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Will your mum be wearing a hat?

Hi Ladies, I need some advice about MOB outfits and if it would be strange for my mum not to wear a hat? Also if she does wear a hat is it usually kept on all day? I know that sounds silly but if it is to be taken off later on in the day does that not cause hat hair? Any opinions welcome! x


  • sarahgobensarahgoben Posts: 41
    My mum isn't wearing a hat.
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    I think hats are rarer nowadays, although not unusual. It's really a personal choice. Many people choose facinators instead as they are easier and don't cause hat hair.

    My mum wore a hat to my sisters wedding and my aunt wore a hat to her daughters. Unfortunately I can't remember if they kept it on all night. Once the photographer's gone theirs no record.image
  • mrsdcr2bmrsdcr2b Posts: 392
    Hiya - the custom is that no other ladies remove their hat until the MOB does. My mum wore one and she wore it until the meal although she was worried about 'hat hair'. She did go and fix her hair so basically came back from the loo without the hat during the meal much to the relief of the other ladies in the room who were also wearing hats.
  • I wore a fascinator to my son's wedding on May 1st and will be wearing a fascinator to my daughter's on June 18th. I had my hair up and added a couple of sparkly clips so that when I took my fascinator off my hair was still "glammed up"

    It depends on what you and Mum would like but I find a fascinator much more comfortable and no "hat hair"
  • mrsbober2bmrsbober2b Posts: 383
    my mum said she would probably wear a fascinator
  • Miss_PitstopMiss_Pitstop Posts: 342
    I've told my mum and MIL2B that they can wear a plastic bag on their head if they want! They should be comfortable, so don't feel your mum has to conform to any great protocol.

  • rose_red1986rose_red1986 Posts: 464
    My "mum" is wearing a fasinator. She doesn't have to wear a hat. At my friends wedding a couple of years ago, the MOB wore a fastiner and it looked lovely. The wedding i went to last year, my cousin's mum wore a hat and it really didn't suit her, i think she just wore it cos she felt she had to!!

    It's really down to personal choice and i'm sure your mum will look fab in whatever she's comfortable in!!
  • DelrobDelrob Posts: 139
    My Mum, 2 of my Aunts,and 2 of my cousin's wives are wearing hats (that I know of) but none of the women on H2B's side are wearing hats or fascinators, including his Mum. I'm not bothered though cos I wouldn't want people to wear one just because they thought they had to then feel uncomfortable all day. I have never worn a hat because they don't suit me so wouldn't expect anybody else to.

    Just to add, my MIL2B (bless her) did say she would wear one if I wanted her to.
  • triguktriguk Posts: 261
    No my mom isnt, mind you she would wear her baseball cap if she could lol ( im not joking either )
  • I'd love my mum to wear a hat but she refuses to consider it, she will wear a fascinator though. She wore a hat to my sister's wedding and said she felt really silly in it, so she won't wear one this time. My sister, however, has bought literally the biggest hat she could find, as has MIL2b.
  • My mum is wearing a fascinator. It's fantastic though with feather and other fancy bits and looks a bit like a hat.

    I think it is up to your mum, don't feel she has to wear a hat.

    I personally think a fascinator is a good compromise as it still looks really special but doesn't result in the dreaded hat hair.

  • fox2herbertfox2herbert Posts: 45
    Fascinators seem to be the popular things for our lovely mums ay!! My mum is the same...a fascinator image and my nan, love her, has made it perfectly clear that she will not be donning a hat either image They will look lovley whatever they wear... they're our mummies!! As long as she's comfy, i'm happy x
  • Nope no head gear at all. Neither is J's Mummy. We all hate hats etc so no big deal.
  • missembletonmissembleton Posts: 115
    My mum was adamant she didn't want a hat as she really doesn't like the whole traditional mother of the bride look.

    However, we were in John Lewis at the weekend getting her shoes and she ended up buying a hat too. She still wasn't sure about it but tried it on with her whole outfit and has decided to keep it.

    I'm sure h2b's mum will wear one too, she did for both her daughter and other son's weddings.
  • ToriparkinsonToriparkinson Posts: 186
    my mum isnt wearing any headgear lol but as long as shes there i dont mind x
  • bunneeboobunneeboo Posts: 102
    my mum is, its a huge pylon of a facinator! image
  • bunneeboobunneeboo Posts: 102
    my mum is, its a huge pylon of a facinator! image
  • Alfie222Alfie222 Posts: 276
    My mum is wearing a gorgeaus linea rafaelli dress and jacket to our wedding, it's quite ruffled though with lots of features. As MOB she really wants something on her head (more a fascinator than a hat as she's worried about flat hair) but with the outfit, a fascinator looks quite fussy. She's now considering a glitzy hair piece - she just feels she's not mother of the bride without something - though the outfit screams it, she looks amazing.
  • KD79KD79 Posts: 93
    Think my mum will wear a hat as loves them as much as me, but wont really be the traditional type of MOB hat. my cousin hires hats out for a living which are all pretty incredible so she gets a good choice to choose from! I think your mum just has to go with what she feels comfortable with, if she has her outfit get her to go to somewhere like john lewis which has quite a big selection or a hire place and try quite a few on. She should be able to tell pretty quickly then if she feels they suit her or she wants to wear one.
  • Tricksteruk1Tricksteruk1 Posts: 805
    My mum will wear a fascinator/hat thing. The woman who made all my headpieces for the wedding and the BM hair decor is making her one to suit her outfit. It'll be some sort of flower arrangement with some sort of hat type thing. Or something.
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    I love wearing hats, but for my duaghter's wedding I think I've decided on a brimmed fascinator. Going to try on my outfit this weekend and choose accessories. I went to two weddings last year, for the first one I wore a hat. At the second one, the bride mentioned neither the MOB nor the MOG were wearing hats, so I decided to wear a fascinator just in case I upset them.

    Even if I wear a fascinator at my daughter's wedding, nobody will be offended if some guests choose to wear hats. It'll be down to what everyone feels comfortable in.
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    Changed my mind. I found a gorgeous wide brimmed hat that goes perfectly with my outfit - ivory with black trim, so I'm now wearing a hat and I'll have a fascinator for the evening.
  • my mum is wearing a fasciantor as she does not really like hats
  • mb2bemb2be Posts: 92
    My mum isn't having any headgear - she wore a fascinator (or fabricator as my dad keeps calling it!) to my sisters wedding but didn't feel that it suited her. x
  • dagriff75dagriff75 Posts: 221
    My mum is giving me away so she has a fascinator which matches the bridesmaids dresses, she's not really a hat person.
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    A lot of mind changing going on at my house lately regarding headgear! I went for my hair trial and took a hat that I wore to a wedding last year. The hairdresser loved the hat as much as I do and it occured to me it's the right colour for my MOB outfit, but as I've already worn it at a wedding, I was a bit unsure about wearing it again as the MOB.

    I dressed in my outfit complete with jewellery etc to show my daughter and tried on all my headgear. She prefers the previously worn hat, especially as it's decorated with a rose, which is her wedding flower. So, that's what I'm now wearing and the new hat is going back to Debenhams! image
  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    No. Neither will anyone else as I have banned them! x
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    BabMelon: You've banned hats? Why?
  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    Several reasons really:

    1) We're not really having a wedding where I feel hats are appropriate. I don't want the day to be too formal, I just want it to be lots of fun.

    2) My mum, MIL and step-mum all do not want to wear a hat. Don't want the pressure on them that they are expected to wear one. Also don't want people feeling overdressed if they do turn up wearing one, when the MOB, MOG aren't.

    3) Traditionally when certain members of my family do wear hats they get bigger each wedding which means that by the time I get married it will be the size of a UFO! I know it sounds funny, but past wedding photos are literally a flip book of increasing hat size!

    4) I just think they're a waste of money. There are better things you can spend your money on if you're going to a wedding. Drinks, new shoes, new bag etc.

    Just wanted to add that this is the only thing that I am banning! Other than hats my guests can wear whatever they want! x
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    I'm glad my daughter isn't banning hats at her wedding as I love wearing them and only get the opportunity at weddings. She's quite happy to just let people wear what they feel comfortable in.

    I very rarely splash out on clothing other than suits for work, so I think buying a hat for my daughter's wedding isn't an extravagance. I tried on just about every hat and fascinator in the store with my outfit and loved every minute of it. image
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