What are your mums wearing?

I went outfit shopping with my mum yesterday and I have to say it wasn't easy! We found something really nice eventually but I'm wondering what you all think of it. It's a turquoise chiffon skirt with dark pink flowers and little beads on it with a matching top. Then she has a dark pink jacket with same little beads and a dark pink hat with turquoise feather (to match the colour of the skirt/top).

Do you think this is ok? She looks lovely in it and really likes it but I hope chiffon is a suitable material for MOTB. Also the colours sound an odd match but they really seem to work well together. Should she perhaps be in a suit though, or maybe a dress? What are your mums wearing?

Thanks for ideas x


  • anniejohnsonanniejohnson Posts: 410
    i think it sounds lovely. pink & turquise will look gr8 & the beeds will give a nice accent. the hat will look v cool! any pics? i think it will look v smart & deft dont need to go for the normal suit combo. i am having a nightmare with my mum, who has taken two outfits back so far & now wants to wear a big ankle length skirt from her wardrobe with a broider (sp) anglaise blouse image she's in a right state about it, so i have told her to take a break & not think about if for 2 weeks. i am going to see if i can just find a slightly smarter shirt/trouser combo, as she is deft havinga problem with feeling good in a normal mob outfit, which is fine, i want her to feel special, not uncomfortable. i'd love to here other ppls ideas, esp non-traditional as i have no hope of getting mum in any think trad.
  • pappworthpappworth Posts: 657
    It sounds great.

    Both my mum and MIL are wearing dresses, one red with a black lace overlay and one pinks and purples, they are both wearing fascinators rather than hats. My mum has been planning her outfit for years! She has always wanted a feather 'creation'
  • clareeg21clareeg21 Posts: 218
    what shops did she go to?. I am going shopping 2moz with my mum - not looking forward to it to be honest, heroutfit seems to be more of a nightmare than mine!
  • Natalie77ukNatalie77uk Posts: 1,247
    The outfit she found which I tried to describe above was actually from Debenhams. We went to all the department stores. I was a bit afraid that by going to a department store she might risk someone else turning up in the same outfit but the wedding isn't until March so I would hope that if she buys it now no one else will have the same thing. x
  • emily_janeukemily_janeuk Posts: 212
    she's just about to send a photo through cyber space!!!

    I'm really excited, but sssssssssssssoooooooooooo disspointed I wasn't involved in the shopping
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