motb outfit suggestions NO jacket?!

i am struggling to help my motb to find an outfit.. she has bought & taken back two jackets and deft doesnt want one.. thats fine, my mum is an old hippy anyway, not confident about her shape at all.. what do you girls think of these tops, for a 5' size 16 top & 14 bottom kind of shape..

its not what i would choose for her to wear if it was based on my taste, but what i think my mum will like & suit .. and

my mum wears funky or hippy stuff normally & i despretaley want her to find something she'll feel gr8 in.. currently she has suggested a broider anglaise blouse she already has & ankle length skirt which doesnt do her justice.. she has great legs & wont wear a mid length skirt so i think trousers would be better. - she wears them all the time & feels confident in trousers. v long skirts i feel swamp her.. she likes clothers from east but they never fit & loves linen but unless she wears a jacket i think it will look quite casual..

also any motb with comments about how to help my mum gr8tly appreciated. i had booked a personal shopped in debnehams oxford st but cancelled as she's getting so fed up with the whole thing.. i am finding this all a bit ironic as my mil2b is suposed to be making my dress & hasnt even started @ 3 months to go, so we could be faced with a MUCH bigger shooping nightmare soon!
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