks lovely, but not really blown away by the hat.

  • LilleaukLilleauk Posts: 370
    I love the dress - you're mum has a great figure!

    I really don't like the hat though, it looks like a bad colour match and it's just a bit lack lustre next to that fabulous dress. I think a darker hat, maybe chocolate brown even would have more impact. You're mum could then match her accessories to the hat.
  • LilleaukLilleauk Posts: 370
    My last post disappeared - odd!

    Basically I like the style of the hat but the colour is wrong, it looks like a bad colour match and I think that a darker hat (chocolate brown?) would have more impact, especially if her accessories are then matched to the hat.

    I do think the dress is fabulous though!
  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175
    Thank you GlitteryBride.

    Any more opinions?
  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175
    Thank you for your opinion GlitteryBride.

    The more opinions the better - does anyone else have any?
  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175
    Thanks so much for you opinions.

    The posts on this thread keep disappearing then reappearing.

    Any more opinions?
  • Hi,

    I agree - I think that a darker hat would really set the dress off - perhaps something with a flower corsage to match the flower on the jacket? And gold jewellery would look great.
  • Nicole84ukNicole84uk Posts: 162
    Is that an Ian Stuart outfit? If it is can you say how much as my mum has seen on website and is considering, although she already has a very nice John Charles outfit. I think it looks very much. x
  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    Love the outfit and Mum looks great in it!

    Not loving the hat though. I think that outfit needs something a little more modern rather than a traditional hat.

    What about a fabulous fascinator instead?

  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    Love the outfit and Mum looks great in it!

    Not loving the hat though. I think that outfit needs something a little more modern rather than a traditional hat.

    What about a fabulous fascinator instead?

  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    Blinkin' thing has posted twice - sorry!

    Have a look here too....
  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175
    Nicole84 - yes it is Ian Stuart. It was £800.00 (including the hat) and the shop that we bought it from has ensured that they will be able to sell it on for at least £400 - so really it's £400.

  • I LOVE your mum's outfit, it is gorgeous and she looks stunning!! But I also don't really like the hat, like other's have said the colour doesn't really go. I hope you manage to sort something out! image
  • dbkelsiedbkelsie Posts: 122
    hi, if your mum really loves the hat then if you can match the shoes and a bag to the colour of the hat it would look better.never try to match the accesories to the dress. personally i think the hat looks old fashioned as the dress is modern. i love to see people wearing hats as everyone seems to wear fascinators or nothing nowadays.
  • luciebmillsluciebmills Posts: 565
    Hiya, it's a nice outfit and looks great.

    I agree that the hat doesn't really suit the outfit. I think that it looks like it doesn't match so has just beem jammed on. Also, with the details on the skirt of the dress I think the hat makes it look too fussy.

    Maybe a small hairpiece or just a beautful hairstyle

  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175
    Thank you everyone! You've all been really helpful. I'll let you know what the final decision is.
  • deelpearcedeelpearce Posts: 10
    Love you're mum's outfit! My mum also bought an ian stuart MOB outfit. Again, like the others I think the colour of the hat isn't quite right. The dress is a statement on its own, but if your mum really wants to wear a hat, I agree with apollobear, something a little more modern would be perfect...but she looks stunning image
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    I agree with the others, the decoration on the hat is the wrong colour. Also I think it's too big, a smaller hat or facinator would suit the outfit more. The dress is fab!
  • dalastondalaston Posts: 123
    The outfits great but the hat seems wrong. It may be the way its being worn though. Most women dont seem to ware a hat the right way and just plonk it on. If you mum isn't the type of lady to ware a hat then don't make her. My mum isn't and neither is my Mother in Law. But they both still look great in their outfits. If she has long hair, why not try a nice clip with a bit of gold n sparkle?
  • smile99uksmile99uk Posts: 85
    The dress is quite heavy looking (not in a bad way) whilst the hat looks quite light and airy. Perhaps a darker coloured fascinator might look better?

  • rose_red1986rose_red1986 Posts: 464
    Sorry but i'm totally the opposite on this one. I like the hat but the dress is not my thing at all!!

    Sorry, very unhelpful comment there... i'll go now

    *scuttles back to corner*
  • MrsWard2b2011MrsWard2b2011 Posts: 238
    Hi, I agree with most of the comments, the dress is fab and your um looks amazing. The hat is nice but doesn't work with the outfit, the colour doesn't really go but the main point is that is distracts from the outfit. I think a facinator or some smaller head decoration would work much better. x
  • Hi

    The dress is absolutely gorgeous, we are looking for this Ian Stuart dress for my Mum!!! Where did you get it from? Do you mind me asking how much it was? I think a Hatinator would look more modern with the dress, but I love Ian Stuart!
  • hi, i think your mum would look better in a fascinator - ur mum is really young and i think that the hat makes her look older. My mum is only 42 and is wearing a fascintor and it looks fab.

    The most important thing is that your mum feels comfortable on your big day!!!

    Good luck with it all hun!!!

  • mzyanjmmzyanjm Posts: 175

    If anyone would like to see what my mum finally looked like on the day you can see our professional photos on:

    'Nicola & Daniel'

    Sparklybride1, my mum got it from a shop in Middlesborough, not sure what it was called. Mum will be selling hers if you are interested?
  • EmmalampersEmmalampers Posts: 209
    She looked lovely in the end.

  • ReddugglesRedduggles Posts: 28
    Great choice for the final decison....both you and her looked stunning!
  • MrsJLMrsJL Posts: 378
    RedRose 198 - I think I'm agreeing with you.

    Sorry Mrs Holmes. I rather like your mum's hat but not 100% on her dress.
  • teeniukteeniuk Posts: 1,046
    I have to be honest hun, I dont like the outfit, way too many ruffles for my taste hun. Having said that, your mum has a great figure but I agree with most of the other girls, the hat doesnt quite match the dress, wrong colour.

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