Mum doesnt like her dress anymore! ekk

My mum got her dress around Jan this year and its lovely. But she tried it on yesterday and now is saying she hates it...ekk...not what we need 2 weeks before the wedding! I have so much to do that I cant go shopping with her really but she wants me to come so I can tell her if anything she finds is nice etc.



  • Miss_PitstopMiss_Pitstop Posts: 342
    I'd suggest sitting her in front of a PC and looking via the internet to narrow it down, then you can do a short sharp shopping trip!

    Either that or book her in with a personal shopper from a big department store. That takes the stress out and is time limited.

    Good luck
  • loopywooloopywoo Posts: 264
    Or you could get her to go by herself or with a friend, pick out some things she likes and try them on etc and then you could go on a short reviewing shopping trip.
  • Sophie2007ukSophie2007uk Posts: 1,127
    Oh dear! You have not got time for this sort of thing just 2 weeks before your wedding! I know I wouldnt have had! She shouldnt have left it till the last minute to try it on again!

    What is it that she doesnt like about it?

    Has she got a friend or relative who can help her?
  • PinkStaPrincessPinkStaPrincess Posts: 1,676
    My MOH's mum had a little wobble about her frock and eventually she had it altered to nip in more at waist and she looked phenomenal on the day.

    Can you find out exact prob and see if it can be resolved like this as the shopping wont end with dress - it'll be hats n shoes n bags n make up.....
  • nickicovnickicov Posts: 491
    Problem solved, she found a dress that looks lovely and I gotta admit is more "Mother of the Bride" and not just "I'm attending a wedding" dress. It was 180 from Karen Millan.......found it brand new on ebay for £67 inc postage! lol. Bargain!
  • AcemayAcemay Posts: 51
    well done! panic over image
  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    My mum has just told me the same! image
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