any idea how to get outfits to my mum

she has cancer and cant go to a shop to try on - shes got quite expensive tast so catalogue no use - she wants to be able to pick them herself so no use me bringing to her also I couldnt afford to buy a few outfits to bring to her.....

any other ideas?????!!!!!!


  • ego22ego22 Posts: 171
    Really sorry to hear about your mum!

    Not sure if this will help depending on how ill she is. Could you book a personal shopper appointment at John Lewis or Debenhams, for a quiet time on a weekday when you think she may be feeling reasonably strong? You could take her in a wheelchair or shopmobility electric buggy thing, and when you get there you just sit in the lounge and get served coffee while the assistant picks out a few things for you to try. There are small boutique places that will do that kind of thing too, look in the yellow pages and then phone to enquire and explain the situation. I'm sure they will be happy to help. You could always try a few and then come back for another go if your mum was too tired. We're doing this with my granny as she finds walking too difficult to traipse the shops and is very stressed by the whole idea of finding something to wear.
  • kel2912kel2912 Posts: 575
    what about popping in to any small local mob type shops & explaining the situation & ask if they could come to your mums home with several outfits, they could maybe talk to her on the phone to get ideas of style colours she likes & then bring a few examples! x
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