Jacques Vert Mother of Bride Outfit

Hi, I am a mother of bride, First my son got married (winter wedding 2nd time) so I bought an outfit from Windsmore this I have worn since as it was just a skirt and blouse with a cardigan type jacket. Six months later my daughter married (summer wedding) I bought a beautiful Jacques Vert Outfit, in a very delicate shade of green and ivory. the skirt and top are floral but not in your face flowers. nice and summery .Skirt has a godet hem which makes it hang nice. the coat is this delicate green with an ivory piping. one button fastening. All are size 16 although I am nearer an 18 I also have the matching hat complete with feathers. this wedding was at 5pm so I only wore the outfit for a few hours. It has sat in my wardrobe in its bag ever since. I now have another wedding in December, for which I have bought another Jacques Vert outfit. If any one out there fancies the gorgeous green outfit I would gladly accept half of its cost price. which would be around £175. o.n.o. Someone else may as well look fabulous in it, as it is an expensive time as I well know. Better than it being sat in the wardrobe. :\)

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